Hope Wins-Now What?


1. Don't swear. 2. Don't talk about Wendy's commercials. 3. Don't talk politics. When I was asked to cover for the Adrants crew this week, I had three goals, and well, one out of three ain't bad. Why change now! ViA out of Portland, Maine has put together a post-election campaign to keep people talking about it all. Several buildings in NYC have large wraps on them with large tag-like phrases that were dominant throughout the campaign. They also put up a website for the effort called the watercooler and a video to go along with it all. A Borat VERY NICE! for the effort.

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by Bill Green    Nov- 7-08    
Topic: Political

A Few Good Numbers For Those Still Suffering From ED.

Here's what happened Election Day while you people were online:

Sorry Drudge. CNN.com was the most visited website on November 4 among the media/political websites, receiving .61% of all U.S Internet visits. Visits to CNN.com increased 146% vs. Monday.

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by Bill Green    Nov- 6-08    
Topic: Political

Replacing Bush With Ivy.


Or something. Wrapping up some election material, CollegeClickTv.com, a site that helps college-bound students decide where they want to spend their parents' money for the next four, five, six, seven years, did a print piece that went to Congress showing what an Ivy League administration might look like. (Will the lobbying madness ever stop?) Thing is, didn't Bush stumble through Yale, thus already qualifying him for Ivy League status?

by Bill Green    Nov- 5-08    
Topic: Political

Obama Ignites Souls -- and Dancing Feet -- of Manhattanites


I was fresh into university when California governor Gray Davis was ousted. In what I shortsightedly conceived to be the most politically significant moment I'd be destined to see in my lifetime, Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced him in Sacramento. I felt seized by the fever of the time, and vowed to always remember what it was like to be passionate about the pulse of government.

That was just a handful of years ago. Today my mind is filled with watershed events that vastly eclipse that first taste: a mortgage crisis, the dramatic collapse of hulking financial institutions, and a black Presidential incumbent pitted against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic ticket, then against another woman -- Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin -- for the right to walk with proprietary pride across the vast square footage of the White House.

Last night, a handful of ad:techies learned the results of the November 4 election over a dinner hosted by Susan Bratton, the DishyMix queen bee. I sat between social medialyte Dave Evans and a well-traveled guy called Roy. We ordered duck gizzards and spun casual, but slightly taut, conversation.

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by Angela Natividad    Nov- 5-08    
Topic: Campaigns, Industry Events, Opinion, Political, Social

You Can Never Have Too Much Election Tracking.


I report-you deride. Make sure you stock up on chips, dip and interactive trackers today kids.

The New York Times: Their political section has an interactive pop-up tracker that watches votes as they happen. Plus, you can also get results on your cell.
CNN: Has their interface up and running with mobile alerts as well.

Fox News: has a pretty cool map of the country in their political center.

Comedy Central:
What else do ya need to know?

by Bill Green    Nov- 4-08    
Topic: Political

Vote Early, Vote Often in the Adrants Last Annual Pre-Election Eve Poll

Catchy! What with the perfect storm of ad:tech and the election this week, place your bets on what will likely happen at either event. In keeping with possible future election irregularities, and because Adrants is equal opportunity like that, feel free to vote for as many scenarios as you want.

Obama wins.
McCain wins.
Election goes into overtime.
Steve gets stuck taking takes pics of drunk SEO dudes.
Angela gets stuck listening to drunk SEO dudes.
Both skip shooting and listening, drink too much Monday night into Tuesday, then forget to vote.
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by Bill Green    Nov- 3-08    
Topic: Political

Oh, is There an Election Tomorrow?


Maybe it's not the candidates who you're on the fence about, but their people. Straight outta Brooklyn, creatives Lindsay Ballant and Ian Boyle have put together a site called Behind the Candidates which looks at the differences between the staff of Obama and McCain. It gives a quick glimpse of the players who will likely find new homes in their respective employer's administration. While the site boasts no affiliation with any particular party, it's kind of obvious stories were cherry-picked to make McCain's people seem less than desirable. I mean, there had to be something nice said about McCain's staff, no? (*waits patiently for answer*)

by Bill Green    Nov- 3-08    
Topic: Political

Encumbent Avatars, Undecided Coffee Cups, Crocheted Shotguns


- Obama/McCain WeeMees! OhMG kyoooooot. Diggin' how the page reads, "Invite the presidential nominees to your Room." So naughty.

- Speaking of politics, that half-hour Obama ad pulled in an average household rating of 21.7. The top market was Baltimore, where it averaged 31.3.

- Still undecided? Sport it on your coffee cup. $10 says at least five election canvassers will make a beeline for you within minutes of exiting 7-Eleven.

- Zap bugs with Honda. Reminds me of a Stargate SG-1 episode where these giant bugs would prick you, then turn you into an egg sack.

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Sarah Palin: Copywriter for Her Own Media Demise


Sarah Palin wins herself a copywriting credit in The Best of Sarah Palin,* a charming collection of her brightest moments in the spotlight.

Gotta love that look on Vlad Putin's face. "Pray for that!"

By Clay Weiner, whose mother we got to know really, really well.

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by Angela Natividad    Oct-31-08    
Topic: Online, Political, Video

Tappening Tries Hitching Ride on the Goodship Obama


Maybe because using plastic bottles to promote tap water ain't workin' all that great, Tappening decided to accomplish what many have before it: self-promotion by way of Obama. Check out the triage of ads it produced to "congratulate" Obama on his "decision" to stop drinking bottled water.

Hoping to seem witty, the Tappening also attributed Obama's success in winning Democrats' favor to his anti-bottled-water stance.

That's the first I've heard of it. If Obama actually did declare war against bottled water, it hasn't stopped him from offering some to his fainting fans (scroll to 1:56).

by Angela Natividad    Oct-31-08    
Topic: Bad, Cause, Political, Poster