How Can You Take Advantage of Google to Improve Your Business


Marketing through sites requires a strategy that takes your business goals, and then uses your content as a primary means to achieve those goals.

For instance, your business goals might include increasing brand awareness -- to achieve this goal, you might implement a content strategy that focuses on SEO to increase website visibility on the SERPs and drive traffic to your products or services. Producing high-quality content to meet business needs can help companies build trust with new audiences and, ultimately, succeed over the long-haul.

Target Audience:

Create content that satisfies the needs of your audience. Whether you are targeting a particular type or whether your business attracts a wide range of customers,be it beginners and those who are familiar with your product. It is only fair that you create content which caters to their needs also. Hence, it is mandatory that you provide sound information about your product.

Create unique content:

Create content that are more unique and reliable than your competitors. Focus on areas which makes your content better and different. The more convincing you provide your content the more customers can you manage to pull towards you.

Managing content creation and publishing

In order to promote your product a reliable website should be chosen for publishing or advertising. Embedding a link within your content that gets a steady amount of organic traffic will continue generating leads for you as time goes on. This reliable source of traffic will provide you with the flexibility to experiment with other marketing tactics such as social media advertising and distributed content which in addition to attracting leads will also educate your target prospects and generate awareness for your brand.

What Google expects from websites:

Make sure the content that you are developing for your site is search friendly. In order to do attract more relevant traffic use Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content to increase the visibility of your page.

One of the most important goals in digital marketing is creating a site that is unique and is a search away being found by users. It is quite difficult to stand out in the crowd with the number of marketing sites booming up so an effective method would be to provide contents that are search optimized by the engine. Thus, you can start by creating a site on Google ,a business profile would be ideal to improve a chance of users looking into your site for required information. While creating a business profile ,the owner first needs to verify his authenticity and fill out the business details. Once the procedure is complete, key information will be provided to ensure that your site is at the top of the listings. That is where it starts, with your site being listed in the search results page. Keep your profile updated and ensure accuracy and reliability. Also make sure the information you provide is relevant and compelling to new potential customers.

Google My Business

There is also another alternative which is provided by Google wherein the owner can dominate the search results page by using Google My Business. Here ,GMB gives the basic details about your company to customers without even accessing your website. Survey has shown that most people don't go beyond the first page of search results,since search is the only means to let your customers know that you exist it is important that you have a strong and effective GMB.

Here's how you do it.

Claim Your GMB Listing:

The primary search engine used by most people over the world is Google. When they do so they expect the right information to be provided to them as quickly as possible. This can be achieved buy creating a business profile on Google which provides information about your company in an already existing, easily understandable format. This can be done by verifying your company's data by proving all the necessary details. Once the verification process is done you can add multiple managers to the account. This is highly valuable for connecting with potential customers and developing your business.

Navigating the Dashboard:

Start by giving the basics about your company,on what you do, your objectives and what is expected of the clients. Provide information about the location of the company, pictures, description on what you do, your working hours ,a query section proving a contact information either phone or website or both are the information that you provide in the dashboard. For further information you can also add a description about your company that is brief and succinct. These information will encourage potential customers to find what they are looking for in a hassle free manner.

Customer reviews:

Customers go for online reviews more than personal recommendations. Gaining reviews from customers is yet another way to boost the visibility of your site. Encourage clients to post reviews. Provide a section where customers can post their reviews whether good or bad and make sure your acknowledge both. Google business profiles displays a star rating out of five and a description box to post your opinions and suggestions. This helps in not only knowing the customers' side but can also help in the areas of development for your company. The higher the rating goes, the better.

Regular updates:

Make use of the GMB section designated for posts. Update regularly on the beneficial features such as news or events that are offered by your business. The number of views can also be seen by the owner and the manager which helps you understand the reach of your site. The 'insights' option provided will show how many looked up at your site, the location of access, whether they've viewed the photos or make any query calls through phone or website etc. Provide a call-to-action link to let the users know that their site is easily accessible by which they may be more inclined to choose your site rather than the others.

