Produce Laser Labeling Could Be New Ad Medium


While produce companies, grocery chains and consumers might like the new laser tattooing of fruit and vegetables, as opposed to the annoying stickers, it won't be long before everyone has their head in a twist when advertisers discover they can use the technology to emblazon their logo all over the country's produce.

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-05    
Topic: Point of Purchase

Car Dealer Markets to Rich With 'Club Aston'


Adrants reader Susannah points to an LA Times story that describes the growth in perks car dealers offer to their customers. Specifically, Galpin Motors, which sells Aston Martins, in Van Nuys has upped the anti by creating Club Aston, a private club, launched last Spring, that bathes buyers and owners in such amenities as key card entry to the club, suede and mirror-clad stairways, James Bond theme music, a fireplace, big screen TV, white leather sofas, a bar, 101-gigabyte music collection, terry cloth towels in the bathrooms and Starbucks coffee. Naturally, this sort of thing is reserved for the rich and famous but, as with all things, there's the trickle down theory that will bring many of these amenities to normal people who frequent the likes of Toyota, BMW and GM car dealerships.

by Steve Hall    Jul-18-05    
Topic: Point of Purchase

Mini Promoted With Gas Pump Word of the Day


In another simple but inventive marketing tactic, Mini ads have been placed atop gas pumps with "word of the day" trivia giving people something to do while pumping gas. It's a lot better than the cents off coupons for bland products like Coke of Mountain Dew. The words, of course, are related to the gas pumping environment. The word in this ad is "Spumped," defined as a condition that occurs when you get to the gas station but can't remember what side your tank is on.

by Steve Hall    Jul-10-05    
Topic: Outdoor, Point of Purchase

Beer Drinking Team Apparel Strikes Wal-Mart Distribution Deal


Beer proponent United States Beer Drinking Team has signed a deal with Wal-Mart to carry its USBDT, Beer Radio and Beer Hall of Fame branded apparel line in over 1,500 stores nationwide. The group will also be launching a Canadian Beer Drinking Team July 1.

by Steve Hall    Jun-27-05    
Topic: Point of Purchase

Cinema Advertising is Not Cool

Certain to cause our Tivo-addicted, ad avoiding culture to unleash a mammoth-sized torrent of popcorn on him, National CineMedia CMO said, "How cool would it be for someone to walk into your living room, sit down and watch a large-screen version of your commercial, and know that there is nowhere else for them to go?" Yes, Cliff, how cool would it be to hang from a noose tied to your nuts? We've paid our ten dollars to see the movie and will pass on the ads, thank you very much.

by Steve Hall    Jun-27-05    
Topic: Point of Purchase

Car Fuel Promoted With Road Trip And Blog


GoE is North Dakota's blend of ethanol blended fuel. Since ethanol is made from corn, a renewable resource, it's said to be more earth friendly and reduces dependence on foreign oil according to proponents. The high-end blend, called E85, is made from 85% ethanol and is believed to be more economical yet only some newer vehicles can use it.

To promote this the fuel, ad agency Sundog sent a group of guys on a roadtrip around the state to meet-and-greet the residents, educate people on the benefits of ethanol and offer to fill up the tanks of individuals who happen to pull up to GoE pump at the gas station. Their trip is chronicled in a blog and photogallery here.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-05    
Topic: Point of Purchase, Promotions, Weblogs

Versace Window Display Impressive


While this impressive Versace POP window display featuring Madonna is filed under the flickr tag, "advertising," we're not entirely sure it was the POP display flickr user frenchtower was interested in capturing but rather an equally impressive display of another kind.

by Steve Hall    May-15-05    
Topic: Point of Purchase