10 Best Android Apps for Marketing Managers


The world is forever changing, with more and more companies moving towards establishing an online presence. So how do marketing managers stay updated and maintain their projects? Fortunately, most people in the industry are likely to have access to a mobile device. It can help you stay in control after ScanTeam gives you the initial boost.

Today, you'll learn about 10 of the best marketing apps for Android that you should download to keep you ahead of the rest. Over and above these apps, you should have the relevant social media apps (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) downloaded.


Buffer is a popular app for marketing managers. It allows you to manage all of your social media accounts. It's a pocket-sized assistant that helps you get things done on the move.

The app allows you to schedule updates and posts throughout the various accounts such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can set the times for posts to go up, or you can let Buffer post when it detects the best time.

An advantage of Buffer is that it presents an analysis of how each post performed.

The app is free, but you can subscribe to one of the paid versions that offer additional features.


Hootsuite is another digital marketing application that acts as a virtual assistant. Similarly to Buffer, it connects to your social media accounts, where it posts updates according to the schedule that you set.

It's one of the best marketing apps available to marketing managers. Apart from posting according to a schedule, it monitors brand mentions. Keeping track of mentions is a helpful tool to know what the world is saying about your brand.

Hootsuite lets you respond to posts and comments, or directly message the necessary person. The feature gives you the upper hand on customer service, which can significantly boost the brand's reputation.

The free version can manage up to three accounts, while the paid versions give more features, additional accounts to manage, and let you add team members.

Sprout Social

Another alternative to the Buffer and Hootsuite digital apps is Sprout Social. It also lets you publish and analyze posts. It provides the ability to post at the best possible time, and track your social media activity, providing positive connections with consumers.

You can view the statistics of a post on the various networks, all in one window. It gives you insight on the best time and place to engage with clients. Experts like Alex Lysak know that maintaining a positive online interaction increases consumer confidence. Your potential customers will be more likely to choose you if you maintain that positive relationship.

Sprout Social, just like the previous two applications, is a virtual assistant in the palm of your hand.

Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook is easily one of the most popular and long-standing platforms amongst the general population. Since its inception, it's come a long way, offering a range of marketing opportunities between the marketplace, groups, and watch, and a business page can easily get lost between it all.

Creating a page for a brand creates an interactive connection and community with clients, and opens the door to bringing in hundreds of new customers. Facebook Pages Manager makes the process of managing and maintaining a page effortless.

The free app brings all the admin duties of a Facebook page into one easy-to-use app. The application makes it easy as pie to comment, post, reply to messages, and make page changes.


One of the more challenging aspects of marketing management is maintaining social listening. Mention makes life more manageable by monitoring whenever the brand is mentioned anywhere on the internet.

It monitors social media, news, and blogs to notify you every time your brand's name is mentioned. The notifications are sent in real-time, which gives you a chance to respond instantly when necessary.

News spreads like wildfire with the power of social media and the internet. Social listening lets you communicate and respond to any feedback with speed, showing clients that you care.


Attractive images are a sure way to grab attention whenever someone is scrolling through their social media account. If you can bring something beautiful to lure them, that's half the job done. That's where Canva comes in.

It's an app that lets you create exciting and professional posts. It has a range of preloaded templates, fonts, and colors. The drag and drop feature makes the experience even better. The ability to create eye-catching, unique images is a great benefit.

You can choose to save the images for posting later, or with one of the scheduling apps. You also have the choice to share the image to your social media accounts from within Canva.

Dynamic Signal

Amplifying the voice of a brand's presence online is a sure way to boost the marketing strategy. Dynamic Signal lets companies share content with employees so they can post it on their personal pages.

The app is easy to use, and employees can share a post to their social media accounts with one click on the app. It takes away all the hassles and the possibility of making an error.

The Dynamic Signal platform also lets employees and team members contribute and add their input. It has an array of features that enable each member to engage and voice their opinions through polls and other features.


When you're in charge of marketing, there is a fear of running out of ideas for content, or not having the ability to keep up with the current trends. Trends change regularly; what's fantastic today will fade by tomorrow.

BuzzSumo helps keep a handle on these possible issues. It tracks keywords, trends, and competitors related to your industry. It gives you an upper hand because it shows you what is and isn't well-received by customers. Using the information helps curate the best and most engaging content for consumers.

BuzzSumo also follows current trends, so you'll know where to focus your marketing attention. You'll also receive resourceful information that'll boost your online presence.

REP Influencer Marketing

While employees can add to the voice and message, social media influencers have a much bigger platform. However, collaborating with influencers can be nightmarish.

REP is an app that connects you to potential candidates. In its essence, it's a marketplace for brands and influencers to meet and create together. As a brand, you can view profiles and view stats on various accounts.

A company can share their products, and influencers can apply to be a promoter for the said item or service in exchange for money and/or merchandise.


Last, but certainly not least, there's Grammarly. It's a free-to-use app that is a virtual editor. Far too many social media marketing posts contain typos and poor grammar. Being aware of how well your messages are articulated can put the brand a cut above the rest.

Using the Grammarly keyboard will help you and pick up details and errors that are easily missed in emails, messages, and articles. It also provides alternatives to common words and phrases.

Over time, creating unique and captivating captions, comments, or even emails will become easier because the app enhances your writing skills.


As the technological world changes, successful marketing managers need to be at the top of the game. Ensuring that you have the right apps on your android device lets you stay in control of your projects no matter where you are or what you're doing.

This guest article was written by Alex Lysak, the CEO and digital marketer of ScanTeam. He's been a part of the SEO and social media marketing industry for more than nine years, helping countless companies find their feet and setting them up for success.

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