However , a major issue to be kept in mind when using GMB is that ,Google provides its users the liberty to make changes to your site, be wary of those who add unnecessary information to your page by regularly checking and updating your site.

GMB has proven to be a great way to let your presence be known on Google. It makes your company give professional and relevant to their search and easily accessible.

Google Analytics:

This is a data analytics service that monitors and reports on web traffic. Google Analytics is used by millions of companies, big and small, to better understand consumer needs and develop better experiences for them.With more shopping going online and companies under increasing pressure to make every marketing dollar count, digital analytics insights have never been more important. Present analytics methods aren't keeping up with big shifts in customer behaviour and privacy-driven improvements to long-standing industry standards.

The latest Analytics will automatically alert you to major developments in your data using Google's advanced machine learning models, such as products experiencing increased demand due to new consumer needs. It can also assist you in anticipating potential actions from your customers.It measures churn probability, for example, so you can spend more effectively in consumer retention at a time when marketing budgets are tight. We're still adding new predictive indicators, such as the future sales from a specific community of customers.This enables you to build audiences in order to reach higher-value consumers and conduct analyses in order to better understand why certain customers are more likely to spend more than others, allowing you to take steps to increase your performance.

With new integrations through Google's marketing products, it's easy to use what you learn to boost the ROI of your marketing. For example, a deeper integration with Google Ads allows you to build audiences that can reach your customers with more meaningful, helpful interactions, regardless of where they choose to interact with your company.

The new method also allows for the fulfillment of long-standing advertiser demands. Since the latest Analytics can track both app and web interactions, conversions from YouTube engaged views that happen in-app and on the web can be included in reports.Conversions from YouTube video views are shown alongside conversions from Google and non-Google paid platforms, as well as organic channels such as Google Search, social media, and email, to help you understand the overall effect of your marketing activities.

Businesses who have participated in the beta have already reaped the rewards. Vistaprint was able to rapidly calculate and appreciate consumer reaction to their new line of protective masks as a result of rapid changes in their market at the start of the pandemic."Linking the latest Google Analytics to Google Ads allows us to optimise around the behaviours that matter most to our consumers, regardless of how they engage with our brand," says Jeff Kacmarek, Vice President of Domino's Pizza of Canada.

How to improve your site?

Stay ahead of your competitors

The benchmarks tab is one of the first metrics you can look at. This will show you how you stack up against other places in your industry. By comparing statistics such as average time on line, you can see how you compare to those that are vying for your audience and where you need to make improvements to improve your website.

Know the location from where the visitors access your site

For example, just because your company is based in the United States doesn't mean that the majority of your traffic is coming from there; it may be coming from London.If you've analysed the geo data and determined where the bulk of your audience resides, you can tailor your company to best serve these individuals.

How efficient is your website?

Compatibility with the right browsers

You might be a advanced computer user, but your clients might not be. You'll be able to tell whether your site is showing correctly for your customers if you know which web browsers they're using.

Compatibility with the right Screens

In Google Analytics, the screen resolution segment helps the site manager to see what resolution their customers are using.

There are two things to keep an eye out for in this situation. To begin, determine if you have enough room on your site to add more content. Of course, more isn't necessarily better, but if the majority of your users have large screens, you can take advantage of the extra space to give them a better experience.

However, the reverse may also be true. You must optimize for smaller screen sizes if the majority of your customers are using hand held devices or low-resolution monitors. A responsive interface that adapts to the dimensions of the user's screen is a good way to do this.

Achieving goals

You can use Google Analytics to create a target that combines several user activities. You might set a target of completing a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or something else. GA will inform you of the percentage of users who achieve this target. This piece of data can be used to boost user flow for whatever target you have in mind.

To find the most important metrics to work on, careful data browsing is needed. It's a good idea to pay more attention to details about your visitors' interests, where they're coming from, and how they're using your platform.

The good news is that these metrics never go out of style. As you develop new items and satisfy visitor expectations, your bounce rates will continue to improve as long as your site is online.


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