Bob Garfield to Retire From Ad Review Next Month


It's true. Next month Bob Garfield, Advertising Age's Ad Review critic for 25 years, will retire from his weekly ad review column. He won't be leaving Advertising Age though. Garfield will helm a column entitled Listenomincs where he will opine on the "digital revolution."

In addition, Garfield will...wait for it...launch a consultancy with a collection of strategic partners. More on that will be revealed in the coming weeks. Brands beware.

And in case anyone thought Garfield was the only one writing about advertising over at Advertising Age, columnist Abbey Klaassen felt compelled to writes, "Ad Age will continue to cover advertising, design and digital ideas, working closely with the Creativity editors." Good to know.

Bob's final Ad review will appear in Advertising Age's April 5 issue.

by Steve Hall    Mar-25-10    
Topic: Magazine

Breasts Write Poetry to One Another


Because this is America and because, it seems, everyone freaks out at the site of nudity, we can't really show you all of this Pink Ribbon Magazine campaign which benefits the Pink Ribbon Foundation of Netherlands. But you can click over to Adland to see the nudity in all its glory.

The campaign aims to treat each of "the girls" as life-long friends, joined by poetry, who can't be separated by the nastiness of breast cancer.

Grey Amsterdam created the campaign.

by Steve Hall    Mar-23-10    
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The Game of Squash is Hotter Than You Think


Good God! Who knew squash could be so hot? Directed by Jonathan Leder, this promotional video for Jacques Magazine features a very hot looking Michea slapping the ball around the court. As she runs across the court bending perfectly for the upskirt shot, her ample breasts bounce unrestrained underneath her pink top which can't conceal the affect the excitement of the game has had on them. And if that weren't enough, at one point she looks as if she's about to have an earth shattering orgasm. All from playing squash.

We think we'll be taking up the sport soon.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 8-10    
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Gloves Grip, Hands Slap, Fiorina Fails, Arm Shopped


- An interesting way to illustrate the gripping power of dish washing gloves.

- Like a little butt bongo? Then you'll love this NSFW ad (but safe for YouTube) for Coco de Mer.

- See Carla Fiorina's horrific commercial bid for a California Senate seat.

- When you're stuck with unusable images from a photoshoot there's always PhotoShop.

- Want to manipulate a male model Subservient Chicken-style? Then head over to Wrangler's Manipulate a Man.

- Foursquare just might end up trumping Twitter when it comes to a revenue model.

- That head chef in those new Domino's commercial? Not really the brand's head chef at all. He's the organization's VP of Innovation. But he does run the test kitchen and does wear a white chef coat. So that makes it all OK, right?

- Have an iPhone? Like looking at hot, half-dressed women? Then download Maxim's iPhone app. Pretend to be texting while your ogling hotties.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 4-10    
Topic: Magazine, Political

Ripped Map Calls Attention to Haiti's Plight


Here's a recent print campaign from Y&R Lisbon for the International Medical Assistance. The torn map of Haiti is supposed to symbolize the destruction of both the city and peoples' lives by the earthquake, and to call attention to the need for immediate help and donations.

The campaign was launched on Jan 22 and will be running until the AMI mission ends. We're not going to judge.

by Steve Hall    Jan-26-10    
Topic: Cause, Magazine

If You're Fat, Aliens Will Eat You First


If you're happy and you know it clap your hands. If you're fat and you know it, slap an alien...because they are going to eat you first according to this latest cause-tagonistic ad from UK fitness center Cadbury House which states, "Advanced Health Warning: When the aliens come, they will eat the fatties first."

Apparently this ad, which was lifted almost verbatim from a 1999 Grey-created 24 Hour Fitness billboard, has the English up in arms. One women complained, saying, "I am not overweight yet I still find this extremely offensive and patronizing, but how much more so to someone genuinely overweight?"

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 6-10    
Topic: Magazine, Outdoor, Strange

Trees Hugged, Toys Wind, Mistletoe Cam'd, Magazine Futured


- Got a holiday wish? JWT wants it.

- Want so sexy Twitter analytics? Here's yet another tool for you to drool over. Check out Colle+McVoy's Squawq.

- Are you a Tree Hugger? Then you'll love this. Send a Christmas/Holiday eCard to as many people as you want - and the cost to you is nothing. For each card that's sent, Tesco will donate 5p to the Woodland Trust with the ultimate aim of planting 300 trees!

- TuB Gin, the bootlegger-themed premium gin created and distributed by Philly-based indie creative shop Red Tettemer and Colorado-based Peach Tree Distillery, has announced The TuB Gin Film Shoot Out.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-21-09    
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Restaurant Helps You Inhale and Exhale


Ever been out to dinner and marvel with a gasp at the succulent beauty of your meal as the waiter places it in front of you? Ever gasped the same way but with a decidedly different feeling when the waiter rests the bill on the table at the end of the meal? Wouldn't it be nice if you could breath a sigh of relief instead?

That's the brilliantly simplistic message of this ad for the Salem, MA-based Sixty2 on Wharf Restaurant and Lounge created by Keith Lane Creative. It's part of a campaign to promote the restaurant's mid-week Really Happy Hours from 5PM to 7PM.

by Steve Hall    Nov-24-09    
Topic: Campaigns, Magazine, Social

AR Enlivens Benetton's COLORS Magazine


United Colors of Benetton has a quarterly publication for young people called COLORS Magazine. Each issue is themed and outfitted with occasionally controversial imagery, multicultural flair and an underlying desire to connect people through shared quirks and charming differences.

We don't think all print magazines are going to die, and we hope COLORS is one of the survivors. The content sometimes feels a little too self-conscious, but we dig its global roaming eye and its interest in burrowing into uncomfortable or strange topics -- like boys that like to wear skirts.

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by Angela Natividad    Oct-15-09    
Topic: Magazine

French Vogue Paints White Model Black ... and Itself into a Corner


French Vogue's set off the sensitivity meter with its decision to paint Dutch model Lara Stone black for the October issue.

Another thing that bears mentioning, if only for its strangeness: after painting Stone brown, the makeup artist painted parts of her white again for some shots.

This is racking up the usual stink about racism in advertising (Birth of a Nation comes, unbeckoned, to mind). Commentary ranges from "Why not just use an African model?!!" to arguments that the move is a statement on the complexity of race and identity. Some people also think this is a knee-jerk reaction; one user observed that the rag once dressed a woman up as a man, and nobody complained.

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by Angela Natividad    Oct-15-09    
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