11 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing That Delivers Quick Results


Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and all the other social mediums are becoming more and more impactful with each passing day.

From our decision to purchase a product, form an opinion, or developing relationships, Social Media has a role to play by influencing us in one way or the other.

Take my own example for an instance. What prompted me to hire fumigation services for my home today?

It was a short explainer video on how the fumigator company carries out the procedure following safety guidelines. They even had a blog post up on their website on "signs you need to fumigate your home," which was quite informative. No points for guessing; I saw both the video and the link to the blogpost while scrolling Facebook!

For businesses, social media has proven to be the best marketing medium in recent years, especially if we consider the fact that its users are expected to cross 3.09 billion by the next year (Statista, 2020). But in the words of author Sherree Mongrain, social media is no rocket science unless you don't know what you are doing!

Do you want to know exactly how social media can be used for a brand to deliver super-fast results?

Let's crack the code of what tips businesses are using to succeed via a killer social media marketing.

1. Use The Correct Platforms

Deciding what social platform is right for your business is the first thing you need to focus on. The decision should be well thought of as hastily creating accounts, and then abandoning them later will bring you no business.

The key is to find which platform your target audience uses the most. For instance, Hootsuite revealed that 98% of B2C companies use Facebook for social media marketing. LinkedIn, on the other hand, generates 80% of leads for B2B companies.

2. Learn How To Develop A Customer Avatar

Marketing without a customer avatar or buyer persona is nothing but a shot in the dark. You need to know who your ideal clients are to narrow your focus and provide content to target only them.

You can take clues from insights provided by Social Media platforms to segment your customers and create at least one customer avatar. For instance, if you are an online clothing brand for newborns, your customer avatar is likely a pregnant woman who is about to have her first baby. She prefers comfort and quality for herself and her baby and is ready to shop online.

3. Incorporate Branding In Social Media Profiles

According to a 2018 survey on Global Consumer Insights, social media-inspired 37% of customers to purchase a product. The percentage is high enough to prompt you into building your social profiles such that it grabs the attention of the audience.

When your brand is easily recognized, the audience trusts it more. Using your branding elements in your social media profiles will make it more recognizable.

Use your company's logo as the profile image on all your social media handles. Incorporate the colors while creating an image or video that you will share on the platforms. Consistent use of branding will develop a strong visual impact and coherence, which is vital to influence the customers.

4. Build Meaningful Connections By Engaging Well

Engaging with your audience by replying to their comments and helping them out is by far the best strategy to turn them into a loyal customer. Your customers view your social media profiles as a way to connect with you, and if you don't show up, they will never be able to trust you ever.

While responding to a customer, keep your tone friendly and show that you care. Refer to Nike's response to one of their customer. They responded quickly and comprehensively.

Hashtags are another powerful way of fostering relationships with a loyal audience. You can use relevant hashtags about a specific campaign, trending social cause, or your brand name on all the social platforms.


5. Be Generous With Visual Content

Visual content is undoubtedly compelling! Images, videos, infographics, and animations, therefore, make up a large portion of social media content.
Statistics published on the Animoto blog tell us that videos on social media managed to land customers for nearly 93% of marketers.

Use high-quality images for your social media and short explainer videos that demonstrate your product/service in the best way. You can also use infographics occasionally.

6. Use Social Proof

Social proof, or testimonials from customers, is a shot that hits the bullseye every time. It is the premium user-generated content that will build trust among potential customers.

Before buying from you, your customers look for reviews about your product. Social proof will give them what they are looking for. It is a fast strategy to bring direct sales.
LifeSearch's twitter handle is an example of using social proof the right way.


7. Announce Contests, Giveaways, And Special Discounts

Think like a customer. Don't they all just love freebies and discounts?

Come up with fun contests and encourage customers to share their entries, tagging you, and using a unique hashtag. See the Ombar Chocolate's Instagram post below. Notice how the contest is used to extend reach while getting the customers excited for a prize.


Other than contests, you can also announce special discounts and seasonal sales on your social media to build the interest of the customers.

8. Make The Most Out Of Influencer Marketing

As per the stats mentioned by Oberlo, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations on social media.

Influencers are people who have managed to build a large following on social media due to their expertise in a particular niche. Their followers trust them and are most likely to buy products recommended by them.

There is plenty of influencer for every niche; you just have to find the one who gets high engagements on his posts.

Premium quality underwear brand BN3TH frequently collaborated with athletes who are followed by a large number of people. This strategy works well to influence a customer who is convinced that the innerwear can provide comfort even during strenuous athletic activities.


9. Pinterest; The Traffic Generating Tool

Several companies underrate Pinterest, although statistics have been telling a different story about its impact. According to the Meltwater Blog, Pinterest sends 25% of all referral traffic to retail websites.


Rich pins, for instance, is a fantastic feature of Pinterest that gives an optimum experience to the user by showing a snippet, recipe, or article directly on the pin. It has the potential to bring higher conversions for brands.

10. Use Twitter As Customer Service Platform

Social Pilot revealed that brands who used Twitter for Customer Service saw a 19% increase in customer satisfaction. I would strongly suggest companies to divert their attention towards twitter as an efficient interaction with customers will quickly yield a higher ROI.

Twitter is also known to be an excellent link-sharing platform due to the high percentage of click-through rates reported. Be it a link to one of your new products, a YouTube video, or a new blog post, upload it on your twitter handle to generate traffic.

11. Let Instagram Stories Do The Trick

The story feature is one of the best ways to market on Instagram. According to Conviva Social Insights, Brand stories have an 85% completion rate, suggesting that the message gets across successfully.

You can use Instagram stories to showcase product teasers or ask the audience a question via poll. You can also showcase some Behind The Scene actions that your audience will enjoy.

Other than that, you can give shoutouts to influencers, loyal customers, and even competitors via Instagram stories.

Final Word

According to Good Firms, 98.55% of people use at least four social media platforms in a day. This shows how successful your marketing efforts may be on these forums.

Remember that you must post consistently to ace social media marketing. Posting once and then vanishing for a month will not establish you as a trustworthy brand. Follow the tips given above to turn your social media into a sales magnet.

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