Scion Launches 'Trick or Treat' Halloween Campaign


On October 15, Scion launched a Halloween-themed campaign consisting of wild postings, billboards and online banners promoting the 2006 Scion with the headline "Trick and Treat." The billboards went up on high-traffic locations in Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, New York and Portland and the wild postings are now appearing in the same cities plus Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia and Sacramento. The online banners debuted on the sites on the same date and will run through October 31. The "trick" part of the trick or treat aspect of the campaign relates to many Scion buyer's desire to trick out their vehicles. The "treat" part relates to Scion's extended accessory options.

The campaign was created by ATTIK and can be viewed here.

by Steve Hall    Oct-27-05    
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Pirelli Grabs Jennifer Lopez For Calendar


Tire maker Pirelli has selected Jennifer Lopez to appear on the cover of the 2006 edition of its famous calendar. Lopez joins. Kate Moss, who was recently shunned by marketers for her coke snorting escapades, will also appear in the calendar.Even though production of the calendar had passed the point at which Moss might have been booted, Pirelli UK Communications Manager Julie Naylor says the company would not have bailed on Moss even if were able saying, "There was no chance that Kate would have been dropped from the calendar. We decided to stick with her because professionally she has always been great for us and a wonderful ambassador. What she does in her private life is no concern of ours." The calendar's fame began in 1964 when it was simply a lowly trade calendar. The 2006 edition will be released in Paris on November 18.

by Steve Hall    Oct-20-05    
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Funny Posters Center of Japanese Anti(sort of)-Smoking Campaign


An anti-smoking campaign in Japan features a series of posters which, humorously illustrate the perils of smoking and tossing your butt where it shouldn't be tossed. As with most anti-smoking campaigns, this one, in the usually illogical twist of business these days, is created by Japanese tobacco company JT. Bring on the double-speak.

by Steve Hall    Sep-20-05    
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LeTigre Rips Back Off LaCoste


American-based LeTigre, makers of those preppy Tiger-emblazoned shirts is having fun with a street poster campaign which shows a tiger ripping into the back on an alligator (crocodile for detail freaks), icon of French-based LaCoste, another pretty shirt brand. It seems both these brands are making a comeback but neither will ever achieve the popularity both had back in the 80's which you can now marvel at by watching FOX's Reunion - at leasts for a few episodes as each episode moves ahead one year.

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-05    
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Nestle Drumstick Ad Over Sexed


Flickr user Cardhouse saw this ad for Nestle Ice Cream Drumstick and thought it was bit bit overcharged sexually and wrote, "I don't know ... perhaps it's just me ... but reading this little 'ad slogan' juxtaposed next to Ms. Overt Sexuality here somehow reminds me that advertisers are complete assholes." That may be true but we all know there's one incontrovertible rule in this business: sex sells. Lick that cream, baby!

by Steve Hall    Sep-13-05    
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Court TV 'Parco's Watching' Campaign Expands


Accompanying the recently launched online game for the upcoming Court TV show Parco's Watching, San Francisco-based Venables Bell has created additional campaign elements including posting on ATM machines, in laundromats, on bathroom mirrors and on bar coasters along with taxi tops, bus posters and wild postings. The phone kiosks have slogans that say "Because Vinnie Parco was watching, I went from successfully cheating on my wife to living with my mom." The bar coasters say things like "Would you want this conversation you are having to be overheard?" The work can be viewed here.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 8-05    
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Church of England Launches Ad Campaign


While it's no where near the boldness of the American United Church of Christ's "we welcome all" ad campaign, the Church of England has launched a new ad campaign encouraging church attendance. The campaign consists of posters distributed to churches across the country with slogans such as "You have to be a pretty good bloke to let 40 screaming kids and a bouncy castle in your house"; "Why go to India to find yourself? You might be around the corner"; "Church. It's not as churchy as you think"; and "The church educates millions of children. And not in a 'what does Psalm 17 tell us', kind of way." The ads carry the tagline, "Church. Part of modern life." The campaign was created by Fallon.

UPDATE: The Archbishops' Council of the Church of England's Head of Broadcasting Arun Kataria tells us this campaign is not from the Church of England but commissioned by Channel Five to coincide with a television program of theirs.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 7-05    
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Saw II Trailer Too Gruesome For MPAA


Last year's cult horror fave, Saw will be followed by Saw II in October. This year's advertising, which features severed fingers, was released without approval of the Motion Picture Association of America which must approve all movie advertising. Saw II movie distributor Lion's Gate Film said, Friday, it would contact websites and request the offending trailer be removed as well as request exhibitors to return un-approved marketing materials. Unfortunately, there's no Undo button on the Internet. You can compare the original photo, easily found with a little help from Google, accompanying this story with the cleaned up version on the official movie website.

by Steve Hall    Aug-22-05    
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Tommy Lee Does Nude Anti-Fur PETA Ad

Following former wife Pamela Anderson, rocker Tommy Lee has agreed to appear, apparently naked, in an anti-fur PETA poster. In the ad, Lee is quoted as saying, "Be comfortable in your own skin and let animals keep theirs." The poster will be displayed, initially, in the New York City nightclub, Home.

by Steve Hall    Aug-18-05    
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Clothing Retailer Uses Sex Education to Sell Clothes


A small Michigan agency, named Hawairish because one of the partners is Hawaiian and the other Irish, has done some interesting work for local clothing retailer, Incognito which speaks to the importance of the now for teens.

Agency partner Ty Hutchinson explains the work thusly, "We know what teens think. One wrong move could end their life as they know it. Whether it be a parental embarrassment, dating the wrong person, being seen on the wrong side of the lunchroom or wearing the wrong fashion. It really was a simple solution for us - agree with them. This is an important time. In fact, every other stage of life sucks. The result is edgy but right for the audience."

The creative was produced as in-store posters and a website will be launched in the near future. A second version of the poster can bee seen here.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-05    
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