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Consumer Reports Rains on Holiday Spending...For Good Reason


As only Consumer Reports can do - being all unbiased and all - a new full page ad appearing in Monday's USA Today will inform shoppers "There is no 'bailout clause' in your credit card contract."

Damn, what a way to rain on the annual Holiday credit card spree! But with consumers owing upwards of a trillion dollars in debt, using cash to buy Christmas gifts this year might not be such a bad thing...or habit to get into as we all play out part in reducing America's debt. Which, by the way, we did to ourselves and should get out of ourselves without a government bailouot...which will only cost us later.

Admittedly, economics isn't Adrants' strong suit but it seems obvious if you can't afford to buy something you should just, well, not buy it. No matter how much you want it or how cheaply a bank will lend you money.

by Steve Hall    Nov-21-08    
Topic: Newspaper

Feeling Lucky? Watch While Lotto Balls Decimate Your Fishbowl.


Or your aquarium, as the case may be. And while those winning numbers fall out of the sky, why not stick the dinette set under them? Fickle Fortune will buy you a new one. Someday.

By Colle+McVoy for the Minnesota State Lottery. The latter hosts a Daily Drawing show every night, which C+M helped reformat: instead of floating ping pong balls with lotto numbers, "viewers now get plummeting cast iron balls."

Who signed off on that idea?

Anyway, the spots linked above are two of 50 (probably equally disjointed) ads shot for the accompanying campaign. So if you're Minne-soootan, expect to see plenty of variants through '09. (Sorry.)

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by Angela Natividad    Nov-21-08    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Commercials, Strange, Television

Mad Men Sell Cable, Doomsday Googled, Pizza Tongued

    by Steve Hall    Nov-21-08    
    Topic: Cable, Commercials

    In an ABSOLUT World, Everyone's a Lotto Winner


    Which makes the reward potential about as exciting as "winning" a class action lawsuit.

    This outdoor campaign for ABSOLUT vodka is running in New York and LA. As always, the idea is to tout the superiority of a world where ABSOLUT is boss. Case in point: getting tomorrow's lotto numbers instead of yesterday's.

    Yeah, that would be cool. If you were, like, the only person awake in Times Square that morning.

    Creative by TBWA\Chiat\Day out of NYC.

    by Angela Natividad    Nov-21-08    
    Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Outdoor

    'LA Weekly' Shakes Ink-Splattered Death Rattle


    The economy shake-up means hard times for everybody, but print news weeklies are probably among the heaviest-laden. Few people are willing to wait a day to see news in print; fewer still have the patience for a week, not when they can load Google News and have at it instantaneously.

    In a desperate bid at self-preservation, the LA Weekly has launched "LONG LIVE PRINT." Weeklyites invaded the Detour Festival in Downtown LA to wave signs, distribute bookmarks (cringe) and ink the message onto other people's shirts with a printing press (nifty!).

    Other media ran on newsstands and in the LA Weekly itself. See the creative in all its grungy glory:

    Cool work by Ignited LA. Painfully valiant though, given that we've never thought much about the LA Weekly, and now we associate it with the struggle of by-weeklies to remain relevant in an increasingly by-the-Tweet kind of world.

    by Angela Natividad    Nov-21-08    
    Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Cause, Events, Guerilla, Newspaper, Outdoor

    TGI Friday's Wants to Stripe You.


    You know, like a candy cane, except with peeled-off bits of other people's faces.

    To promote Give Me More Stripes, some kind of VIP dining rewards card, TGI Friday's launched the farcically kitschy Give Me More Stripes face striping widget.

    Those reined into the Give Me More Stripes club get a coupon for a free appetizer, a one-time "front of the line" pass -- which could come in handy if you're ever insanely feening for jalapeno poppers -- and the ability to earn "stripes" for every dollar spent.

    ...Are those anything like big-top points?

    by Angela Natividad    Nov-20-08    
    Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Online, Promotions

    Smoking Out Smokers, Lively Bludgeoned, Hello Kitty for Alkies


    - The American Cancer Society is hosting a Great American Smokeout today. How liberating. Excuse me while I light up.

    - New Anheuser-Busch InBev logo fails to be a turn-on.

    - Google is shuttering virtual world Lively, which it launched in July. Guffaw.

    - Honeyshed's hurtin' for suitors.

    - Clean your free t-shirt with our product. That's confidence.

    - Hello Kitty Beaujolais Nouveau -- the bastard child of all things commercial, cavity-inducing and just generally wrong (or right?) with the universe.

    - Oh snap, my email just went retro.

    by Angela Natividad    Nov-20-08    
    Topic: Campaigns, Events, Guerilla, Packaging, Strange

    Bike Hero Puts Pedal to Punk Rock.


    This looks like fun. And before you self-harm on account of your incapacity to contrive something this cool with nothing but gamer love and idle time, take comfort: it was apparently pretty well-funded.

    Paul Isakson -- better known as @Don_Draper -- says the faux fan effort is actually a promo for Guitar Hero World Tour. Created by Droga5 under the madflux facade, it's already had nearly 520,000 views in its first 24 hours live on YouTube. I'm sure Feed Company is dying of envy.

    Thanks @RobertGorell for passing us the link and agency info.

    UPDATE: Steve Coulson persuaded us to call Feed Company and find out if they're the genies behind "Bike Hero." The person we talked to was all evasive and weird about it, so we called one of Feed's contractors and got bonafide confirmation: YES, Feed Company seeded the vid for Droga5.

    No surprise, I guess; who besides Feed disseminates astroturf amateur vids that people actually watch?

    more »

    by Angela Natividad    Nov-20-08    
    Topic: Agencies, Good, Online, Video, Viral

    Snowflakes That Stick Together...Promote Utah? Apparently


    This, by far, has to be the strangest tourism ad we've ever seen. Talking snowflakes? Who "hook up?" And awkwardly complain about it? Well it's Utah and there's a lot of snow there so it kinda makes sense. Kinda.

    by Steve Hall    Nov-20-08    
    Topic: Strange

    Legs Dance, Lingeries Lies, Photoshop Amputates


    - This...has nothing to do with anything. Call it a commercial break from all the...uh...commercials when through at you every day.

    - And that video still of a woman in sexy lingerie? Just a tad misleading?

    - Stranger tactics have been used to sell things but paint ball guns for...a coffee maker?

    - Seriously. How the hell do you make a Photoshop error as obvious is this?

    by Steve Hall    Nov-20-08    
    Topic: Commercials, Strange

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