Marketing Tips to Grow your Instagram Account


Over the past few years, the marketing landscape has changed dramatically. We have gone from advertising on the radio, television and billboards; to banner advertisements on websites; to now using social media platforms as the most effective way of marketing business. The determining factor of a successful business today, is the amount of followers they have on their social media accounts. If you want your business to grow and thrive today, you need to increase your follower count. Here are a few steps for you to follow if you are in need of some help to grow your Instagram account and get started with your social media marketing.

Switch to a Business Profile

It is a simple task to switch to a business account on Instagram and it is of great value. Go to your settings, click account, then click switch to business account and follow the prompts until you're all set up. By doing this, you are changing the account into a more optimal account for a business and making more features available to your account. Some of the features that come with a business account are; Instagram insights, which allow you to see various statistics about your account, Instagram ads, which allow you to pay to have your posts advertised to a larger audience, Instagram shopping, which allows for a direct connection between your business and your Instagram account, primary and secondary messaging inboxes and finally, a call-to-action button on your page.

Use an Organic Approach

On social media, hard selling is a bad idea. People do not want to feel like they are being harassed and bullied into buying a product. If people feel like they're being bullied into buying a product or paying attention to your company, they will simply choose not to. Social media is all about what the user wants to see, and nobody wants to see someone aggressively advertising something to them, whether they like the product or not. A better approach is to advertise in a more organic manner, and to possibly use a growth service like Growthoid to organically get Instagram followers. This means you should be posting "teasers" of your product and lightly suggesting to your followers that they might enjoy your product. This is much more effective than hard selling as it makes people think that it was their choice entirely to invest their time into looking at your account and becoming a possible customer.

Know How Much to Post

Knowing how much to post is of much more importance than you might think. If you post too little, your account becomes irrelevant and your follower count will drop, but posting too much can be seen as spam and then people may become annoyed and once again, your follower count will drop. You can learn how much you should post by looking at your Instagram insights. These insights will show you when your followers are most active and therefore when it is best for you to post and how many posts you can post in one day before your engagement starts to drop. Once you have done this easy research, and figured out what works best for your business, your Instagram account will start to flourish and therefore your business as well.

Create Great Content for Your Followers

Creating interesting content for your followers is extremely important in order to maintain and gain followers. Create content that is interesting and engaging. You can do this by making use of Instagram posts, stories and IGTV. Make use of features such as creating polls, quizzes and many more. When making a regular grid post, make sure to use good quality and clear images. This does not mean to say that you need to get photos taken by a professional, a phone camera works perfectly, just make sure that the images you post are of good quality and are clear. The eye is drawn to colourful posts, so try to make your posts colourful and eye-catching whilst still keeping the post relevant. Videos seem to do very well on Instagram and this is likely because people use Instagram when they are bored, and videos are entertaining. Posting videos can be anything from an instructional video like a tutorial to a behind the scenes type video to show people how your product works. Another great way to ensure your followers are entertained, and to organically grow your followers on Instagram, is to post user-generated content. This is a smart way to keep followers engaged and talking about your Instagram account.

by Steve Hall    Mar-29-21   Click to Comment   
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