The Impact of Backlinks on the Trust to Your Business Site


The reputation and credibility of your website are some of the most crucial factors when it comes to brand popularity, rating, and revenue. Ans how to build trust? Through other websites' mentions of your source, of course!

Backlinks work like a charm when used properly. Several mentions from sites with high authority, and you're already rising in the ranks. Of course, such links aren't the only thing to handle to gain credibility. But we'll focus on it as one of the main instruments in this article.

Let's see the impact of backlinks on the reputation and trustworthiness of your business website!

Backlinks Are Your Recommendation Letters

We all needed a recommendation letter once for a college, university, or job. It's an official letter from a representative of another institution that talks about our personal traits, achievements, and the use we can bring to the new place of study or work.

Backlinks work the same but for Internet users and search engines:

  • People that read one blog frequently and find it credible see a link in one of the posts with a recommendation. They click on it and visit your website. If it's of high quality and worth their attention, they go through several pages and maybe get interested in becoming customers.
  • Search engines go through the new pages of credible sites faster than all others. They see a link to your website on one of the pages, crawl it if they haven't already, and deem it credible since it's been mentioned on a trustworthy source.

It's a win-win situation. So, you should know how to create article backlinks properly so that they look like direct recommendations. There are many ways to do that from the research of broken competitor links to writing whole guest posts.

If Not Maintained, Backlinks Can Harm Your Trustworthiness

Creating a backlink profile really depends on the quality of websites you're working with. If it's a suspicious, spammy, non-active site, its admins might really want to put your link there to freshen it up or gain some money if possible.

However, this link isn't going to bring an advantage to you. Moreover, it will damage your business site's reputation. You see, it's not the quantity of links that is important but the quality.

Work to improve SEO backlink profile at all times and choose websites that:
Have an active audience.

  • You can see it in the reviews or comments sections, by the number of shares to different social media, etc.
  • Have a high rating.
  • You can see it with the help of digital tools from SEO specialists at Moz and other developers.
  • Have authority.
  • You can also use digital instruments to see that. Aim for middle to high Domain Authority.

It's also important to provide value with those backlinks. No credible website will mention you as an expert on their website if it's not designed well or seems spammy. Invest in the creation of the site and its content. Keep in mind on-site SEO and high-quality visuals.

You Need to Know the Methods of Damage Control

If you've forgotten to analyze your backlink profile or an accident happened and your link was posted on a spammy source, you may get a penalty from Google. Then, it doesn't make much sense to promote anymore until you resolve the issue.

There are several ways to do it:

Analyze the profile.

Always make new analyses to see where you have trouble. Remove toxic links, replace them with high-quality ones. Remove broken links on your website, replace them with new ones.

Apply for a revision.

If the penalty is manual, there will be a description of the reasons. You can apply for a revision if you think the team made a mistake or you're ready to fix the situation.

Use Google Disavow.

Create a list of links that have damaged your reputation and upload them to Google Disavow.

The changes will take place in about 30 days. Every situation is manageable, but you need to know the damage control drill.

Backlinks Build Reputation

Every mention of your brand, blog, persona, products, services, etc. matters. People are very careful nowadays when it comes to the choice of anything from an informational source to real purchases. They will see a hundred great reviews and mentions but pay the closest attention to that one toxic link.

So do search engines. When the Penguin algorithm, any of its updates, or a live anti-spam team sees a toxic link in your profile, they may penalize your site. This will halt all the possible progress in ranking and damage your reputation. It's better to prevent this from happening than to handle the matter with Google Disavow and revision applications.

Look after your links; it's quite easy now with all the digital tools at your service. A thorough analysis can be done with a couple of clicks now, so it's not wise to neglect such an important aspect of your reputation-building.

by Steve Hall    Jun-30-21   Click to Comment   
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