Marketing Strategies in Sports Forecasts


Today, sports predictions are popular, thanks to the virtual bookmakers' offer of virtual bookmakers that fill the market and offer very varied odds. Part of its rise is due to marketing strategies. There are many bookmaker companies, but you can try to bet with this bookmaker

Bookmakers are increasing in prevalence. For this reason, if you want to attract new players, you must follow strategies. It can not only get people interested in sports betting but also build loyalty within this business. Therefore, when you want to bet on a football or any other game, go to that bookmaker and not to another.
In this guide, we are going to talk to you about marketing techniques. Those are used the most by the most prestigious bookmakers in the world.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-10-21    
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Attending the Social Fresh Conference? You Should Be. It Will Make You Super Socially Smart!


Social Fresh Conference is coming up next week and there's an awesome bonus when you register by tomorrow (June 8th).

I've attended past events and they've been great.

Get access to the Bonus Training Package -- 6 Crisis Comms Sessions including:

- JetBlue's Social Response Strategy During The Crisis: Integrity
- Three Ways to Build Brand Trust When The Future Is Uncertain
- How To Be A Leader During A Crisis
- Patron's Approach To The Future of Social Media Marketing
- Content Calendar Planning In A Crisis
- Mental Health & Creativity Rituals for Social Media Managers

Grab your ticket here to access to the bonus before it expires.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 7-21    
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6 Writing Tips to Build an Email List for Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing may seem like an easy way to earn money and have a stable income. However, it's as challenging and demanding as any other job. You have so many things to worry about, including building an audience and finding the right affiliate products. Plus, to keep steady communication with your target audience, you'll need to build an email list for affiliate marketing and launch different email marketing campaigns.

But, what's the best way to build an email list filled with interested and valuable contacts? You'll find the answers below. Here are our 6 best writing tips to help you build a strong and stable email list for affiliate marketing.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-21    
Topic: Publishing

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6 Ways to Effectively Use Visuals on Your Website


The right visuals can have a huge impact on how much people enjoy browsing your website. The perfect imagery can spark emotion, build a connection, tell people more about your company, and ultimately lead to conversions.

In this article, we're going to outline how you can effectively use visuals on your website. Let's dive in

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-21    

Top Six Untapped SEO Techniques for 2021


Let's be honest. It's getting tougher to rank on the first page of Google these days. With more websites gunning for Google's prime real estate, finding competition isn't too difficult regardless of your business niche. While many people look to hire an SEO service (and that is the smartest choice if you're competing with the best of the best), there are quite a few things that you can do to give your business website that much-needed edge on the SERPs.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-21    
Topic: Online

15 Ways To Improve Your eCommerce Sales In 2021


Some business owners think that selling things online is simple. After all, the process seems straightforward. Create a website, upload products, and customers will rush towards your store. However, in reality, this is usually not the case. Online selling requires implementing intelligent marketing strategies and consistent use of time, effort, and resources to thrive.

Luckily there are some ways that can help eStore owners find the success they require. If you're a startup willing to boost your revenue and increase sales, here are some tried and tested methods that will help you grow your eCommerce Sales and satisfy your customers for sure.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-21    
Topic: Online

Social Media Is Driving Today's Polarization and Killing Brand Reputation


Social media toxicity is nothing new. It's growing at dizzying rates. And unfortunately, you don't need to be a high-profile athlete or a celebrity or politician with millions of followers to have a toxic bullhorn - all you need is a social media account, and you can cause damage to brands through one simple function: the comments and replies.

Brands, you have fair warning. Every second of the day, individual trolls of every stripe, are doing the equivalent of walking into your brick-and-mortar retail store and shouting racist and homophobic hate speech, as well as how much they think your product sucks. Would you allow this in real life? Of course not. So why are so many brands allowing their social channels to be hijacked with vulgarities and hate speech?

The brutal truth is, on a broader scale, social media is driving societal polarization, not the other way around, and it's not only impacting brands, but society itself.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-21    
Topic: Social

The Tools and Strategies Used by Thriving Remote Businesses in 2021


The pandemic and its resulting lockdown over the past 12+ months have presented unique challenges for businesses around the world, with some industries being massively affected and others having to adapt and change in order to continue to prove profitable. Using the right online tools and strategies across different digital platforms, some smart entrepreneurs and business owners have made the most of remote working and digital trends, leveraging different platforms and technologies in order to prevent current conditions from affecting their success in the long-term.

