Farmers Insurance Airship Visits Farmville


The Farmers Insurance Group has announced a partnership with Farmville. A first for an insurance company, Farmers will have its airship incorporated into the game. It will provide an insurance of sorts to the 60 million monthly players of the game with its airship. The airship will provide "wither protection" free for ten days so that players' crops won'

by Steve Hall    Oct-19-10    
Topic: Guerilla

Publicity Stunt Cause of 101 Freeway Trafic Jam


Yesterday around 10:30AM a truck owned by the band Imperial Stars blocked all three southbound lanes of freeway 101 near Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. The stunt, three months in the making, was originally planned for Monday but moved becasue of the Columbus Day holiday.

The stunt was hatched to promote the band's new single, Traffic Jam 101, which the band performed live atop the truck while traffic piled up for miles.

As many as thirty people in other vehicles were part of the stunt. Imperial Stars IT Manager Tyler Fairbanks said, "Most people were in shock, but then we started getting people yelling at us."

Well, yes, Tyler, people do tend to yell when idiots block traffic on a highway. People don't take kindly to being stuck in a traffic jam. Especially when it's for some stupid publicity stunt.

by Steve Hall    Oct-13-10    
Topic: Guerilla

Short Shorts and High Heels Protest French Burqa Ban


Hot chicks in short shorts and heels. Works all the time when the goal is to get a bit of attention. Doesn't really matter what the intended goal is. People will look at hot chicks just because they are hot.

In this case, these hot chicks - two French students, one Muslim - had a very specific purpose for donning short shorts, high heels...and mini-burqas. The two were out to protest a new law in France that makes wearing a burqa in public worthy of a fine.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 7-10    
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Clothing Retailer Hosts Peep Show to Pimp Fall Fashions


New York Retailer Daffy's needed to attract some attention to itself and its new line of fall fashions. To do so, it held a fashion show in it's display windows and let passersby text comments to the models in the window. Predictably, many texts just asked the models to take all their clothes off.

But the models had a good time responding to the crowds texts directly and taking off as much as possible without, of course, getting in trouble with the police.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-10    
Topic: Guerilla

Paddy Power Sued For Ryder Cup Sign Stunt


Online betting site Paddy Power erected a gigantic Holloywood-style sign near the Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor and, subsequently, were sued for the stunt. They lost and have three days to remove the sign. Showing their anger over the stunt, Celltic Manor owners called Paddy Power "scum.

Pretty cool stunt though. Here's a video of the sign's...ahem...erection.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-30-10    
Topic: Guerilla

KFC Seeks Hot Ass For Bun-Vertising Stunt


Ladies, once again a marketer wants to leverage your bootylicious ass for its own financial gain. As if the brand had never heard of Juicy, a press release touting a promotion for KFC's bun-less Double Down sandwich reads, "KFC is recruiting college co-eds to serve as 'human billboards' for its bun-less Double Down sandwich. Forget park benches, sky writing or on-blimp advertising. KFC is taking advertising to a whole new medium: the backsides of college sweat pants."

Um, what? A whole new medium? Hello? Has the brand been asleep for the past 20 years? Has it never seen clothing from Juicy? Or any clothier for that matter? Has it not witnessed the message-clad ass strutting down every sidewalk in the country? Has it never heard of ass-vertising? Has it never read Adrants?

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by Steve Hall    Sep-21-10    
Topic: Guerilla, Human

Nothing Sticks Like An Audi Quattro


To prove just how much the Audi Quattro all-wheel drive hugs the road, Lowe Roche put together a stunt during the Toronto Film Festival. Model sized Audi Quattros were outfitted with powerful magnets. The models were then affixed to metal objects around the city where crowds attending the festival tried to pull the cars off. Well, akin to the Quattros road handling abilities, the cars were not easily removed. But once they were removed, a message on the bottom was revealed: Nothing Sticks Like a Quattro.

We like the method used to deliver the message. It was stunt-y but the stunt was directly related to the salient point the agency was trying to make. That doesn't always happen. This time it did.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-20-10    
Topic: Guerilla

Zombie's Invade Madrid for Resident Evil: Afterlife Promotion


We'll watch Milla Jovovich in anything which is really the only reason we even care about this Resident Evil Afterlife promotion in Madrid which had zombie hands crawling out of sewer grates, doors, flower beds, display windows, buses and other random places.

Watch the video as onlookers react and record the stunt. Copyranter reports Bungalow 25 is behind the stunt.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-17-10    
Topic: Guerilla

PETA Wastes Water to Get People to Save Water (And Go Vegan)


As the very cute PETA Spokesperson Lauren Stroyeck told the Tulsa news media how much water is wasted to process meat, two PETA employees, Virginia Fort and Lauren Quillo, showered nude in downtown Tulsa. The group claims more water can be saved by skipping one pound of meat than skipping a half year of showers

Explaining the stunt, Stroyeck said, "Facts and figures alone aren't usually enough to engage people but when they see two ladies showering on the sidewalk."

As Fort and Quillo shower in the background, Stroyeck contimues, saying, "Over half the water in the United States goes to raising and killing animals on factory farms."

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-10    
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9/11 Memorialized With...Lottery Balls


Over the weekend, 9/11 memorials were held across the nation. In New York, one such memorial was held at at City Hall Park. Organized by inventors Steven Brandstetter and James Devlin of J&S Gaming, the event featured the pair's Lottery Ball Characters which were turned into life sized costumes to represent the likeness of a police officer and a fireman.

According to the press release, the purpose of the rally was to "pay tribute to the men and women who put their lives on the line on a daily basis to protect and serve our communities." Brandsetter and Devlin put the rally together with the consent of retired NYPD police officer Stan Jefferson who was reportedly forced into retirement because of an illness he contracted while working at Ground Zero.

Apparently, the government isn't doing all it can do and the rally aimed to bring that to the attention of the public.

The campaign also brought something else to light. The sad fact some people are so lacking in the common sense department, they have no idea when something grotesquely oversteps the line of acceptability. To diminish the lives of those lost during 9/11 to a couple of stupid lottery characters - as if the event were sponsored by Tony the Tiger or something - is deplorable, inexcusable and plain idiotic.

That is all.

by Steve Hall    Sep-13-10    
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