Seo Trends For 2023: Predictions You Should Consider


It's important to remember that SEO is a dynamic industry. What new developments should we expect in the world of SEO in 2022? This article has prepared and examined a list of SEO trends expected to impact the sector.

1. The Importance Of The Featured Snippets Will Grow

Featured snippets were developed with mobile optimization in mind. Since featured snippets now take over 50% of a smartphone screen, this has been beneficial. The ability to preview features has permanently changed the game.

This is the situation since feature snippets appear twice in the first SERP. However, people needed clarification that featured snippets for adverts took a little time, and many chose not to click answers on them.

Even after Google eliminated duplicate search results using featured snippets and the top organic results, featured snippets are still a crucial component of SEO. Since then, Google has developed a range of featured snippets to answer queries as quickly as possible.

2. Predictive Search

Predictive search is constantly compared to Google's autofill function. On the other hand, Google Discovery, a feed designed to offer videos and articles to mobile users, is now much more directly related to predictive search.

Google Discover has great potential as an excellent tool for generating website traffic. Despite being a relatively new service, Google Discovery has amassed over 800 million users. With so many factors at play, this type of predictive search is projected to develop into increasingly complex information distribution systems.

3. Long-Form Content Can Help To Improve Serps

For websites that are prepared to produce it, this content is considered an ongoing source of visitors. It has been demonstrated that working with San Antonio SEO Company - Impressive Digital provides three times as much organic traffic as a standard length material.

Long-form content provides readers with more topic details, which takes them longer to read. We all know what happens when visitors spend a lot of time on a website: Google delivers you more traffic through search rankings.

4. People Take Control Of Robots

Writing for search engine robots was once the activity of SEO professionals. Writing for people took second place. Google has caught up and is now returning to websites centered on people in search results.

For us as customers, this is beneficial. It's wonderful. If you've been performing SEO for some time, you'll need to catch up as well, though.

Google aims to provide consumers with relevant search results like other search engines. Of course, you ought to fall into line. As a result, the content you publish to rank should also be helpful.


This firstly means that your website loads quickly and without difficulty. Most consumers will leave your website if it takes longer than two seconds to load.

As a result, you need to be aware of elements like graphics that could cause your website to load slowly. To raise your ranks, there are some best practices to stick to. Some of them can be done precisely again.

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