5 Ways to Organically Increase Your Instagram Followers


Instagram has taken the world by storm and shows no signs of slowing down. Social media marketing has become the number one go-to tool for businesses that want to expose their brand for little to no cost. However, Instagram is not just the playground of business marketing, many aspiring content creators are also joining this wonderful platform and want their voices heard.

At the very beginning of their career journey, many Instagram brands reach out for a lifeline through bot-based follower growing marketing agencies that promise rather unreal numbers of instant followers, but your focus should really only be on increasing followers the organic way. When we speak about an organic increase in following we mean real followers. Read on and find out how to grow without sinking your marketing budget.

Start with a strategy

Beggings can be scary sometimes, that's why you need to prepare yourself for anything that might come your way. If you start with creating a general idea of how much you want to grow and through which mediums you want to achieve that, you are off to a flying start. A strong focus on what kind of content you are going to generate and how you are going to communicate your ideas is your ace in the hole.

It's not wrong to allocate some money for marketing goals or tools, but, we stress the importance of having only real Instagram followers as they can propel your audience number to new heights. Followers generate traffic and traffic generates exposure, building presence the right way will only yield benefits for you and your brand.

Profile optimization

The first thing that people notice is the bio and the name of an Instagram account. First impressions must be strong, so choose a name that will leave a mark and that will spark curiosity among any passers-by. You should always aim for search-friendly usernames. The bio is a place where you will introduce your brand to potential followers and customers. Think of a witty way to explain your products and services so that people associate them with experiences and not just products.

Content and schedule

Before posting, we advise that you have at least a month worth of content so that you have more room to maneuver creatively. Fresh and regular content that pops up in the feed of followers will never feel like too much and the share button will probably be hit multiple times.

We strongly believe that passionate engagement is the crucial promoter of growth. Add your niche to the content you are creating and the followers will start racking up on the account of your originality. With daily posts, insights, behind scenes sneak peeks, you can create unique content reflecting your style and personality.

Sometimes users don't have the time to invest in social media and they hire a content creator. If you want to go down that path, a content creator can provide you with content that's going to be relevant and engaging, but at a cost, of course.


Influencers are popular social media personalities that can greatly help you if you are an up-and-comer. Both parties benefit from a nice collaboration that doesn't look too salesy. With the influencer talking about your brand, your following is going to grow organically and vice versa.

In addition to that, presence on competitors' profiles can be quite beneficial. For starters, you can see where they are headed and how they communicate their ideas, but more importantly, you can engage with the followers of your competitors and communicate with other brands. The presence will establish you as someone that cares about engaging with the community and you will likely reap the benefits in terms of organic followers.

Share your Instagram everywhere

If you are on other social media, be sure to list your Instagram info in the description or bio. If you are running a blog, promote your Instagram through creative articles, provide sneak peeks of your super creative Instagram posts and reels. Incentivize your audience to follow you everywhere, on every piece of social media.

Final thoughts

Business-related or other, Instagram is a productive ground with its one billion monthly users when it comes to marketing. A careful plan that will nourish everyone's feed with freshness and relevance will surely prompt growth. Frequent collaboration could yield exposure to different types of audiences, exposing your brand even further. We hope that our article will help you on this wonderful social journey and we wish you the best of luck.

by Steve Hall    Apr-14-22   Click to Comment   
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