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Staffblaster Makes Hard-Partying Cogs Look Lively Upon Entry


In lieu of a season's greeting, AIS, London gives us a holiday tool we'd actually like to use.

The Staffblaster attacks dronelike employees -- likely sleepy, hungover and shoddily dressed -- right as they walk through the door (typically between nine and 10 AM).

Must do wonders for morale.

by Angela Natividad    Dec-12-07    
Topic: Agencies, Good, Online, Spoofs

Masturbation's Net Result Sells Hombre Magazine


Now here's a campaign that doesn't beat around the bush...even thought there is beating and bush involved. Rarely do we find ad campaigns so blunt and so bold and so, pray tell, graphically honest as this one. Reminiscent of those fake PUMA ads years ago, this campaign for Hombre Magazine doesn't bother to dance lightly around what some of its readers do when reading the magazine.

Created by Leo Burnett Buenos Aires, this is a campaign we'd never see in America because, God forbid, we admit anyone ever in their entire life ever looks at "dirty" magazines or masturbates. Adland has the campaign's entire series of ads here.

by Steve Hall    Dec-12-07    
Topic: Good, Magazine, Racy

Boston's BlackSheep Marketing First to Enter Holiday Shenanigans Contest


We have our first entry in the Adrants Holiday Party Shenanigans Contest. It comes from Boston's BlackSheep Marketing. The company's 8th annual holiday party was themed after A Christmas Story. For the party. along with an actual leg lamp, Lifebuoy soap, Ovaltines and decoder pins, the agency created the Flag Pole. Instead of freezing it and challenging party guests to stick their tongue on it, the Flag Pole was crafted to function like a beer funnel whereby guests could take a shot of their favorite liquor through it.

In the picture are Linden Labs Ben O'Conner and BlackSheep Marketing's Mike Rheaume. While this may seem rather tame to you, remember, the contest isn't meant to embarrass or harm anyone but do feel free to top this and get as crazy as you comfortably can.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-12-07    

Triumph Boat Baits Anglers With Fish Fry Feeding Frenzy


Does PETA care about fish? If they do, they might not like this new ad campaign from Triumph boats which promotes a Triumph Boat-sponsored "Feeding Frenzy" fishing tournament. With a Game Fish Identification Chart, the campaign, tagged "Good For You, Bad For The Fish," gleefully celebrates the all you can eat fish fry.

The campaign, created by The Republik in Durham, NC, includes posters, print and t-shirts to aid Triumph dealers in co-ordinating their individual fish fry events. And in case PETA wants to stage a protest, The first event will be held January 18 at Merritt Marine in Hillsborough, NC.

by Steve Hall    Dec-12-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Good, Magazine, Newspaper, Point of Purchase, Poster, Specialty

Mullen to Leave Behind Country Manor For City Offices in 2009


A long time coming, Mullen has finally made it official. It's moving it's stately Wenham Massachusetts offices to Boston. Founded in Marblehead Massachusetts by Jim Mullen in 1970, the company then moved to a large mansion in Beverly Massachusetts until 1987 when a fire (which we witnessed from miles away while driving on a nearby highway) destroyed the offices. The company then moved to another mansion in Wenham Massachusetts where another fire, just eight months later, damaged but did not destroy the building. State investigators determined the fire to be arson but a private investigation by Jim Mullen found the fires to accidental.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-12-07    
Topic: Agencies

Wal-Mart Blogs Again, Road Kills, MEC Wins, Getty Awards


- Walmart's doing the blog thing again. Hopefully they'll get it right this time.

- PETA might not like this crazy road kill lady but we do. Except for those nasty teeth of hers.

- Cynopsis Digital reports, "NBC Universal added another platform for its download-to-own content - SanDisk's flash memory aided Fanfare service scheduled to launch in January. Fanfare is yet another PC to TV device that simplifies the transfer of content by allowing video to be downloaded to a USB drive then walked over to the TV."

- OMMA has announced its 2007 Agency of the Year Awards and has crowned Mediaedge:cia's MEC Interaction top honors.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-12-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Video, Weblogs

Get Your HuffPo Democrat '08 Stocking Stuffers Today!


The Huffington Names/Slogans/Events campaign for Democrats '08 is allegedly so convicting that the campaign has decided to release stocking stuffer posters. Yes. Get your elongated 24x36" lithograph for $20 a pop.

Meanwhilst, the campaign enjoys some parody, courtesy of Michelle Malkin and friends, and gets compared to Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Gotta love our political climate.

by Angela Natividad    Dec-12-07    
Topic: Packaging, Policy, Poster

Fur-Wearing Olsens Get 'Hairy Kate and Ashley' Lashing


Back in the day there were these two cute little girls named Ashley an Kate Olsen. They stole the hearts of Americans for years with their oh-so-huggable antics on Full House. All was well in America.

Then, they turned 18 and all hell broke loose. All the Olsen Twins legal clocks struck 18 making it OK for every guy to "enjoy" the twins without moral repercussions. All their movies started to suck. They became fashion-clueless potato sack wearers. And...OMG...they wore fur!!!

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by Steve Hall    Dec-11-07    
Topic: Celebrity, Online, Strange

If You Can't Shit Roses, At Least Shit Glitter


Here's a decadent delight. Adrants reader Candace pointed us to this story about the Gold Pill. Created by Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid, the pills increase your self worth and literally make your excrement sparkle -- all for just $425.

If you've got the money to burn and your self-worth to protect (with FLECKS OF GOLD IN PILL FORM!), you may as well wash it down with some Bling H2O. The Tang Dynasty -- or at least P. Diddy -- probably did worse.

by Angela Natividad    Dec-11-07    
Topic: Packaging, Strange

Alcoholic Beverage Raises Hopes, then Pisses on Our Parade


Here's a message we've never seen before.

Dude. Is this the same drink that's been promoted as the life of 11 countries? You'd think they'd have a fairly agnostic site.

WTF, Pisang Ambon? Is this some sort of joke? Your PR guy promised us cross-media, karaoke and webcam delights. WHY CAN'T WE ROCK THE PALACE?!!

Update: PisangAmbon.com does what its subsite won't. Check it out for videos of a cute blonde bartender mixing drinks. It's all very exciting and green.

And yes! There's karaoke. (Click on the clipcaster.tv icon.)

by Angela Natividad    Dec-11-07    
Topic: Bad, Online, Promotions

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