It's Not Thanksgiving Yet But Adrants Gives Thanks to Advertisers


Every so often, we like to take a moment and thank the advertisers who help support Adrants. Two new advertisers have joined the roster: Buddy Media and Vertical Response. Buddy Media is a platform for Facebook and social media marketing. A set of management and measurement tools help brands and agencies make their Facebook pages more engaging for visitors. Check out their whitepaper, Top Ten Ways to Engage Fans on Facebook.

Vertical Response is an email service provider. If you have a mailing list or want to grow one, Vertical Response is a provider you should consider. With tools and ready-made templates, getting a mailing out is easy. We know. We've tried it. And we like it. Give them a look. They have a free trial offer running now.

In addition to Buddy Media and Vertical Response, the Montana Film Office is running a campaign with us. If you're looking for a location that outside the usual New York and LA locales, check out what Montana has to offer. Hey, it's pretty much a guarantee you won't have to deal with a lot of background noise like sirens, honking cabs and...oh...gun shots. Check it out.

by Steve Hall    Oct-24-10    
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Advertising Hotties Site Wants Sexy Ad People


Squarely in the category of Why Didn't We Think of This First comes Advertising Hotties, a site which hopes to build a collection of the hottest people working in advertising. There's only one image on the site so far and it's decidedly not hot so the site really, really needs your help.

We all know advertising employs some of the hottest looking people in the business world. From the fresh-faced intern who still dresses like she's in a club to the mature, mid-life gentleman who dresses like he's a GQ model, there are some amazingly good looking people walking the halls of advertising agencies and corporate marketing department.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-16-10    
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Social Media Marketing Conference to Prove Not All Brits Are BP (British Pigs)


The British may have decimated our southern coastline and killed the ecosystem of an entire gulf but our friend Murray Newlands is putting on a social media conference in San Francisco this July to prove they are not all evil. Provided he makes it (the last time a volcano kept him from traveling across the pond), it looks to be a great event. And Adrants is proud to be a media partner.

What will be covered at the event? Viral Social Media Campaigns, What Works, The Press Talks: How to get Digital PR for your Company, Insider Look: How Tech Writers Cover Social Media, A/B Testing for Social Media, How to Build Communities for Brands, Social Media Marketing Metrics, Social Media Marketing Metrics, Monetizing Social Media. To name a few.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-14-10    
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Leo Burnett Recruiter to Become Ad Industry's Bitch At Cannes


Why go to Cannes when you can have your own Cannes Stooge? Why embarrass yourself by getting drunk and ending up on some guy's couch in the morning wearing just your bikini? Why subject yourself to all the buffoonery and pompous idiocy...when you can have someone else experience it all for you?

That's where Leo Burnett Creative Recruiter David Perez comes in. Burnett is sending Perez to Cannes from June 21 - 26 equipped with a webcam mounted on his glasses and the edict he must do whatever anyone tweets him to do.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-10-10    
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Advertising Makes Our World Go 'Round


We don't do this often because you don't come here to read about who's advertising on Adrants. You come hear to read about who's doing great work and who's doing awful work in advertising. But, we're going to take a few minutes out and thank Adrants advertisers because, without them, there'd be no food to feed the interns and keep them appropriately clothed in their required work attire.

So let's get to it. Most recently, a "mysterious" advertiser is running some mysterious creati ve that points to a mysterious site which aims, we think, to aid people in creating better websites.

Alcatel is running a campaign which introduces Optism, a services that promise to make mobile SMS and MMS ad buying a simple process.

The Art Directors Club has a continuing campaign called Show and Tell which features prominent creatives sharing their expertise and offering tips with a YouTube page.

And in May, Criteo told us about its ROI-boosting retargeting system.

So a big thanks to those and the many more who've, well, dared to advertise on Adrants.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 8-10    
Topic: Announcements

AdAge Selects New Ad Review Critic: Me

We Love Our Adrants Gig

This may come as a surprise (in fact, it was a surprise to me) but after a long, hard decision making process I've decided to accept the role of Ad Critic at Advertising Age, where I will report directly to Editor Abbey Klaassen. Klaassen was kind enough to let me break the news here.

I started my career in advertising reporting nearly nine years ago, blogging from a swanky McMansion in Boston where the interns, clad in plaid, pleated minikirts would bring me my coffee at nine and my Old Fashioned at three. After having been layed of one too many times, I decided to forgo agency life and all the trappings that came with it and, instead, toil in the hand to mouth lifestyle as a burgeoning ad blogger. Well, what with all those plaid, pleated,miniskirt-wearing interns, it hasn't been all bad. From there it was an upward climb towards Bob Garfield-like infamy. The two of us have had our fair share of words over the years but Advertising Age realized it was time for a change. Recently, Garfield announced his abdication of the Ad Critic throne after 25 years of service.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 1-10    
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Dear Adrants Advertisers, Thanks For Keeping the Lights On


The past year and a half here at Adrants has been ... how shall we say ... financially challenging. Ad revenue plummeted to the point where we had to give up the private jet, the seaside mansion and the bevy of bikinied support staff. We never knew Oodles of Noodles tasted so good.

Thankfully, recessions don't last forever. What goes down inevitably comes back up. No, we won't get the jet back or the seaside mansion but we might be able to take on an intern or two. And for that, we'd like to give a big thanks to our current advertisers.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 8-10    
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Need A Job? We Might Have One For You

Are you looking for work? Do you hate your current job? Check out our job listings and you might just find something new and different and wonderful and better.

Go ahead. Take a a look.

by Steve Hall    Feb-25-10    
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Adrants Will Resume Regularly Scheduled Programming Thursday

We've been busy in Las Vegas at Affiliate Summit. Combine conference craziness with Las Vegas antics and it becomes, to say the least, difficult to find time to write. But we'll be back in full force Thursday.

Just consider this a commercial break. This is, after all, advertising, right?

by Steve Hall    Jan-20-10    
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Coldwell Banker Pimps Homebuyer Tax Credit With Paid Posts


OK. So here we go. Sharpen your bayonets. Polish your vitriol. Crank up your voracious commentary. Yes. This is Adrants' first IZEA Sponsored post. Let's get the necessarys out of the way: This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Coldwell Banker. All opinions are 100% mine.

Why are we doing this? It's a newish form of advertising and that's one of the things we write about here on Adrants. While we've written scathing reviews of this form of advertising in the past, it's become a significantly prevalent form on online advertising. We want direct experience and direct feedback from you on this. Yes, we are being paid for this.

The other reason we're writing this is because the subject matter is of interest to many. It's all about the 2010 Homebuyer Tax Credits (tracking link). Coldwell Banker (the client) has all the information here (tracking link). In short, homeowners who have lived in a current home consecutively for 5 of the past 8 years can receive up to a $6,500 tax credit when purchasing a home. First time home buyers can receive up to $8,000. As with all things tax-related, there are income limits: $125,000 for singles, $225,000 for married couples with a $20,000 phase-out of the credit for both. You have to apply for this by April 30 and close on your home by June 30.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 5-10    
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