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Affiliate Summit Airs Commercial to Expand Attendance


It's not often (ever?) you see an industry conference run a commercial on television to promote attendance but that's exactly what Affiliate Summit is doing to promote it's summer conference in New York August 15-17.

Conference Co-Founder Shawn Collins says, "The commercial touches on the uncertainties in the economy, and how folks can control their destiny by working in affiliate marketing and becoming their own boss."

Yes, it's as cheesy as you would think a commercial about an ad conference would be but Affiliate Summit has grown from 200 attendees in 2003 to 4,125 in 2010 so they must be doing something right.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-19-10    
Topic: Commercials, Industry Events

Coke Gets Stylish with Karl Lagerfeld


If you can get over the fact, Coke is just unhealthy sugar water to which the entire human race is seemingly addicted, then you might be able to enjoy a modicum of excitement for the new limited edition Coca-Cola Light packaging from Karl Lagerfeld. And if you can get over the insanity of a soda brand pimping itself as if it were DKNY or Dolce and Gabbana then you can come to appreciate the fact a brand as big as Coke can do anything it wants (New Coke, anyone?) and still succeed.

Then again, this all happening in France which makes it completely normal.

by Steve Hall    Apr-19-10    
Topic: Brands, Creative Commentary, Opinion

Ladies, Boyfriend Will Serve Your Every Need


Ladies, is your life missing something? Are you lonely? Not satisfied in bed? Need help moving the furniture? Help with the household chores? Then you need a Boyfriend. Order now!

by Steve Hall    Apr-19-10    
Topic: Spoofs

Taking Pictures of a Man's Chest is Now Defined As Sexting


The whole Microsoft sexting thing? A total joke. It wasn't sexting and that wasn't a breast. Relax people. Seriously? If you haven't yet heard, an ad for Microsoft's new Kin shows a guy sticking his phone up his shirt to take a picture. He then sends it to a girl who "marvels" at his seemingly incredible "breasts." So says Consumer Reports writers Mike Gikas and Paul Reynolds.

Once again, dudes. Guys don't have breasts and sending a picture of a guy's chest does not constitute sexting.

The most surprising thing about this non-issue is that Microsoft actually thought what these guys had to say had merit and removed the "offending" scene from the ad. Stupid.

by Steve Hall    Apr-19-10    
Topic: Brands, Policy, Strange, Worst

Your Guide to ad:tech San Francisco Parties


If you're in San Francisco for ad:tech this week and, in addition to attending the conference, you plan to attend some of the parties associated with the conference...and you haven't read the new ad:tech blog, take a look and plan your social schedule now. As always, there are overlaps so you'll just have to choose which parties you want to go to and forgo the others. Or, like us, you can run around the city as if it were some sort of Foursquare Day and make it to them all.

Read about all the parties here. And see the Google calendar of the parties (with locations and additional details) here.

There's everything from the staid cocktail party to the apocalyptic craziness of Clickbooth. Something for everyone.

by Steve Hall    Apr-18-10    
Topic: Industry Events

Yawn. Speed Stick Steals the Fake 'Viral' From Levi's, Nike


Remember those fake virals from Nike in which Kobe Bryant jumped over a car and took a jump shot over a pool of snakes? Or all those fake Levi's videos?

This new work from Young & Rubicam France for Speed Stick Waterproof is just the same. Except more lame.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-15-10    
Topic: Bad, Video

Keystone Skank Defended


A skank? A skank? How dare you skankify the lovely Kiki whose only crime was to be born hot. We think it's fine to trash the idiotic behavior that finds its way into commercials but to pick on a sweet, innocent young lady just to score some points with the God of Snark? For shame! For Shame!

What the hell she was doing up in a tree we have no idea but that doesn't give you the right to pummel the poor child with vitriolic barbs! And why Keystone's Keith Stone thinks it's OK to actually say, "What's the dealio?" is beyond us but to even mention him in the same sentence as the far more suave Most Interesting Man is a travesty. It's like comparing Busch beer to Oban scotch!

Good God, AdFreak. It's almost as if you drank some AgencySpy for breakfast!

by Steve Hall    Apr-15-10    
Topic: Opinion

Creepy Tobacco Dudes Kicks Bunny Out of His Home


Well here's a new way to convince people to stop smoking. Forget the idea the things can kill you. That's just so yesterday. No. The new way to tell people smoking is bad for you is to pull out a man in a bunny suit and kick him out of the forest becasue 1.5 million trees are cut down every day to make cigarettes. Yea, it's the new green approach to ant-smoking campaigns. And who said there were no more new ideas. Oh yea. Us. Sorry.

Richmond-based Barber Martin Agency created the work for the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation. The spot was directed by LIMEY director Adam Cameron.

by Steve Hall    Apr-14-10    
Topic: Cause, Strange

Patrons Handed $73,000 Bar Tab, Think Twice About Driving Home


Trying to convince people about the perils of drunk driving has always been a challenge. It's so very easy for one to say, "Oh I haven't had that much to drink. I'll be fine." Or, "All those people who get killed in a car after having a few drinks are just really bad drivers. I can drive fine."

But if you were to make everyone pay for the cost of all those drunk driving injuries and deaths, themselves, you might have better luck convincing people to give up the keys. That's what this campaign from Ogilvy Brazil tried to do.

by Steve Hall    Apr-14-10    
Topic: Cause

Nipple Slips, Cinnabon Destresses Tax Payers


- For those who love to spot nipple slips in YouTube videos, here's one for you from Forrest & Bob Underwear.

- As part of The One Club's Second Annual Creative Week, Southfield, Mich.-based ad agency Doner will present a retrospective celebrating 70 years of work at The One Club Gallery.

- Something about saving the future of advertising. We're not really sure.

- Hoping to alleviate the stress of tax day, Cinnabon is giving away free bite-sized cupcakes on April 15.

- Wish you could embed your ad in an email? You can. Just create a huge animated gif.

by Steve Hall    Apr-14-10    
Topic: Industry Events, Racy, Video

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