Mobile Isn't Just Mobile Any More


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An interesting vendor presentation took place during the lunch break at OMMA Mobile. Tremor Video's Doron Wesley did a quick presentation entitle Mobile Isn't Just Mobile Any More. The gist of the presentation was the notion a significant percentage (52%) of "mobile" video viewing occurs at home and between the hours of 5PM and 11PM (40%). In other words, people are using their mobile devices to consume content over WiFi during prime time television hours.

As we've seen with the rise in usage of Netflix online, Hulu and a host of other online video services, consuming video content is increasingly a mobile device experience yet it's occurring mostly at home at night. In fact, Wesley stated 8 percent of home mobile users will cancel their pay cable subscriptions in the next month.

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by Steve Hall    May-14-12    
Topic: Industry Events, Mobile/Wireless

Under Armour Helps Women Kick Ass


Red Tettemer + Partners and CP+B have created a campaign for Under Armour have created What's Beautiful, a social media contest that provides women with an online community designed to help them meet and exceed their physical goals through a series of training challenges. The three women who rise to the top of the challenge will receive a one year sponsorship deal with Under Armour.

After nine weeks, Under Armour will nominate 10 finalists based on the strength, drive, and determination highlighted in their stories and original content submissions to be featured on the What's Beautiful homepage and mobile app. Ultimately, three winners will be named - two by Under Armour selection and one by public vote.

by Steve Hall    Apr-26-12    
Topic: Campaigns, Mobile/Wireless, Online

Israeli Travel Brand Sponsors Waze Destination Message


To gain a bit of increased awareness, Israeli travel company ISRAIR partnered with Waze, a mobile navigation app. When using Waze, a little icon travels a map along a path it has determined for you. When you reach your destination, it says, "You've reached your destination."

The partnership changed the destination message to read, "You've reached your destination. Too bad. You could have been someplace much better. Dial ISRAIR *2737" The customized message is said to have delivered 8 million impressions. No word on how it affected sales.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-23-12    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless

Maybelline Sends Russian Women to New York City


From April 2 to April 15, Maybelline in Russia is inviting Russian women to submit their photos to Facebook and the popular Russian social network Vkontakte. The women's images are then selected (by votes and moderators) to appear on the Clear Channel Spectacolor billboard in Times Square where passersby can vote for their favorite girl on the promo site or Facebook page. The girl with the most likes wins a trip to New York.

At the launch event which took place in Times Square this week, a number of methods were used to get the attention of the crowd - such as a live HD cam that broadcast the crowd on the street to the billboard so passersby could see the contest participants from the billboard which is livestreamed online 24/7 on the project website. Also, street teams were encouraging people in Times Square to vote via iPads.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-11-12    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Online, Outdoor

Why Agencies Shouldn't Fear Mobile


This guest post is written by Alex Kutsishin, Co-Founder & President, FiddleFly

Like cautious children learning to swim or ride a bicycle without training wheels, an astounding number of agencies have done little more than dip their collective toes into mobile space waters. Rather than develop ad campaigns tailored specifically for smartphone users, many are content or are resigned to posting staid print and broadcast copy on company websites rather than creating dynamic and interactive copy targeted at savvy, often prosperous mobile phone users.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 2-12    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless

Ordering Pizza Online Finally Simplified


Back in the day when the web was born, the first thing everyone thought it would be good for, aside from porn, was ordering pizza. Today, porn still rules the internet and you can still order a pizza online. But things have gotten more sophisticated. And simpler.

We're not really going to discuss the online advancements of porn but we are going to highlight a very interesting development from Dubai-based Red Tomato Pizza. They've created a VIP button that you affixe to your refrigerator. When you press it, your favorite pizza is delivered to you.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-26-12    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Specialty

Agencies Pinterest'd, Latino Ads Awarded, Spies Recruited


- Michael Glass is out with a Pinterest collection of advertising agency office space. Very cool.

Cultural Strategies is launching "The Social Revolución", the first official SXSWi Latino Awards, Lounge & After Party in 2012. They are actively seeking sponsors and nominees.

- Really, really love the new Volkswagen Golf R? Well, there's an iPad app for that. From AKQA.

- Top Gear is celebrating there approach to 10 million fans on blowing up a caravan when they do.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-19-12    
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Guerilla, Industry Events, Mobile/Wireless, Outdoor

Weird Ways to Get Fired, Mortar Chalks Boards Holiday Card


- Another agency holiday card stop motion chalk board-style.

- KLM, you know, the airline that now lets you socially hookup with a seatmate, is out with Passport, an app which "turns people's journeys into inspiring movies."

- Time Magazine has named Jim Beam's Bold Choices one of its top ten TV commercial of 2011.

- Blammo Worldwide unleashes the truth behind the myth of Santa Claus. And it isn't pretty.

- 9 Really Weird Reasons For Getting Fired

- Modea's Wisdom Tree of Wishful Wonders app ties with Facebook, where you can select the friend for whom you need a gift suggestion. Then, after answering a series of (not-so-serious) questions, the app will serve up a gift suggestion for that friend, which can be shared via Facebook.

- Wow. That wasn't very exciting.

by Steve Hall    Dec-20-11    
Topic: Agencies, Mobile/Wireless, Strange

Love Tacos? There's An App For That


Brooklyn creative agency Big Spaceship is out with Taco Finder, an iPhone app that directs you to the nearest taco shop using GPS technology. How the app works:

- Open Taco Finder on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
- Follow the whimsical wooden arrow to your taco.
- Note the informative bottom bar - it displays the distance to your taco destination.
- Optional: Celebrate your taco tracking skills with a taco!

And there you have it. Tacos found.

by Steve Hall    Oct-26-11    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless

Business Buzzword Babble Gets Own App


Here's a bit of hilarity for your day. Everyone who's ever worked in any sort of business has heard the bullshit bingo that gets spewed forth like verbal diarrhea from the mouths of wannabe important types. Everything from "hard stop" to circle back" to "analysis paralysis" to "ideation" to "peel the onion" to "take that offline" and everything in between is getting the "there's an app for that" treatment from Organic.

The agency has created an app called BizWords for its client Hilton Garden Inn. It's designed to "help business travelers decode and navigate the business speak that has become so common in the workplace." App users can peruse buzz words and add their own once they've created a profile.

This ought to be a fun time-waster while your trying to endure your co-worker's or client's endless babblings about what they did last weekend or how they want to "whiteboard" a few new ideas.

by Steve Hall    Sep-30-11    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless