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What's With All the Synchronized Swimming in Ads?


Couple things about featuring synchronized swimming water ballet in ads: First? Don't. Second? Don't. Unless they look like the real U.S. Olympic synchronized swim team pictured here from a Radar gallery, or you're going for laughs like the Klassic Martin Short SNL skit. (Back when SNL was funny.) First came Nuva's real fake fakery. Then someone said, "You know what this needs? More realer real." Now comes Vick's. As much as I hate to kill the vibe from last night's election results, we must never forget, so that this never happens again, in times like these.

Be warned: Some poses in this spot are just plain wrong.

by Bill Green    Nov- 5-08    
Topic: Commercials

Japanese Curling Mitsubishi Car Game Show Thing.


Mitsubishi is running an On Your Mark campaign in Europe. Pick a spot on their interactive map or upload a video and you could win a car that they deliver to you, all under the umbrella of Japanese Game Show funk. That's about all I got from the email because, well, the site's in European. Like, every country but the U.S European? That's okay though because good design and humiliation are universal. You can find your way around and even try and play the game-sorta. I did with Romania as my country of origin but bailed after a few screens. Luckily, the European Union Of Federated Advertising Agencies representative saw fit to include... JAPANESE GAMESHOW PARODY OUTTAKES MAKING OF VIDEO! People, we have curling cars, whacky ramps! Much hilarity ensues!

(*cues Nude House of Whacky People!*)

So yeah, um, go check it out.

by Bill Green    Nov- 4-08    
Topic: Promotions

It's Official: Brits Love Bush.


...because he'll no longer be in office. From Beattie McGuinness Bungay in London comes a Wall's sausage ad that, well, I've never seen political metaphor as sausage ad before. You decide! (For the politically neutral, first, have that looked at, second, try this spot.)

by Bill Green    Nov- 4-08    
Topic: Commercials

Because Beards Make Anyone a Badass.


No, it's true. I've seen it. From the halls of ad:tech comes a pretty cool find. No, not another SEO tip. Bigger Better Beards is a site for the free online dating service Mingle2 out of SF. Basically, CEO Matthew Inman made this and a few other microsites to get the word out. Cool idea but a tip from the halls of Adrants: Need more of a tie-in/pay-off back to Mingle2. But don't let that deter you from dating the bearded though. Date on, SEO Rock Stars!

by Bill Green    Nov- 4-08    
Topic: Spoofs

Crowded Monday Night ad:tech Party Scene Makes For Short Lines


While we make every goal to visit every party at ad:tech so we can bring you all the goodness you may have missed because you decided to stay home and, unlike the rest of us, get some actual sleep, it was simply impossible. In all, there were ten known parties related to ad:tech last night. Have were early cocktail-style parties, half were late night throbfests.

We (being Angela from Adrants, Krista and Andy from Photrade, Carla from Blast PR and several others) made it to the Oldtimers party at the Thom Bar, the Epic party at Marquee, The Money Makers party at Pacha and the Copeac'Intermark party at Touch. We finished the evening with really, really big cheeseburgers at Maison.

The one major benefit of a busy party night? Short lines.

Here's the photographic evidence.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 4-08    
Topic: Industry Events

Online Ad Growth of 14.5 Percent Seen for 2009


Despite all the doom and gloom about the economy, according to eMarketer's Geoff Ramsey, there are bright spots. And those bright spots, thankfully, are in the online marketing space. Ramsey sees a 14.5% growth rate for online ad spending for 2009. Wipe that sweat off your brow now because you may actually be able to pay your mortgage in 2009.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 4-08    
Topic: Online, Research, Trends and Culture

You Can Never Have Too Much Election Tracking.


I report-you deride. Make sure you stock up on chips, dip and interactive trackers today kids.

The New York Times: Their political section has an interactive pop-up tracker that watches votes as they happen. Plus, you can also get results on your cell.
CNN: Has their interface up and running with mobile alerts as well.

Fox News: has a pretty cool map of the country in their political center.

Comedy Central:
What else do ya need to know?

by Bill Green    Nov- 4-08    
Topic: Political

Take That Gold Pencil And Shove It.


...on your desk with everything else for a week. The One Show 2009 is offering a chance for creatives to be the envy of their cubicle farms by test driving the real deal. Register here for your chance to also hear a top creative tell you to go back and do 50 more in a personal phone call. From BooneOakley.

by Bill Green    Nov- 4-08    
Topic: Industry Events

The Art of the PR Release, aka, Try a Strap ... on.


This is an advertising public service, trust me. After saying yes to Steve that I'd help out, it became clear right away that the big difference between my blog and Adrants is the amount of email submissions he and Angela get. Holy 10-Page Wiki Entry Batman. Hardest part? Reading it all to find the good stuff. Easiest part? The keepers, rare as they are, because they just stand out. I'm sure Steve looks for the same things in a PR release that I do too: Short and sweet, addressed to me by name, and a full url of creative that has actually run or just launched. Stories about future partnerships? Means nothing. Show me the money. The absolute killer though is mass emailings starting with FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE or HELLO or that say "If you wish to know more, please contact us" without including, uh, anything. DELETE.

Cutting through the clutter is important-short and sweet and cool is what I got today.

more »

by Bill Green    Nov- 4-08    
Topic: Online, Video, Viral, Word of Mouth

Denis Leary Wants You to Get The F... 150.


Reprising his trademark mile-a-sec rant thing, Leary handles VO duties for Ford's latest F-150 campaign. (No clip yet but you can preview some of the effect here.) Instead of focusing on hype and outrageous stunts like Dodge and the other Manly Truck Brands, this one's about Movable Type Lite and product benefits. Except that, uh, they're going to do head-to-head stunts hyping the differences between them and their competitors. (You can go to the other part of the site for outrageous stunts like Dodge and the other Manly Truck Brands do.) It's not a bad approach though, considering Toyota's been running Ford's playbook when it comes to truck campaigns: Bold type, Tonka color schemes and everyday scenarios that Joe the Plumber would love. One small thing: For a campaign that's supposed to "pull-no-punches" and center on unrivaled capabilities, why not at least post the campaign on YouTube?

by Bill Green    Nov- 4-08    
Topic: Campaigns

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