Emerald Nuts Skips Super Bowl This Year


It is a sad day indeed when quirky Emerald Nuts announces it won't advertise in the Super Bowl this year. While the company say the October 30 death of pitchman Robert Goulet had nothing to do with the decision, one can't help acknowledge his last ceiling crawler/office pest commercial was a nice cap to the brand's three year run in the game.

In lieu of a commercial, Emerald Nuts will focus on events and sponsorships surrounding the game, one of which will be to team with Anheuser-Busch.

by Steve Hall    Nov-16-07    
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Hurry Up! Buy Your Super Bowl Spot Now! Only Ten Left!


Advertising Age reports the Super is 90 percent sold out. Yes, that's right. With a full three months to go, there's only ten slots left to sell. The 30 second spot is certainly not dead when it comes to the Super Bowl. FOX is asking $2.7 million per :30 and may increase its asking price for the remaining slots if demand warrants. $2.7 million, people. Yes, $2.7 million. That's where we're at. It must be nice to sell ad space for FOX this time of year.

by Steve Hall    Oct-31-07    
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Oh the Horror! GoDaddy May Forgo Super Bowl 2008!


Bob, Bob, Bob. What are we to do? What will we have to write about come Super Bowl 2008 without GoDaddy drama? If we can't highlight your GoDaddy girls and the seemingly insurmountable obstacles over which you hurdle to get your spots on the air, what's a poor Adrants editor to do?

Oh sure, there will be some other dude who tries to propose to his girlfriend during the game. No doubt, there will be another slew of consumer-generated crap to slap around. And, of course, there will be another Snickers Kiss-like shocker to leave those without the humor gene aghast. Robert Goulet might even make another appearance. And let's not forget those skeevy direct to consumer commercials about old men who can't control their bladder. Or robots who commit suicide. Or scandal courtesy of CareerBuilder who will fire Weiden + Kennedy after their spots fail to place in the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Poll.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-15-07    
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Equinox Activates, Eggs Hatch, Brand Love is Stupid, Primetime Past Prime


- Copyranter puts the overly wordy, overly aspirational Equinox gym in its place telling them their "Life=Activating Destiny" headline is a load of crap.

- Shawn has no idea what this "babes and boys in eggs" ad is all about. Neither do we.

- Cynopsis reports: "News Corp.'s Fox Sports and MySpace announced a sponsorship deal with the NFL that will give advertisers a broad web presence during the Super Bowl, a little added value for $2.7 million they'll have to spend next year for a thirty-second spot. Advertisers will be able to offer "calls to action" after their spots run online, according to The Wall Street Journal, with coupons and links to their own sites."

- In NBC upfront news, Friday Night Lights will return for a full season, the Bionic Woman makes a return, Chuck will be about a guy with a computer for a brain, Lipstick Jungle will follow the lives of three successful New York women, Journeyman will be about time travel and Life will be about a wrongfully convicted police officer who returns to work.

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by Steve Hall    May-11-07    
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First Super Bowl 2008 Consumer-Generated Effort Launched


Damn, we just got over all the Super Bowl 2007 hype and now we have to start thinking about Super Bowl 2008 all because three guys decided to launch a Million Dollar homepage-style site, called MyBowlAd, that promises advertisers space on t-shirts the three will wear in a :30 they hope to place in the game with the money they raise. Thanks guys. We were at least hoping to get through the Summer and now we have to create a Super Bowl 2008 category ten months before we normally would have. Anyway, they promise Internet celebrities will join them in their effort. Perhaps they'll hook up with Lonelygirl15.

If the project gets legs, we're destined to hear about companies and products we never knew existed like premiere sponsor Table Shox, a device puts car-like miniature shock absorbers under a table's feet to cure wobbliness. We just can't to see who signs up next.

by Steve Hall    Mar-17-07    
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