When is the Best Time of Day for Selfies?


If you like taking a selfie or two, you'll know that lighting is everything. It's crazy the impact lighting has on the outcome of the selfie. If you can catch the day when the sun is just right, you'll have a golden glow and piercing eyes. But not every hour of the day will allow you to get that look.

So, below, we've created a guide for the best time of day for selfies.

Tips for Capturing Your Best Selfie at Any Time of Day

First, we'll give you some tips. No matter the time of day, a few expert tips can significantly enhance the quality of your selfies. Yes, you do need to understand light sources and how they interact with your surroundings. Utilizing natural light is always preferred, but if you're indoors, positioning yourself near windows can offer a similar effect. Always be mindful of the background. A cluttered background, or indeed a backdrop that is distracting, can mess with the subject matter that should be the main focus...you!

Experimenting with angles and poses can also reveal your most flattering sides, and using your camera's timer or a selfie stick can help capture a broader, more dynamic perspective.

And we think it's just as important to consider where the photo is going. If you're using tools like a photo book maker from mysocialbook.com, consider the theme you're going for. Some people like to stick to specific styles of photos. It's the same with Instagram. For people who upload often, you should notice trends about when they take their pictures and the lighting.

Golden Hour

The golden hour has to be the best hour. The sun isn't too bright, and if it's a perfectly sunny day, that golden glow we talked about in the introduction is incredible. The warm, soft light flatters almost any subject. During these times, the sun's angle creates a balanced luminosity that minimizes harsh shadows and overly bright highlights. It allows for a natural, flattering effect on the face.

It doesn't matter if you're an early riser capturing the serene morning light or a night owl reveling in the sunset's glow - the golden hour is the best hour.

Midday Brilliance

The sun's zenith during midday might cast strong shadows. Not everyone likes that. But with some ingenuity, this time can create striking selfies with vivid colors and sharp contrasts. You can use natural reflectors like buildings or light-colored surfaces to mitigate harsh shadows and illuminate your face evenly. But that's serious photography. If you can't make this lighting work at this hour, go for another one.

Twilight Zone

The blue hour might not have the golden hour's fame, but its potential for good selfies is immense. The cool, blue-toned light can create a tranquil, introspective quality to your images. It's ideal for creating a sense of calm or contemplation.

This time of day is perfect for people wanting to add mystery or sophistication to their selfies. The best time for a selfie ultimately depends on the mood and affect you're aiming for. Most people will say it's the golden hour, but it really depends on the finish you're looking for. Whether you prefer the golden warmth of sunrise and sunset, the bold brightness of midday, or the serenity of the blue hour, experimenting with different times will show you how different a selfie can look.

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