We Get Email - Redux


Putting the Rants in AdRants for a sec, OH you have no idea what gets sent in. Record labels' latest CDs from D-list talent. Nude iPhone tips. (Those we like, actually.) Upcoming Access Hollywood interviews with an extra from the first season of The Hills. 15,000 word PR releases--with no image or link to a campaign--asking if we'd like an image or link. To. The. Campaign.

Ya think?

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by Bill Green    Nov-17-09    
Topic: Announcements, Creative Commentary

A New Spin on Word of The Day

George Parker tested and approved. "Because it's easier to learn with sex, drugs, and f***ing swearing," there's Chris Baker's The f***ing word of the day. It's not your dad's Word of the Day site:

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by Bill Green    Nov-17-09    
Topic: Announcements, Racy

William Shatner for... Dell?


Dude, yer gettin a... overexposed celebrity shilling for anything? (Ohhh, I'm sorry. We were looking for Rachael Ray. Rachael Ray.) What I meant was, a new survey out from Millward Brown claims they've developed a system to rank celebs and the brands they'd be a good fit for. While The Shat has already hawked Commodore computers in the past, the numbers say he fits best with Dell. Miley Cyrus? L'Oreal or Starbucks! Reese Witherspoon for Target. Carrie Underwood equals GUESS. Brad Pitt? Gap. Might we suggest Jon Gosselin for Massengill?

by Bill Green    Nov-17-09    
Topic: Announcements, Brands, Specialty, Sponsorship

Detroit--We Have Less Layoffs Than Those "Other" Guys?


Sorry, just trying out a headline or two. As part of a project to live in and report from Detroit for a year, Time Inc. asked five local ad agencies, to come up with ads answering the question: Why would anyone smart, young, and creative move to or stay in Detroit? why Detroit is a good place to live. Crowdsource that vote now before the ads run in Fortune next week. Two thoughts: 1) Too bad Time Inc. didn't ask residents who work for a living outside agency glass palaces for their ad ideas and 2) Cute how global shops are thought of as local! Ennyway, can you do better than these? Leave your lines in the comments-I know you will.

by Bill Green    Nov-16-09    
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A Marine Speaks, Brangelina Snakes, $1,000 Beer and a Greener NBC

- Spend five with this PSA, it's worth it.

- Friendly, enjoyable and good natured cash-back initiative--or riot

- Redskins will remain Redskins.

- Walk the Walk for Designism and bid on some cool artists' shoes.

- Surrendering to the Olympics.

- Calling all media all-star rock star freaks.

- At a $1,000 a bottle, drink this brew s-l-o-w.

- NBC goes green for primetime shows.

- It's about the Brangelina jewelery snakes people.

by Bill Green    Nov-16-09    
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This Flu Season Got You Sneezin'?


From Boston Public Health Commission comes Ethan "Smizzy" McCoy and Talkin' 'bout the flu. You gotta love rap that works the word diarrea into the mix and includes outtakes along with Twitter and Facebook links. Kleenex on... the... mic. (Below.)

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by Bill Green    Nov-16-09    
Topic: Announcements, Policy, Television

Own Pabst Brewing--But Who Gets to Be CEO?


I. Love. This. Concept. Crowdsourcing that actually means something. Recently, there was the We Own GM effort by Harry Webber. Now, agencies The Ad Store and Forza Migliozzi, llc. are pooling resources to look for enough people to buy Pabst Brewing Company on Buy A Beer Company. Total cost: $300 million. Minimum contribeertions start at $5. Other crowdsource membership pledge levels include Six Pack Membership ($25.00), Case membership ($100.00) or the Brewmeister level of $250,000.00. Dorito-lovin', Super Bowl commercial havin' brands, listen up, you started it. This is the double-edged sword that is crowdsourcing. After all, consumers "own" social media, AM I RIGHT? What's more social than beer!

I woulda crowdsourced the logo though. I KID.

by Bill Green    Nov-13-09    
Topic: Announcements, Consumer Created, Specialty

Bad Thad.


Did I mention Spike TV's trailer for original series Blue Mountain State Alan Ritchson (Smallville) is NSFW? (After the jump.) At first, it's kinda charming, this pissing on the field bit, but the whole thing steps out of bounds more than it stays in the field of play. Look at me with a football reference!

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by Bill Green    Nov-13-09    
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We Get Email*

"Hi Steve,

Wanted to see if you were planning any holiday shopping stories focused on major retailers' interactive marketing plans for boosting this season's sales."



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by Bill Green    Nov-12-09    
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Remembering Paul Silverman


I got an email about Paul Silverman and figured the brief description in it along with a comment on Mullen's blog would sum it up better than I ever might:

"Just wanted to let you know that Paul Silverman, a founding partner and the original creative director at Mullen, passed away on Monday. He will be laid to rest tomorrow in Peabody, MA.

Not sure if you knew Paul or about him, but he was a legend in the ad business in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Won every award out there and did famous work for Timberland and BMW, among others. Also a genuinely nice and beloved man. His passion was writing and he was prolific in the short story format. His work is hosted on his site."

Other tributes can be found at Adweek and a Flickr page with a collection of Paul's advertising work.

...and this from Jim Mullen:

"Over my thirty wretchedly long years in advertising, Paul Silverman was the best I ever met. Ever."

by Bill Green    Aug-13-09    
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