Digital Marketing Services to Support Your Business


Digital marketing continues to evolve. While the principles of good marketing remain the same, the way in which digital marketing is carried out has adapted with the rise in technology.

It is important that you leverage current digital marketing technologies and practices to grow your business, however with the pace that digital marketing is evolving, it can be beneficial to bring in outside help to support your business.

Below, we share some of the key digital marketing services that you should seek out to support your marketing efforts.

Content Creation

You have probably heard of the term "content is king". In the current marketing landscape, arguably the greatest way to build a customer base and keep them engaged is through high quality content.

Content largely includes quality blog posts relevant to what you are trying to promote, videos and any other relevant media. Businesses that create high quality content attract new customers and retain existing ones. Content should be relevant to your market, informative but also entertaining in some way.

The ability to edit videos or copywrite to a high standard is not easy as it seems, with many perfecting these specific skills over years of practice. Bringing in external help to edit and upload videos or produce regular blog content for your website, for example, is one of the smartest things you can do to build your brand.

SEO Support

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of building your websites visibility on search engines. Through optimised blog posts based on topics people are searching for in your niche, proper formatting of your website and sourcing quality link building for traffic, SEO should help you rank higher when a potential customer searches for a keyword or brand you are trying to rank highly for in search engines.

This process is technical and is often time consuming. If you are running a small business and do not have a marketing department, it is unlikely you will have the time to commit to proper SEO and your competitors will gain an advantage.

Using an external company to support your SEO will be a great benefit and has the potential to draw in a lot of customers. This is usually tied in with other supported marketing, such as paid advertisements.

Paid Ads

Properly utilising ad spend is a difficult task. There are so many factors that come with getting the right ad performance. Some common questions are, do you go for display or search? Which platform should I target customers?

In fact, there are many more factors that play into a successful advertising campaign, chances are that even the best paid ad specialists will take some time to assess what works and doesn't work in your market.

You can of course do this yourself. The main things to learn are Google Ads and Social Ads (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) But, much like the other areas before, a company or specialist that has experience in the area will know how to better use your budget.

Although most charge a percentage or fee in relation to ad spend, the fact that the ads will very likely get more clicks whilst using external help will at least offset this cost.

Social Media Management

Social media is a challenging one for many, but also easier to navigate for others. Depending on your level of personal experience with each social media platform will likely define your success in managing it.

Management of social media is more complex that it appears on the surface though. Whilst it is important to respond to messages and engage with others, proper management of social media includes updating regularly with quality content and managing any ads run on the platform.

Companies that are growing tend to have their social media managed as part of a package when receiving other services. Whilst it is entirely possible to run your own social media, and in many cases, it is advised, the service offered can help grow your social media following whilst leveraging quality content.

A bonus piece of advice here for those looking to manage their social media is to use a chatbot. A chatbot is used to answer all a customer's frequently asked questions automatically, meaning you will not have to be glued to your device managing customer queries.

Have an External Site Audit

This is one of the few one-off expenses but having a comprehensive site evaluation will give you an idea of what you are currently doing well and where you can improve your marketing.

While there is an expense for this, you can then either make the amendments yourself, or pay someone that knows how to. There are several online tools that can give you a basic review of your site that will flag any major areas that need work.

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