Mobile Isn't Just Mobile Any More


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An interesting vendor presentation took place during the lunch break at OMMA Mobile. Tremor Video's Doron Wesley did a quick presentation entitle Mobile Isn't Just Mobile Any More. The gist of the presentation was the notion a significant percentage (52%) of "mobile" video viewing occurs at home and between the hours of 5PM and 11PM (40%). In other words, people are using their mobile devices to consume content over WiFi during prime time television hours.

As we've seen with the rise in usage of Netflix online, Hulu and a host of other online video services, consuming video content is increasingly a mobile device experience yet it's occurring mostly at home at night. In fact, Wesley stated 8 percent of home mobile users will cancel their pay cable subscriptions in the next month.

The proliferation of content choices online has also greatly contributed to the growth of mobile video consumption and the shift in viewing that content from television to mobile device,

The important point made by Wesley is that amidst these changing viewing habits, we have forgotten to realize that consumers just want the content and they don't really care which device they consume it on as long as it suits their viewing needs. We have focused on devices as channels rather than the content itself. Wesley urged the audience to take advantage of the fact 85 percent of tablet owners use their tablet while watching TV and each device can bring its own features and benefits to the marketing mix.

Now that's all well and good but content does sometimes need to be optimized for each individual channels so, for marketers, the device does matter somewhat or else the content may not be optimized for a particular device.

But the main point of the presentation was that mobile efforts should fixate solely of geo-location, SMS and other phone-centric tactics, the vision needs to be broader. And, hey, maybe that will finally bring us "the year of mobile."

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by Steve Hall    May-14-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events, Mobile/Wireless