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You might have noticed this "Marketing Jobs" section floating around from place to place here on the site. Well, we think we've found a permanent home for it both here and in the newsletter version of Adrants. So what is it? In partnership with iMediaConnection, we've launched a job board here on Adrants on which you can both find a job and post a job. That's it. It's that simple. Plus, for the benefit of hiring companies, the listings also appear on iMedia Connection, MarketingVOX and MediaBuyerPlanner. All the jobs are related to our industry so it should make it a whole lot easier than slogging through Monster or CareerBuilder. Find hundreds of jobs. Reach thousands of talented readers with a listing. Check it out.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-06    
Topic: Announcements

Angry Advertising Aggressors Attack Adrants


Yesterday, it seems, the ad industry had had enough of our uncontrollable whining, bitching and kvetching and attacked the depths of our IT department bringing our publishing operation to a halt. But, by the end of the day, we had beaten them back with some blow up Donny Deutsch dolls and a rolled up buff shot poster of Alex Bogusky we had on our walls until that Strawberry Frog kicked his ass off. While we were successful in beating back the throngs of those who have been scorned on these pages, we are running on crutches with old, outdated equipment left over from the Draft/FCB carnage - monitors the size of a rear projection TV but with screens the size of a TV in the fifties and laptops only one of those giant McDonald's kids could fit on his lap after consuming a 32 ounce Coke, two large fries, three Big Mac's and several apple pies.

So, we're back. We're sorry for the interruption though we're quite sure you didn't even notice since who reads this crap anyway? Despite Jeff Jarvis' Dell Hell, we are outfitting the office a collection of new Dell laptops which should arrive in a week or two. Hopefully we'll be able to fend off any other angry advertising agressors.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Announcements

Bob Garfield Did Not Explain Word of Mouth


We'd like to offer an apology to Bob Garfield. In a piece we wrote yesterday about a CoBrandiT video that featured footage of Bob doing an interview with CoBrandiT that included outtakes shot prior to the actual interview, we mis-stated Bob knew he was in on the joke when, in fact, he was not. He had made some comments, in jest, while defining word of mouth prior to the beginning of the actual interview. Bob says CoBrandiT used those comments without his knowledge and he thought those shooting the video worked for WOMMA and not for CoBrandiT. We respectfully apologize. Though, we still think the video was hilarious. Rather than incur further wrath, CoBrandiT has taken the video down and placed an apology in its place. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

by Steve Hall    Jun-13-06    
Topic: Announcements, Industry Events, Word of Mouth

Adrants And HP Offer Creatives Free Basic Portfolio Service


As you may know, Adrants offers a creative portfolio service which provides creatives a place to showcase their work in a searchable database promoted across several advertising industry websites. We've now partnered with HP to offer, for a limited time, a free basic portfolio which provides for five images, your professional details and contact info. It's not much compared to the other offering which allow for more images in your portfolio and a higher ranking in search results when people search the service for portfolios but it will give you a taste of the service and maybe you'll later decide to upgrade. If you do, or if you want to skip the basic level and move to higher Vinyl or Leather portfolio, you'll get two months free. You can check out all the details here. You do have to register (for free) at the HP Graphic Arts website to take advantage of the offer. I know, I know. Rule, rules, rules...

by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-06    
Topic: Announcements

Adrants Re-Vamps Creative Portfolio Service


Adrants Portfolios, a service for creatives to exhibit their portfolios and get it seen by hiring companies and for companies in search of creative talent to easily search a large database of creative portfolios is now even better. We've made it easier to review the portfolios and expanded the service so that your portfolio can be seen by upwards of 400,000 people per month. We've added an incentive as well. When you sign up for an annual Vinyl or Leather portfolio online, you'll get two extra months for free. Check it out here.

by Steve Hall    Apr-22-06    
Topic: Announcements

Adrants Has Everything For Ad News Junkies

If your a news junkie and/or and RSS junkie, we've got a couple things for you. You may have notice\d the word AdGasm at the top right of the site. That link leads to a page that contains advertising newsfeeds from sites like Ad Age and Flickr photo streams that focus on advertising. It's a "river of news" style page with over 50 sources that's updated every ten minutes with new items. Rest assured we'll cover all the big stories on the front page here but it you simply can't get your fill and have to read hundreds of advertsing items every day, this page is for you. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of the page as well.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-06    
Topic: Announcements, RSS

Rocketboom's Amanda Congdon Loves Adrants


We are pleased the witty, the wonderful, the beautiful, the famous Amanda Congdon, host of the Rocketboom video podcast, has named Adrants one of her top ten sites. She says a good blog "will teach me something and it will entertain me while I am learning."

We're in good company with Scripting News, Stuff on My Cat, BuzzMachine, Pink Is The New Blog,, Gawker, Blogspotting, Crooks and Liars and Boing Boing. Damn, that really is good company if we do say so ourselves. We're pleased we can entertain and inform you, Amanda. Thanks for the nod.

by Steve Hall    Mar-25-06    
Topic: Announcements, Podcast, Weblogs

Adrants Invites You to Take Its Readership Survey

It's been a year or so since we've formally asked you to offer us input on how we do things around here and to tell us a little bit about yourselves so we can help insure the ads on the site are as relevant to you as possible. After all, no one wants to see an ad for a microbial cell culture clarification device on Adrants when all we care about is advertising. So please take a few short minutes to answer this 15 question survey so we don't burden you with unnecessary messages about medical devices no one knows anything about.

by Steve Hall    Feb-15-06    
Topic: Announcements

Adrants Hits the Seas For Industry Conference On Cruise Ship


If you've been in advertising for a while, you've certainly been to your fair share of trade shows, conferences and seminars but we're pretty sure you've never been to an advertising conference held on a cruise ship. Well, that could change for you very soon. While, you've no doubt heard of or been to other conferences that focus on how the weblog medium can help your marketing, PR and advertising, the Blogonmics conference, held aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' Enchantment of the Seas will be very different.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 7-06    
Topic: Announcements, Industry Events, RSS, Weblogs

Adrants Offers More Than Just Advertising News

We thought it was time to update you on all the things you can find on Adrants aside from the content on the main page. Recently, we partnered with to launch Adrants Portfolios where creatives can upload their work (yes, for a fee) to a searchable database access by companies seeking creative services. We've added a section called AdGasm (hey, we had to call it something) that compiles selected advertising news beyond what we cover here but which we think you'll be interested in following.

The Adrants Network, (Mingle link) which now has close to 3,000 members, is a business networking site on which you can create a profile, connect and network with other advertising professionals, discuss advertising topics in forums, pose business problems for others to assist with, search for and list jobs, conduct polls and view scheduled advertising events. The Jobs section, in partnership with TalentZoo, provides a continually updated list of advertising industry jobs where seekers can seek and employers can post jobs.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-28-06    
Topic: Announcements