Young & Rubicam Brings Back Soap Opera With Phones

Get Dressed Boys!

As if it were something new, Young & Rubicam Chief Creative Officer Tony Granger tells us, "This is a new approach to our business that we are excited to explore as an agency. Our ultimate goal is create entertaining content with broad national appeal, but with special appeal to the target prospects of an individual client."

Um, Tony. This isn't new. It's called a soap opera. You're just doing it with phones.

Distributed by Fox Sports Net, Head to Head, created and produced by Young & Rubicam and underwritten by Cellular South, will follow two Mississippi football teams on their way through the 2009 season. The 12-episode series will debit today, April 12.

by Steve Hall    Apr-12-10    
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Billy Fuccillo Still HUUUUUUGE!


When you move to the middle of upstate nowhere, you become privy to some seriously wacky shit. Like yesterday's Live Bait vending machine sighting. And the daily onslaught of local Hyundai car dealer Billy Fuccillo. Maybe you've already caught these over the years but everyday the man barks into the camera and utters his long-time catchphrase, "It's HUUUUUUGE!" And he really does say it that way. Actually, he says ,"It's HUUUUGJA!" You just have to see it to believe it.

Of course it's no surprise car dealers are famous for this sort of idiocy. But, as with all advertising, if you can latch onto something memorable, you might as well go for it. And in acknowledgment of Fuccillo's pervasiveness, his advertising has spawned many a parody. There's Fuccillo Blow. No One Likes Billy Fuccillo. There's Ka-Bam from a competing dealership. There's Fuccillo-style bible sales. And then there's the HUUUUUGE outtakes. And make sure you don't miss the HUUUUUGE mistake he made on air when he said, "Go fuck your wife." No, seriously.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-30-10    
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Big Boobs, Not Big Budgets Bring Ratings Success For TV


Not that we didn't already know this but reality TV and the notion those chosen to participate in those shows are TV's new ratings capital is explored in a detailed Advertising Age article written by Andrew Hampp.

In the article he examines the success cable TV has had with (cheap) reality programming that focuses on previous unknowns (tather than highly paid actors) who, because of the show, become quite famous. The Kardashians are offered up as the prime example.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 1-10    
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Well Written Press Release Gets Attention For Minnesota Lottery


"The campaign features three 30-second television spots that use the element of surprise to build excitement for the new Minnesota Millionaire Raffle game Each spot features a game-show-like host who wheels a large raffle drum into busy locales where unsuspecting patrons are encouraged to play an instant raffle. The spots are built on genuine reactions as people go from shocked and reluctant to actively participating and cheering"

Now that's some well-written PR copy. And we didn't have to go digging through a collection of attachments or ridiculously worded releases to find the nugget of information. Thank you, Colle+McVoy.

Now on to the campaign. Generally, we're not a fan of marketing stunts that involve random appearances in unlikely places. After all, if we're shopping, we're shopping. If we're eating, we're eating. Then again, you can't do stunt marketing (or most any kind for that matter...yes, we love you inbound marketing) without a little bit of interruption. So we can't complain much about this campaign.

The campaign also includes print, radio, outdoor, transit and mall. You can view the three spots here, here and here.

Meet 50 Cent, Strippers on Wheels, NBC's Olympic Ad Hopefuls

- 50 Cent and vitaminwater in the lab working on free iPhone apps and a chance to meet Fiddy, I said Fiddy.

- Swing by NBC and pick up a 2010 Winter Olympics slot or three.

- Move over People of Walmart, People of Public Transit. (Via.)

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by Bill Green    Nov-17-09    
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And to Alltel, a Good Night


Lame headline? Sure. But let's not focus on that. What's better than using Fred Willard in this new Alltel spot from Campbell-Ewald? Better than not using of elves and reindeer in yet another Christmas spot? The move to a 1-year plan with FREE, I said FREE, LG Touch. No big deal except the industry has been gouging people with early termination fees for a long time. It's only reluctantly adopted the current system where ETF fees drop $5 a month over the length of contracts. (Didn't keep Verizon from doubling theirs.) Spot below, after the jump.

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by Bill Green    Nov-17-09    
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The Little Red Chair That Could


Space Chair. Not since Dennis Hopper stood on the little bastard has a chair gotten this much attention. You can see the making of here and the rational behind it, but basically Grey London wanted to do something that reinforces the Toshiba ethos of innovation and using technology in ways others don't. So, why not float a chair 98,268 feet and record it with hi-def Toshiba cams as the highest recorded commercial evuh! (That's 18 miles high kids--space begins at 62.)

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by Bill Green    Nov-16-09    
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The King Takes Up Office Space--in Brazil


The King hits Brazil and no office is safe. Sure it's not in English, but grabbing your boss' ass is universal. In spot two, always amp up teens and give them a Ferrari. *awaiting beach thong/banana hammock spot next* (Crispin haters, save the emails, Ogilvy Brazil and Hungry Man did them.)

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by Bill Green    Nov-16-09    
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This Flu Season Got You Sneezin'?


From Boston Public Health Commission comes Ethan "Smizzy" McCoy and Talkin' 'bout the flu. You gotta love rap that works the word diarrea into the mix and includes outtakes along with Twitter and Facebook links. Kleenex on... the... mic. (Below.)

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by Bill Green    Nov-16-09    
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Joe Jackson Sells Out--One More Time


(Not, Michael Jackson's Joe Jackson either, freaks.) Guess it wasn't for a "limited time only" seeing as it ran last year--and then again this weekend. I hadn't seen this Taco Bell spot then so why not post about now, and open/reopen the debate about selling out. As one blog comment summed it up:

"Actually, f*** the Gordita, Joe Jackson's new album Rain is mind-blowingly amazing. Check it out, and forever ditch the Taco Bell."

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by Bill Green    Nov-16-09    
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