Business Buzzword Babble Gets Own App


Here's a bit of hilarity for your day. Everyone who's ever worked in any sort of business has heard the bullshit bingo that gets spewed forth like verbal diarrhea from the mouths of wannabe important types. Everything from "hard stop" to circle back" to "analysis paralysis" to "ideation" to "peel the onion" to "take that offline" and everything in between is getting the "there's an app for that" treatment from Organic.

The agency has created an app called BizWords for its client Hilton Garden Inn. It's designed to "help business travelers decode and navigate the business speak that has become so common in the workplace." App users can peruse buzz words and add their own once they've created a profile.

This ought to be a fun time-waster while your trying to endure your co-worker's or client's endless babblings about what they did last weekend or how they want to "whiteboard" a few new ideas.

by Steve Hall    Sep-30-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Mobile/Wireless