Perfect Headline Formula: How To Write Clickable Title?


Writing clickable headlines is not an easy feat. Sure, you could be writing good titles that work to an extent, but to create the best headlines for your content, you will need to use a variety of different techniques in meaningful and powerful ways. Hence, here's how to write clickable titles that work.

#1 Educate Through Headlines

First and foremost, you need to educate your audience through your headlines. Of course, most of the educational process will take place already within the article or blog post itself, but you can still start the process with the headline. Include some kind of fact or a short snippet of relevant and valuable information into your title to do this.

#2 Use Numbers for Lists

Another technique you can try out is using numbers for list articles or posts. Numbers are known to attract attention because they already show that you will be providing a lot of valuable information and that you will format your article point by point. Word article titles something along the lines of "10 Ways to Cook Mac n Cheese" or "5 Simple Steps to Learn Time Management."

#3 Make Readers Excited

One of the best ways to make sure that the user clicks on your article link and reads the piece is by making the readers excited. A headline that excites the readers makes them want to know more which leads them to click on the article link and check out your content. You can tease something valuable within the article or offer something for free or at a discount among other things.

#4 Generate Fear with Words

Though it's an effective way to create clickable headlines by exciting readers, you can use the opposite approach by generating fear with words. For example, a user can Google "write my paper for me" and come upon your article where you describe the issues students can encounter when hiring someone else to write their paper. That's when you can word your headlines like "3 Reasons Why You Need to Check the Papers Others Write for You."

#5 Focus on Uniqueness

Nowadays, the majority of the content posted online is not really unique. Many ideas are used over and over again. That's why authenticity is so valued. Hence, it's worth focusing on uniqueness when writing your article headlines. Take unique ideas that nobody else is using (or those most people aren't using) and create relevant content for them. Then, create equally unique titles for this content.

#6 Go Against the Current

Likewise, a good tactic to adopt is going against the current. This doesn't only relate to ideas but also to the way you word your articles as a whole. Is everyone trying to follow a particular trend? Write an article about why the trend isn't worth it. Does everyone praise a particular product? Make a negative review of that product highlighting what's actually wrong with it (if there is anything).

#7 Add The 5Ws to The Titles

If you don't know where to start - whether it's with your articles or with your headlines - a good idea would be to take the 5Ws. These are who, what, when, where, and why. By answering these questions, you will be able to come up with ideas for your articles, but they will also help you word your headlines (e.g. "Why Stocking Up on Certain Foods Is Not A Good Idea").

#8 Choose "Charged" Words

Emotionally charged or strong words can often help you bring a new flavor to your headlines. Experts from the best essay writing service believe that such words can have certain connotations to them, so it's crucial that you don't misuse them. Avoid using words and phrases with negative connotations, but don't avoid using "charged" words at all.

#9 Ask Unusual Questions

One of the best ways to increase engagement is to ask questions within your articles. However, this tactic can also work for your headlines. Ask unusual questions to stimulate your audience and make them question the topic you are discussing. You can decide to generate fear this way, but you can also generate curiosity.

#10 Keep Title Length in Check

Even as you write perfect headlines, you should always remember that you should still keep the title length in check. If your headlines are too long, they will not appear entirely in search results and potential readers can miss out on important information that might have persuaded them to click if they could access the full title.

#11 Include Relevant Keywords

At the same time, you should also remember about including relevant keywords for your article titles to be optimized for search engines. Keywords are necessary both for SEO and for making your audience interested on a subconscious level as they read the title and see the relevant keywords in it.

#12 Brainstorm Ideas Before Deciding

Last but not least, never settle on a particular headline idea before you have brainstormed many of them. The more ideas you brainstorm, the more chances you have of finding the perfect headline for your article.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, writing the perfect headlines for your content may not be the easiest task, but you can still make these titles clickable by following the tips in this article and applying them to your own writing practices.

by Steve Hall    Mar-31-21   Click to Comment   
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