How are Marketing Developers Using Digital Tools to Meet Their Needs?


Companies today depend on digital marketing tools to leave a mark in the business. You may find this amusing, but the tech tools can actually help you save time performing trivial tasks.

Unfortunately, many companies are still not making the most of these tools, but we can only say for certain, if you do not employ these modern marketing tools, you will lag behind in the market.

But, we have a piece of good news for you. There is no dearth of digital tools in the market. They can perform all the heavy lifting and help you with your marketing campaigns.

Broadly speaking, a digital marketing tool will fall in one of the below-listed categories:

1. Social media marketing tools
2. Graphic creation tools
3. Landing page and lead capturing tools
4. Conversion optimization tools
5. SEO tools
6. Email marketing tools
7. Lead enrichment tools
8. Email marketing tools

Here, in this article, we have rounded up a list of some of the best digital marketing tools, which can help you materialize your marketing goals. A few of these tools are free, some are premium tools, and a few others are freemium.

Let us now address these tools one by one and see how each one of them is helping marketers materialize their goals.

HubSpot Marketing

Ranked at the top of our list is the HubSpot Marketing tool. It contains an array of tools within it, which can help you grow your business, regardless of the level you may be at.

Under HubSpot Marketing, you can find an array of free tools. It will enable you to set up live chat software, popup forms, and web forms. All of these can play a pivotal role in lead capitalization. HubSpot also enables you to line all the data into the free CRM, send email marketing campaigns, and study the behaviour of the users coming to the website.

If you employ the paid version of the software, the benefits are multifold. From social media to content management and tracking emails and lead communication, HubSpot can be a one-stop solution to it all.

Top 'do my finance homework help' platforms, such as TopAssignmentExperts, utilize HubSpot for capitalizing on their marketing goals.

Overall, HubSpot is an excellent tool. You can use it to prove ROI for the inbound marketing campaign, convert leads, and expand your traffic. It also helps increase the close rates and reduce the deal cycles with the provided sales tools.


Loomly is the tool that will be loved by the smaller teams who aspire to collaborate and organize their content. It comes with built-in calendars, workflows, and deadlines, making brainstorming and scheduling straightforward and uncomplicated.

What's more?

Loomly also includes new content ideas for the users. The topics for the content are decided according to the trending topics. At times, even the Twitter conversations also become the basis of the topics.

Loomly is renowned for its clean and straightforward interface, which is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. So, even the most non-tech-savvy individuals can enjoy using it. Another thing that adds to the popularity of Loomly is its affordability. Consequently, several smaller agencies and businesses are making use of it.


Mailchimp is indeed one of the best email marketing software in the digital marketing ecosystem. With Mailchimp, you can find both paid and free versions. The prices of the tool are decided based on the demand and the size of your business needs.

EduWorldUSA, a platform where students can pay for papers, uses this tool to automate their customer emails. Consequently, the emails reach the customers at the perfect time. Further, Mailchimp also presents comprehensive data, which can be vital in bettering your business.

Using Mailchimp, marketers can develop complete emails with GIFs, images, create A/B testing and personalized fonts for their campaigns, all with a single tool. This truly justifies the broad customer base of Mailchimp.


It is a comprehensive search engine optimization tool that can help you boost your web traffic. Ahrefs has over 150 million keywords in the United States. For the other 150 countries, its keyword count is even more extensive.

For competitive analysis, there isn't any better platform out there. You can use Ahrefs to know who is linking to the competitors and dig details, such as top-performing competitor pages. Further, with Ahrefs' Content Gap tool, you can get a detailed analysis of where the competitor's content ranks.

This can enable you to determine where your content lags. The mere knowledge of the shortcomings will help you to break out and see greater success.

Another excellent feature of Ahrefs is their Top Pages Tool. You can use this tool to know which pages on your website are receiving maximum traffic and simultaneously find out the degree of traffic traveling to the competitor's website.

For businesses, regardless of their size, Ahrefs can be one of the best SEO tools. It has excellent features, which can be highly useful for you.

Sprout Social

Prevalent assignment help providing a platform, TFTH, renowned for their 'do my programming assignment' service vouches for Sprout Social as their top-favourite digital tool.

This is the perfect tool for businesses that employ social media to reach their customers. The platform allows advocacy, social media management, and analytics software for the business. You can use the website to communicate with your customers more effectively on social media channels. It employs social media marketing tools that offer faster communication tools, thereby enabling you to collaborate, respond, and monitor faster.

For instance, Sprout Social will accumulate social mentions from various social media networks, which put them all under one head, making it easier for you to respond back anytime your business has been mentioned or in times of the follower comments.

In addition, you can use Sprout Social to include analytics and schedule your content. The tool comes with a 30-day trial. So, you can use it to see how well it works for you and then pay for it. The only problem that we see with Sprout Social is that its reports lack detail and depth.

So, these are the five best digital marketing tools used by marketers. We have clearly seen how these tools can enable marketers to meet their marketing needs. Please know this is an inclusive list. The list of marketer-loved tools is extensive. However, we have presented the five unprecedented tools.

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