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CMT Wants to Know Do You Get Country?


Apparently a lot of people listen to country. But if you're a buyer, you already know this. But in case you don't or you're one of those internet geeks that thinks no one likes the genre, MTV/Viacom's CMT ant to make sure you realize 140 million Americans "get country."

Well, it's not hard to believe after all, what will all those flyover states getting in the way of the coasts, right? OK, that was mean. But it's still true.

Anyway, Barker/DZP is out with a new outdoor kiosk campaign. The kiosks have been placed in front of agencies in New York so if you haven't seen one already you soon will. And if the kiosk posters are to be believed, there's isn't a beer-bellied, Jack Daniels-swilling hillbilly in all of the genre's listeners.

by Steve Hall    Apr-12-10    
Topic: Cable, Outdoor, Poster

Hallmark Says Do It All Before You Turn Thirty


For those who think life is over once you turn 30, this promotion's for you. Hallmark Cards has launched Things to do Before You're 30, a Twitter and Facebook-based guide (crowdsourced, of course) called b430. Hmm. Witty name.

It's part of a campaign which tells the story of two soon to be 30-year-olds Rebecca and Katie who will share their "OMG! I'm almost 30!!!!" stories as their death...uh...30th birthdays approach.

Somehow this sells greeting cards.

Oh and the card pictured? Not even from Hallmark. It's from Lift Me Up Cards. Why? Because we can do whatever we please here.

by Steve Hall    Apr-12-10    
Topic: Promotions

Transporter Meets Knight Rider For Dark Ride


Hmm. It's like Transporter. Except worse. OK, let's not rush to judgment here. We've only seen the trailer so far for Skinny and Stink Digital's Dark Ride, a "full filmic experience" (that's a new one) which will launch May 13 in...uh...an internet connection near you.

There's driving. There's driving backwards. There's driving sideways. There's a narrator with a foreign accent. There's darkly lit shots. There's bad dialog. All that's missing is a movie announcer dude intoning. "In a world..."

Oh yea, and it's for a car. A Lexus. A Lexus CT 200h to be exact.

by Steve Hall    Apr-12-10    
Topic: Video

Young & Rubicam Brings Back Soap Opera With Phones

Get Dressed Boys!

As if it were something new, Young & Rubicam Chief Creative Officer Tony Granger tells us, "This is a new approach to our business that we are excited to explore as an agency. Our ultimate goal is create entertaining content with broad national appeal, but with special appeal to the target prospects of an individual client."

Um, Tony. This isn't new. It's called a soap opera. You're just doing it with phones.

Distributed by Fox Sports Net, Head to Head, created and produced by Young & Rubicam and underwritten by Cellular South, will follow two Mississippi football teams on their way through the 2009 season. The 12-episode series will debit today, April 12.

by Steve Hall    Apr-12-10    
Topic: Agencies, Television

Bing Defaces London With Information Overload


Continuing its pointless battle to topple Google, Microsoft is pimping Bing with nighttime projections all over London including the Marble Arch, The National Theater and The Royal Festival Hall. Way to go, Microsoft. You've added even more overload to the amount of crap we're bombarded with each day.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-12-10    
Topic: Outdoor

Wizard of Dogz Seeks New Dorothy


Well here's a good one. It's the Wizard of Oz for those with ADD. Wait. Those with ADD who love dogs. Or is it those with ADD who are dogs? We're confused.

Anyway, Andrew Lloyd Webber is on the hunt for a Dorothy and Toto for his West End show and this video promotes the BBC show Over the Rainboq...which is all about Andrew Lloyd Webber, yes, hunting for a new Dorothy and Toto.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-12-10    
Topic: Video

SL Exists, iAd Discussed, Cadbury Mixes, Conan Goes basic


- Check out this collection of ads for products and retail outlets in Second Life. Yes, marketers, the place still exists.

- While the rest of the world seems to hate the Tiger/Earl Woods ad, some ad execs wished they had thought of the idea.

- It's finally out. KFC's bunless fried chicken sandwich. With bacon. And cheese. And an ad to pimp it.

- Hadji Williams, Peter Shankman and Adweek's Tim Nudd take on Tiger's Adness, why the internet sucks for selling stuff, the iAd revolution (it is, no, for real), and why nobody cares if Yelp lies about reviews or not.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-12-10    
Topic: Cable, Celebrity, Online, Podcast, Racy, Strange

Earl Woods Was Not Talking to Tiger in Nike Commercial


The audio used for the Earl and Tiger Woods ad was taken from a 2004 interview of Earl Woods during which he was talking about his wife Kultida, not Tiger. When Earl says "I am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion. I want to find out what you're thinking was, I want to find out what your feelings are and did you learn anything?", he is describing his personality in comparison to Kultida's.

It's safe to say the voiceover used for the Earl and Tiger commercial is completely out of context to the subject at hand and adds a heavy dose of ammunition to the arsenal of the ad's naysayers.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 9-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Worst

Tiger Woods ReMix (Bikini Version)


Did Tiger really learn anything? Well even if he didn't, he sure had fun trying. Here's yet another spoof of the oh so controversial Tiger Woods contrition ad.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 9-10    
Topic: Spoofs

Babbling Bimbo Banished From Boat


For a man, sometimes it doesn't matter how hot your girlfriend is, how big her breasts are or how amazing she looks in a bikini. Because when she's a chatty bimbo who threatens your leisure time, there's no place for her in your life.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 9-10    
Topic: Commercials

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