You Should Keep a Journal -- For Real!


Journaling has become increasingly popular in recent years, as people turn to it for its therapeutic and creative potential. It's almost like writing in your diary as a young teen or adult, but sometimes with more structure, more chaos, and about various subjects too.

There's no single, correct way to journal. That depends entirely on you, your preferences, and your intentions for the journal, which could range from using your journal to organize your thoughts or as a manuscript for your next creative endeavor.

No matter how you decide to use it, however, there are some undeniable benefits of journaling on the regular, and here's why you should consider starting this habit:

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 5-22    
Topic: Tools

How To Fix Mistakes You Make In SEO


No matter how much you do research, and plan out your SEO, you will mistakes at some point. It happens, so you need to have a plan in place to recover quickly. Here's how to fix any mistakes you make, and bounce back as quickly as possible.

The Mistakes You Can Make With SEO

There are several ways you can make mistakes when you use SEO on your site. These range from unintentional issues to less than savory tactics.

For example, you may just have got over enthusiastic with your tactics, or done things that aren't well regarded by Google because you didn't know about their policies. You may also have used spammy tactics to improve your SEO, and that's backfired on you.

There are two ways you will find out you've got a problem. The first way you'll see a problem is when you see a huge drop in your website traffic. That's a sure fire sign that something has happened with your SEO. You may also get a message within Google Search Console, telling you to fix it.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-21    
Topic: Tools

Step-by-Step Digital Marketing Guide for Long-Term Revenue


Digital marketing has truly changed the landscape of the advertising industry in this era. Various terms come under the umbrella of digital marketing, such as SEO services, social media and content marketing, email marketing, PPC advertisements, or affiliate marketing.

Regardless of what business or industry you're in, digital marketing can help you expand the clientele, increase your sales and create a brand image. However, that only happens if you strategize the marketing plan efficiently, which isn't limited to simply running an ad on Instagram or Facebook and expecting your sales to grow overnight; there are a lot of technicalities that you must consider.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-21    
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Local SEO Tips To Grow Your Business in Quebec City


Businesses and digital marketers everywhere agree that having a general SEO strategy is important. It helps you derive the maximum value from your company's online presence. It improves your visibility, boosts your search result rankings, and helps a wider audience discover your brand.

Here's the thing, though: general SEO just isn't enough for a company to perform well in today's rapidly evolving business environment. The necessity of a strong general SEO strategy hasn't decreased--but it needs to be accompanied by an equally strong strategy for local SEO

Modern digital marketing isn't only about reaching the biggest number of customers or generating the most traffic. It's also about giving your customers a better customer experience than what your competitors have to offer. Tailoring the experience you provide to your customer's requirements is what will help you grow--and local SEO is a big part of that.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-19-21    
Topic: Tools

Best Website to Remove Backgrounds from Image


Removing an image backdrop usually necessitates the use of professional photo editing software such as Photoshop or Illustrator (more on this later). However, the problem with such professional software is that they are difficult to master - and they are not for everyone. Plus, using professional editing and designing software to remove the background can be a time-consuming feat.

But what if we told you that you could remove the backdrop from any image without having to use a photo editing program? All you need is an active internet connection to do so. Various photo editing websites and apps are available to remove the background from images for free. However, for best results, it is advisable to choose the leading online background remover: Slazzer

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by Steve Hall    Nov-16-21    
Topic: Tools

How to Make the Most of Your Salesforce Testing


Salesforce has managed to surpass Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the most frequently used CRM platform. As a result, we must ensure the platform's reliability, which we do through salesforce testing, rather than the built-in functionality of SalesForceDotCom. SalesForce testing aids in evaluating the application's unique features.

One of the fascinating parts of Salesforce testing is tailor it to the customer's needs. Salesforce testing guarantees that new features and additions to your Salesforce configuration do not cause any additional problems. The Salesforce platform is amazing, but you must use it with caution to get the most out of it. Here are a few pointers to help you make the most of your Salesforce testing:

Fix defects early: Early implementation is an important part of the Salesforce testing phase, and you'll need to fix any code that hasn't been tested inside the change range. When you're working on your project, you don't want to come across work you completed weeks ago that doesn't work as planned. This may be avoided by frequently deploying and testing your idea during the project to ensure that everything is working correctly. After you've deployed to the appropriate sandbox, you can rely on your participants to do UAT testing.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-21-21    
Topic: Tools

How to Apply Techniques of AI in Digital Marketing


We all know how artificial intelligence is rapidly expanding its wings in the tech world. It has changed the way of doing manual computing operations, precisely by using advanced AI algorithms. This advancement is now letting AI enter in other fields as well. The impact of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is also quickly getting visible in the world. It has shown how web marketing can be automated to interact and communicate with people easily.

Today, AI is helping marketers to improve customer experiences with its range of tools. Using Chatbot on different types of websites, digital marketers can streamline the customer care process rapidly. This makes it easy for them to handle thousands of live visitors on the website without involving any manual resources.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-13-21    
Topic: Tools

5 Plugins To Improve Your Website Speed And Performance In 2021


WordPress is one of the most popular examples of existing operating systems. Businesses often use it to create and maintain websites that provide information and services. According to a Kinsta study, 40% of Internet websites are built using WordPress. This is quite significant compared to competitors like Wix (1.6%) and Joomla (2.6%) on the website.

Despite the best efforts of teams or individuals to develop rich and "diverse" WordPress websites, there is something that inevitably compromises user experience, website speed, or inadequacy. Caching plugins to speed up the site is as important as a WooCommerce product video plugin for a Woo store to maximize sales.

You might wonder why website speed is important to business and why ensuring website speed should not be avoided.

This article shows you how WordPress users can customize their websites with quick plugins. Caching helps speed up your WordPress site and improve performance.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-24-21    
Topic: Tools

3 Effective Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Earning Potential


Affiliate marketing is among the easiest and most popular ways to earn money online. It has several benefits and drawbacks that you need to consider before dipping your toes into it.

Even with the saturated market of today, you can still easily be successful in the affiliate marketing business. The only thing you need is to embrace the best blueprints and take a quality approach.

That said, let's shift your focus to some effective affiliate marketing techniques that can boost your efforts:

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by Steve Hall    Sep-24-21    
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How to Boost Ad Viewability by Targeting 'Ad Aware' Users


Over the past few years marketers have attached increasing value to ad viewability as a key metric in measuring the success of digital campaigns. After all, making sure that your online ads are seen by your target audience is clearly important.

At a very basic level, ad viewability for mobile or web ads was first defined back in 2010 by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Media Rating Council (MRC), as a way of measuring a digital ad's performance and cost-effectiveness.

Generally speaking, display web and mobile ads are counted as viewable impressions when at least half of the ad is in view for at least one second, whereas video ads are counted as viewable when at least half of them are in view and playing for a minimum of two consecutive seconds.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-25-21    
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