Things to Consider When Planning Content Marketing Strategy


A good content marketing strategy can do wonders for your business. Most businesses used to focus on a hard-sell approach where they would push the audience to buy their products and services. Now, the focus has moved towards a more customer-centric approach. Businesses nowadays want to provide value to the customer and tailor their services according to their needs.

It isn't easy to come up with an effective content marketing strategy. There is a lot of content online, and chances are you won't be able to make space for yourself. That is, unless you take the right approach and consider all the important factors.
Read on to find out what to consider when planning a content marketing strategy.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-18-22    
Topic: Publishing

How to Boost Conversions with Website SEO?


You might have the best product or service in the world and invest in a great-looking site that gets a good amount of traffic, but it's all for nothing if you aren't getting conversions.

Many businesses suffer from this issue, which is where SEO services offer a remedy. Investing in the right search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can get relevant traffic to your site and convince more people to buy your products. Learn about some conversion rate optimization tips that can help you boost your conversions.

Improve Web Loading Time

Most users abandon their shopping cart if your site takes more than a few seconds to load. To boost e-commerce conversions, it's crucial that your website is mobile responsive and loads quickly. Start by enabling compression on your site and using content distribution networks to boost speed. Plug-ins can also slow down your site so consider deleting or disabling the ones you hardly use. A reputable e-commerce conversion rate optimization service can help your site load quickly.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-18-22    
Topic: Tools

Things to Consider Before Hiring an eCommerce Agency


E-commerce is proliferating, and businesses are looking to hire agencies to help them create and manage their online stores. Just as businesses need to hire the right people, agencies must hire the right staff. For a team to be successful, it is essential that they have strong individual skills and knowledge but also shares a common vision of what is wanted by the client. The role of the agency team is to help businesses to manage their online presence.

The successful agency team must be able to provide a range of services.

What to look for in an eCommerce agency:

As businesses increasingly rely on eCommerce, the need for quality eCommerce agencies becomes increasingly apparent. An eCommerce agency can provide a business with a wide range of services related to their online store. Not all eCommerce agencies are created equal, so it is essential to know what to look for when choosing one.

When searching for an eCommerce agency, you must first consider what services you need. Are you looking for someone to design and develop your online store? Or do you need help with marketing and SEO? Once you know what services you need, start by researching agencies in your area.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-18-22    
Topic: Agencies