Tips and Tricks for a Mind-blowing Web Design


It's easy to see the total visitors count for your website. You open analytics, and it's all there. But, what you can't see is what happens after someone visits your website. Have no idea what we are talking about? The bounce-off rate.

If the visitor can't understand what your business does, how to navigate through your UI, and how to find what they came looking for, chances are the bounce-off rate will be high.
Visitors will leave as soon as they come. This is not good from a business perspective. Thus, having a mind-blowing, easy-to-understand web design is essential.

For that, you'll need to hire a professional website design company. There are various web design agencies in the market, like New York web design, among thousands of others. Choosing a web design firm from some of the best web design companies can become difficult.

But worry not. To help you out with web designing and choosing a web designing company, we have discussed seven useful tips and tricks.

Begin With a Rough Idea

You must have a basic idea in mind of what your website should look like. When collaborating with a web design agency, sketch out a rough layout of the website.
Mapping out the customer journey is vital to creating a seamless, flowing website design. Step in the visitor's shoes and envision how they will navigate through the website, which pages they will view the most, and how they are going to engage with the content.

Figure out the number of web pages you'll need, the content that'll be needed, and other elements that will go in the webpages.

Remember, a good website begins with design. Coding comes later.

Choose a Stunning Color Scheme

Once you have the content figured out, you need to focus on the color scheme. Even if you create the perfect content for the website, visitors will bounce off if you choose an unpleasant color scheme.

Thus, make sure that you choose colors that make the visitors happy and enhance the user experience. Here are some tips that can help you decide the color scheme.

- Be educated about color psychology basics
- Have an understanding of color theory
- Mix and match colors, and most importantly;
- Keep it simple

Get custom web designing to have your website color scheme stand out from others.

Pay Attention to the Mobile Version

Nowadays, having a mobile site is more important than a desktop site. About fifty percent of the traffic comes from mobile devices. And this number is only going to increase in the future.

Thus, make sure that you have a mobile version of the website. The visitors should have the same experience as the desktop version when visiting the mobile site.

According to Google, about sixty-one percent of users are unlikely to return after a bad mobile site experience. So make sure that every element is responsive, bug-free, and the website doesn't lag.

Avoid Cluttering

Certain elements are going to decrease the website value. It will distract the user and detract the message you are trying to convey. Humans have an attention span of only eight seconds. So make sure that you convey your message loud and clear without confusing them.

- Some tips to avoid cluttering on the website are:
- Remove unnecessary animations and images
- Delete long content
- Don't include carousels
- Avoid using unpleasant colors

In a nutshell, ask the website design company to keep the website short, simple, and easy on the eyes.

Stay Away From Carousels

As mentioned above, one way to declutter your website is to avoid carousels. Carousels are a staple in almost every website you visit. However, there are caveats with using them. As a business owner, they might prove counterproductive.

For instance, visitors might only see the first slide. They might miss out on the messages conveyed in the next slides. There are various studies that conclude the same.

Rather, use a hero image displayed on the full page, or you can stack multiple images vertically that can even increase user engagement.

Write a Detailed, Keyword-focused Headline

The headline of the landing page is the most important as it conveys your business' services and products. Thus, make sure that the page headline cohesively conveys the page's purpose.

Use a detailed, keyword-focused headline that not only can convey the intended message but also can help you with SEO. Instead of writing a vague, fancy, fluff-filled headline, write a keyword-focused headline that delivers a crystal clear message.

Avoid Stock Photos, Use Real Photos Instead

Your website isn't the right place to use stock photos. Having stock photos on your website can reduce its credibility. This, in turn, will reduce the visitors' trust. And you might lose out on potential customers.

So use real, original photos on your website. Hire a photographer to get high-quality employee and product photos on your website. You will end up paying almost the same for a photoshoot as for high-quality stock images. But you will definitely see an increase in the click and purchase rates.

Even if you want to use stock photos, make sure that they are natural-looking and high-quality and don't seem fake.

Keep a Short Sign-up Form

Nobody likes to fill a long sign-up form. In fact, having one can ruin the user experience and make the visitor jump to other sites. So, keep the sign-up form short and simple.

Ask the visitor to only fill in basic details like their name, contact number, and email id. You rarely need more information than this. Your sales and marketing team can easily connect with the visitor with this basic information. Refrain from asking for any other detail.

Strategically put CTAs

The ultimate aim of the website is to encourage the visitor to click on the call-to-action buttons. So, strategically place CTAs throughout the website. But make sure to have your CTAs spaced out.

Visitors don't immediately click on them. So, provide useful, relevant information first and then place a CTA button at the end. Also, remember to use attractive, engaging visual cues that can guide visitors to the CTA buttons.

Add Testimonials

Accentuating on the above point of making your website look genuine, add testimonials from your clients to increase trust among new visitors. Customer testimonials can help generate sixty-two percent more revenue from each customer every visit. So, make sure that you have testimonials included in your website design. You can use text and video testimonials based on your requirements and other website UI elements.

Key Takeaways

We hope that this blog helps you in creating a responsive, user-friendly, and aesthetically-pleasing website. While the website design tasks may seem intimidating, they certainly are not. And hiring a website design company can further simplify the process. You just need to sit back and relax!

So what tips are you incorporating in your website design? We can't wait to see what you create!

by Steve Hall    Jan- 7-22   Click to Comment   
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