Want to make some changes to your company's online strategy? Feel like you could be doing more with technology, or across social media platforms? To help get you inspired, here are a few different examples of tools and strategies that have been used by remote businesses across the globe in order to maintain relevancy and succeed in spite of the pandemic.

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by Steve Hall    May-25-21    
Topic: Tools

How to Write Articles That Are Beneficial to Your Business


When it comes to promoting your business, a solid content creation and content management strategy is an effective marketing tool. Whether you plan to do this yourself or hire article writing services, here are some things that will generate results you want to see.

Who Is Your Audience?

It's safe to assume that if you have a business, you know who your target market is. But in order to write articles that are beneficial to your business, you need to go deeper than target demographics.

For the time being, think of your audience as a single individual. You need to figure out what makes them tick. What are their likes, their dislikes, and what draws them to what you're selling? A great content marketing strategy will take into account all possible aspects of your audience. This includes everything that brings them joy to the things that cause them pain.

Start jotting everything down. You are essentially humanizing your target audience, identifying them beyond numbers. This is what will help set the tone for your articles. Remember, there's no such thing as too much information when it comes to dissecting your audience.

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by Steve Hall    May-25-21    
Topic: Publishing

5 Reasons for Brands to Embrace Instagram Instead of Facebook


Being on the right side of marketing means you have digitized your marketing style and have adopted social media marketing. You understand the importance of having a branding strategy that involves social media. You are already reaping the rewards, but you can't shake the feeling that there could be more to be gotten. You yearn for more customer engagement and more visibility. What if we told you the answer is quite simple. The answer is in a social media platform you have been using over the years. No, you guessed wrong. We aren't talking about Facebook. We are talking about Instagram.

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by Steve Hall    May-25-21    
Topic: Social

Your Social Media Marketing Approach Needs an Update


Social media has been with us in one form or another for almost twenty years. It doesn't go back quite as far as the dawn of the internet itself, but it isn't far off. We tend to connect the term "social media" with Facebook and Twitter, with Instagram coming along a little later. In reality, MySpace was around for three or four years before Facebook came along in 2006, and the term "social media" was used to describe it even back then. Why are we pointing all of this out? Well, it's because many social media marketing strategists don't appear to have noticed that times have changed.

Just as the same tactics that worked in television marketing ten years ago don't work now, old social media tactics have become equally ineffective. The average customer is more web-savvy and has become immune to certain types of approach. The demographic has changed in that time too. Millennials, who were once the focus of marketing, are now middle-aged and settled down. Generation Z is now the target market for most brands and has to be approached a different way.

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by Steve Hall    May-10-21    

Top Tips for Choosing an SEO Agency


In 2021, harnessing the power of SEO is a necessity for all businesses, regardless of their size or industry. The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated the power of the digital; companies that had a pre-established online presence found it far easier to navigate the challenges of lockdowns and border closures than those that didn't.

SEO is quite a technical area of marketing, which is why many companies opt to outsource their SEO activities to external agencies. While this is a great strategy, there tends to be an enormous difference in the quality of work and results obtained between various SEO companies. So, how can you tell the good from the bad?

If you are searching for a team specializing in SEO in Melbourne, read on to discover what factors you should consider (and which agencies you should definitely steer clear of!)

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by Steve Hall    May- 3-21    
Topic: Agencies

How to Think About Your Clubhouse Audio Strategy


Clubhouse is a social media app. Audiences can facilitate audio channels of communication through virtual rooms.

The rooms host people who are added mainly by invitation. We should note that Apple iOS users are the only operating systems accommodated. In these virtual rooms, we find live chats where those invited can either speak or listen.

Digital marketing and SEO website promotions are factors when attempting to create solid content on the power of audio strategies like Clubhouse. Thanks to Scanteam CEO Alex Lysak, we can collect, analyze, and record data. This present benefits current and future markets in this field.

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by Steve Hall    May- 3-21    
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