Benefits of Mobile App Development to Businesses


A mobile application is a software tool made especially for the phone. They aren't new to the market since smartphones have been in the market for quite some time. Mobile applications are designed to allow users to perform everyday online functions conveniently through their phones. A smartphone user understands that to use an app, you need to visit Google or the Android play store, download the app, and you're good to go!

In 2018, the global mobile application market stood at around 365 billion US dollars. Since then, the app market has shown no signs of slowing down. By 2023, the mobile app market is expected to cross its recent figures to an estimate of 935 billion US.

Until October 2021, The Candy Crush Saga was the highest-grossing app in the US. It was also one of the most downloaded applications in the country. With time, the innovation in the app industry will drive an increased audience to the app selling market leading to an increased revenue collection.

If your business doesn't have an app of its own, what are you waiting for? Get a trendy app for your business to make users more familiar with your services and products. You can always play around with new features, add/ delete options, and make your app as exciting as ever.

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Here are some common benefits of mobile app development.

More Interaction with Customers

If you consider the model on which an app works, you'd know it's one of the best ways to increase customer engagement. An efficient app has features and options that inform the consumer about your business policies.

If you're an online store, an app will make it easier for consumers to shop from your outlet. Many other services that businesses provide their customers can all be advertised and promoted through an app.

Easier Order Placement

Mobile apps make it easier for customers to place an order directly from their phones. Many consumers find the process to be exceptionally feasible since an app offers complete exposure to the brand's services at just one touch.

Orders through an app are most streamlined to provide speedier services to customers. No wonder you receive your order within days of order placement through an app.

Brand Relevance

A good brand works on both the quality and appeal of the product. An outdated product is the least likely to attract modern consumers. To sustain your brand's relevance, your product needs to be top quality, backed by a competent PR, and effective information management strategies.

A good app will help you remain relevant since most businesses now have an app and have observed an upward trend in sales due to their database management services.

Chat-bot Engagement

A mobile application is fully equipped to provide e-commerce product information and introduce chatbots to convey customers' messages and feedback further. A chatbot is the "How May I Help You" icon you see in many apps and programs. The icon is set up to facilitate the customers with regard to their many queries about different services and products.

To make your chatbot more visible, you can add it as a pop-up icon with a message to help visitors engage with it.

Loyalty Programs

Starbucks is one of those brands that work endlessly to increase brand loyalty and add value to their products. Their brand offers returns, gifts, and free drinks to loyal customers who order the most from Starbucks.

Other apps like Uber inform you of milestones achieved and tokens you can avail using their offers. Your brand can do the same for your business. Allow users to have an account on the web and offer them a series of tokens, discounts, or free delivery offers to make them use your brand again and again.

This is also a perfect marketing model for most companies. A discount here and there is bound to attract more customers to the brand leading to greater sales and better business.

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Boosts Profits

The best use of an accessible app is that you can revisit it again and again. The more a customer opens your application, the more likely there will find services and products to purchase. Besides, what alternate user experience are you providing your consumers? All marketing and PR stunts will have to move towards your store or website.

Here, a simple mobile application will do both for you; market your services and offer easy accessibility options.

A befitting example is that of Domino's Pizza, whose online sales went 35% higher during the pandemic. The leading cause of this boost was their mobile application that comes with an engaging user interface and interactive features. The figures are that of the UK alone, where the business has around 800 operational stores.


A user is not always using your app, but as long as they are using their phone, you can still inform them about your new services, products, discounts, and delivery offers. The way to go about it is to enable the notification option in your app. As soon as a new update occurs on your application, your customer will be notified through a push notification.

This guest post was written by Ava Thomas, who writes about innovation in business strategies. She is affiliated with 3Alpha LLC which specializes in outsourcing digital services like product data entry services, monthly account summaries, and e-commerce data processing.

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