4 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Brand's Social Engagement


The way customers react with your brand has drastically changed in recent years. With the creation of many social media giants, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, audiences have many places to discuss and socialize about products before buying something. These customer interactions could be crucial elements to your business but you may be missing the bigger picture of how they can help.

Download this Spredfast whitepaper now to learn the 4 most effective ways to further the value of your social engagement and see how this can positively affect your brand.

by Steve Hall    Feb-12-14    
Topic: Research

How to Make Paid, Owned, Earned Media Work Together For Your Brand


Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become social media giants by creating new ways for people to successfully interact with friends, family, and businesses. However, sometimes just using these social media outlets may not be enough.

The three distinct social activities that companies utilize -- earned, owned, and paid media -- are great ways for business' to increase their reach.

Download this Spredfast whitepaper now to understand the differences between each type of media activity and see which is best for your organization in order to increase your brand awareness and best reach your target audience.

by Steve Hall    Feb-11-14    
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10 Tips For Creating A Viral Blockbuster


You want to create the next viral video. Sure, who doesn't? But knowing that videos "go viral" organically, not mechanically, you should be focusing your efforts on creating a solid, baseline presence for your brand on YouTube.

No rocket science here- just smart, concerted planning. You might not produce a viral video, but you'll create strong content that ties into your overall marketing efforts while also helping to raise awareness and leads for your brand.

Download this tip sheet now to better your chances your work actually will "go viral."

by Steve Hall    Feb- 4-14    
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10 Tips to Improve Your Brand's Twitter Presence


You do know engagement on Twitter can help your brand build awareness, strengthen customer relations and cultivate brand advocacy, right?

These 10 Tip to Rock the Twittersphere lay the groundwork you need to ensure every 140 character message resonates with your audience and impacts your brand in a positive way. Even if you dub yourself a Twitter rock star, it can never hurt to brush up on your skills.

Download this tip sheet now to ensure your brand is getting the most out of Twitter.

by Steve Hall    Jan-31-14    
Topic: Research

57% of People Won't Recommend A Brand With A Poor Mobile Site [Infographic]


In a roundup of current mobile stats, WebDAM Solutions has crafted an infographic detailing the latest facts, figures and trends in the mobile marketing space. Among the findings:

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by Steve Hall    Jan-30-14    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Research

How to Do Content Marketing Like A Superhero


This is the most informative and enjoyable white paper you will ever read on the topic of content marketing. We've read it and it's awesome. And it has comics! What more could you want?

So what's it all about? Find out how modern marketers have implemented content marketing strategies to re-empower their marketing and sales organizations, impact purchase decisions, build trust, and generate quality leads.

In this eBook, you will find:

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by Steve Hall    Jan-29-14    
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8 Tips to Create Search-Friendly Press Releases


According to BizReport, 95% of search-driven traffic to websites comes from the first page of results. Customers who come to your site through organic search are some of the most qualified and least expensive leads available. But with Google and other search engines constantly changing the rules for SEO, how can you keep your ranking where you want it?

This free tip sheet from Marketwired, 8 Tips to Create Search-Friendly Press Releases, offers a step-by-step guide for turning press releases into a powerful SEO tool. In the tip sheet, you'll learn:

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by Steve Hall    Jan-23-14    
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12 Marketing Experts Share Their Social Media Secrets

Smart marketers know that the secret to creating lasting customer relationships with social media is to create great experiences. From rewarding fan loyalty, to providing excellent social care, to starting the right conversations with the right audiences, today's top brands are delivering meaningful social experiences -- and realizing major business results.

The Social Experience, a 28-page eBook, features insights and approaches to creating great social experiences from 12 leading social brand strategists and visionaries. Hear directly from the people behind social at brands like Whole Foods, Caterpillar, and RadioShack. Experts like Ann Handley, Sam Decker, Jay Baer, Jackie Juba and others.

Get your copy of The Social Experience now for an inside look at today's top social programs.

by Steve Hall    Jan-21-14    
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80% of Super Bowl Ads Don't Work


A recently released study of 1,000 consumers concludes 80% of Super Bowl ads do not achieve sales for brands. The study, which surveyed respondent before and after they viewed 2012 and 2013 Super Bowl ads, was conducted by Tucson-based research firm Communicus.

Communicus queried participants about their buying patterns - recently bought and intend to buy -- in product categories represented in Super Bowl ads. It also surveyed whether or not respondents saw Super Bowl ads.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 6-14    
Topic: Research, Super Bowl 2014

The Best Retail Holiday Ads of 2013 [Infographic]


UK search marketing firm Integrity Search has compiled a list of the top retail and supermarket holiday ads of the 2013 season. The ads were judged based on most memorable, most likely to buy, most visually appealing and most informative. The contenders were Morrison's, John Lewis, Sainsbury's Tesco, ASDA and Marks & Spencer. The winner? Well you'll just have to check out the infographic for that.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-20-13    
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