Wrath of Cannes Didn't Make it to Cannes But Their T-Shirts Did


The anti-Cannes organization, Wrath of Cannes, will host its fourth annual event tomorrow night at Kabin on 92 2nd Avenue (between 5th and 6th) beginning at 7PM.

They didn't make it to Cannes but their T-shirts did and were worn by various ad peeps including, we think, Ask Wappling from Adland. At least it looks like her.

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-10    
Topic: Guerilla, Industry Events

@DavidonDemand: Man at the Mercy of The Internets


Yesterday at Cannes Lions, Chelsi and I had the curious experience of meeting @DavidonDemand.

Here's the story: David Perez, a creative recruiter over at Leo Burnett Chicago, really wanted to come to Cannes. In its infinite kindness, LB found a practical reason to send him: he could promote Wildfire, the agency's self-conscious celebration of spontaneity in the art and craft of modern marketing.

So for the next seven days, this poor sod is strapped to a live feed. His job: to do everything Twitter tells him to do.

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by Angela Natividad    Jun-22-10    
Topic: Brands, Guerilla, Industry Events, Promotions

Yawn. Microsoft Does Flash Mob For Office Launch


When will Microsoft realize there's absolutely nothing it can do to associate even the tiniest bit of cool with its brand? In yet another lame attempt, we get this flash mob stunt the brand did yesterday in New York's Lincoln Park for the launch of its new Office product.

It's as bad as that in-store dance disaster they did last Fall.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-17-10    
Topic: Bad, Brands, Guerilla, Worst

Women Arrested For Wearing Orange Miniskirts at World Cup


Being in South Africa to watch the World Cup must be an amazing experience. Sitting next to a fat, sweaty, drunk football fan might put a damper on the experience. Which is why the Johannesburg police should have left alone the 30 or so women who wore orange miniskirts during Monday's Netherlands-Denmark match in an apparent stunt marketing effort for Netherlands-based Bavaria Beer.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-16-10    
Topic: Guerilla, Opinion

Leo Burnett Recruiter to Become Ad Industry's Bitch At Cannes


Why go to Cannes when you can have your own Cannes Stooge? Why embarrass yourself by getting drunk and ending up on some guy's couch in the morning wearing just your bikini? Why subject yourself to all the buffoonery and pompous idiocy...when you can have someone else experience it all for you?

That's where Leo Burnett Creative Recruiter David Perez comes in. Burnett is sending Perez to Cannes from June 21 - 26 equipped with a webcam mounted on his glasses and the edict he must do whatever anyone tweets him to do.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-10-10    
Topic: Announcements, Guerilla, Industry Events

Dude Perfect Makes Another Shot For GMC


OK, this Leo Burnett Detroit-created 1:30 GMC-sponsored "stunt" video which celebrates tonight's NBA finals game is a minute longer than it needs to be. No one cares about the set up. All we want to see is the "stunt." So Texas-based Dude Perfect is at it again for GMC. This time, in an Action Figure-produced video, they make a 40 foot long distance shot to a hoop on a floating dock while cliff diving.

The Dude Perfect crew holds the world record for the world's longest distance basketball shot. Their previous video, "Plane shot," in which they successfully land a shot while riding in a moving plane, was featured during this week's third game of the NBA finals.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-10-10    
Topic: Guerilla

What Do Nudity and Flowers Have in Common?


"What happens when you mix high fashion, Chelsea Flower Show and naked models? You get the BrandAlley's Chelsea Flower Show Flashwalk."

And that precisely explains this new work from BrandAlley for the 2010 Chelsea Flower Show.

Paint and nudity. What's not to love?

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 7-10    
Topic: Guerilla, Racy, Video

King Kong Messes With Santa Monica Pier


After messing with Dodger Stadium, it seems King Kong headed to Santa Monica Pier to leave his mark. Giant footprints were spotted on the beach Wednesday morning by a local fisherman who is reported to have seen the giant creature making its way across the beach., "Everything started shaking. Then I saw this thing. Bigger than any whale...eyes dark and menacing, teeth as big as the poles under the pier here."

Of course the creature is just making its way to its new home at Universal Studios Hollywood where it will become the main attraction for the studio's King Kong 3-D attraction.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-10    
Topic: Guerilla

World Cup-Themed Rube Goldberg Machine Pimps Men's Deodorant


SureMen has launched a football (soccer) sweepstake promotion, SureMen Last 8 Sweepstake, which offers football fans the chance to win cash if their chosen team reaches the World Cup finals in South Africa.

Touting the product, SureMen teamed with model maker Andy Gent to create yet another Rube Goldberg-style machine. The machine follows a football which makes a journey past a host of landmarks, representing some of the 32 nations competing in South Africa. References from previous tournaments make appearances throughout the video, as the football knocks over the leaning tower of Pisa, dodges Spanish bulls, and sets Godzilla trampling down a series of skyscrapers.

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by Steve Hall    May-28-10    
Topic: Good, Guerilla, Video

Greenpeace Employs Flashmob Stratregy For Anti-Nuclear Campaign


Greenpeace Switzerland launched a national campaign against nuclear plants.Part of the campaign includes posters and direct. The other part was well-staged, nationwide flashmobs which illustrated how a nuclear cloud could affect a country if there were a problem.

Summing up the whole nuclear issue, one commenter wrote, "Save the planet, punch a NIMBY. Coal plants pump out poisons by nature of their design throughout their entire operational lifetime. Nuclear power plants pump out poisons only when something goes very wrong or Russian standards of safety are involved. Oh and the Chernoybyl site, is basically a nature preserve now, the "environment" is doing fine. The areas affected by oil spills will never fully recover."

So is nuclear energy really that bad? What is the perfect solution to the world's energy needs? Is it even possible to generate any form of energy without affecting the environment in some way?

by Steve Hall    May-28-10    
Topic: Cause, Guerilla