Why Video Marketing is Guaranteed to Boost Your SERP Ranking


If, for some reason, you have doubts about the importance and efficacy of video marketing, then all you have to do is Google the number of hours people spend on YouTube. Those statistics will be enough to get your attention. Brands that capitalize on this behavioral pattern, reap higher benefits and get a better rate of return compared to other mediums of marketing.

Famous YouTubers like Logan Paul and Mr. Beast have become icons in a short period and small brands are trying to emulate their success. That is why if you aren't incorporating video marketing in your marketing campaigns, you are not only missing out on customers but your SERP ranking will also get affected.

Learn about its importance in this post and how it is the fastest way to a first-page SEO guarantee.

Helps Increase Traffic

As attention spans continue to dwindle and people have busier schedules, they just don't have the time to go through long-form pieces. Google algorithm is cognizant of this fact and rewards sites that embrace video. So to get into Google's good books and enjoy better rankings for your business, it's important to create creative video content that adds value.

Having videos on your landing page will help capture their attention and lead to guaranteed search engine rankings. People are more likely to stick around. A reputable marketing company can make high-quality videos that explain your product or service according to your company's mission and vision statement. They would also optimize the video which will help give you more control over your online presence and edge over your competitors.

Helps You Get in Google's Good Books

Nowadays, whenever you google something, the search engine displays clips of videos as the answer--for instance, if you type in how to install a new roof in California for your home, the search engine will most probably display a video from a website or YouTube account that shows a step by step visual instruction for people to follow. The roofing company whose video content is better than the competitors will tend to do better. This will help increase the click-through rate to the website and get more conversions.

If you want to get some serious brownie points and achieve guaranteed SEO, then you need to start putting more videos on your website. This will help you get preferential treatment from the search engine for competitive keywords.

More Digestible Content

Compared to text, videos help break down even the most complicated concepts in the form of attractive visuals that are easy to comprehend. This increases the value readers derive from the video. It will also add to the design of the theme and help enhance the viewers' experience.

Moreover, a large volume of content is consumed on smartphones. Watching videos is much more convenient and less straining on the eye than reading long-form articles whose fonts are small. Attractive visuals are easier to remember for a long time. This helps improve brand recall--the singular goal that marketers try to achieve. Content that is easy to consume will improve the odds of a first-page SEO guarantee.

Improves Conversions

Video marketing isn't only good for landing page conversion; it's also great for spreading the word about your brand. If people like your video content, they are more likely to share it with their social network. Great video content is a great way to attract more visitors from social media and other sites. This can have a positive effect on your sales and bottom line.

Moreover, if your video content has a lot of statistics, others in the industry value chain can cite the video and give you a backlink. This will also do wonders for your GMB listing and help get you in the exclusive local pack.

The Importance of Getting Professional Videos Made

If you start capturing videos and images from an ordinary smart phone camera without any professional direction or script, the plan can backfire and cause your search engine rankings to drop. No one likes to watch poor quality videos. By hiring reputable guaranteed SEO services, you can have peace of mind that the video will do well. Moreover, you will be able to concentrate on growing your business instead of worrying about video editing software and SEO.

A reputable guaranteed SEO service, such as Search Berg, can help you improve your search engine rankings.

This guest article was written by James L., an experienced SEO services consultant working for a reputable guaranteed SEO service, Search Berg. He helps startups and small businesses get more conversions by incorporating video-based marketing into the company's strategy. In his free time, he likes to write on how small businesses can climb search engine rankings.

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