How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Graphic Design Industry


The technology world is on the verge of another revolution, as AI and Machine learning has transformed the graphic design industry entirely.

Today, AI is dominating several industries and it's often linked to the future of technology.
It has been displayed as a way to reconstruct the world to make it a better place to live for humans.

Presently, graphic design has become an integrated part of every industry. However, advancements in technology, the graphic design industry relies more on computers, and artificial intelligence applications.

Whether to create a logo or website design, businesses are now replacing graphic designers with AI applications. While the technology and software firms embrace AIs with open arms, traditional sectors are a bit slow to adopt it.

Artificial intelligence holds great potential for the graphic design industry. However, to make it happen, the myths and hype about it need to be deciphered.

In this post, we are going to see how Artificial Intelligence is changing the graphic design industry.

AI - a friend or foe of the Design Industry?

AI has become a controversial topic for debaters. Presently, there exist two opposite viewpoints about AI.

Researchers and scientists are working continually on the technology effort to discover its impact in the future. Industries such as engineering, sports, entertainment, and graphic design are highly influenced by AI technology development.

With a huge impact on these sectors, AI has started ruling our lives.

However, this is not a horrifying fact for people. What frightens them, particularly graphic designers, is that AI is shaping sectors that were originally considered to be complicated for machine intelligence.

AI has proved that it's not only executing tasks faster and in a better way but also thinks creatively like a human. AI is becoming a dominant impact on the design industry. And futurists think that soon AI technology will be able to think logically and critically to perform extremely productive and complicated tasks in the near future.

So will this technology surpass human intelligence? Let's examine the concept in detail.

AI is Not New in the Design Industry.

The simple AI applications have been existing in the market for quite some time. Several websites are providing unique logos by just clicking a button. And people are using it to create a logo for business effortlessly.

These websites offer cheap and quick online logo design services to attract users. They utilize AI software to produce countless logo options based on the visual criteria described by the user.

However, software can't replace the job of a designer. It can't provide you the solutions at a human level. The tool can offer you several logos with the variation of Font, style, colors, and symbols regardless of your choice and preferences.

For example, here is the actual logo of Apple


And here are the logos generated using AI


Whereas If you are not happy with the logo created by a designer, you can contact the designer to tweak the design.

Similarly, there are apps like Prisma that can transform an image into an artwork.

These apps are popular in the consumer market, but they haven't left any mark in the custom branding industry. Design is not just about the look, it's also a crucial part of how customers perceive your brand.

Cloud Computing & Graphic Design

Cloud computing has many advantages for businesses across industries, including graphic design. Previously, the graphic designers were bound by the restricted power of the processor that runs their local machine.

Today, anyone can utilize the limitless power of cloud computing networks. It speeds up the resource-intense processes and allows a person to create 3D modeling, world-design, and particle rendering.

AI-Powered Design - The Positive Sides

AI is not an enemy of graphic designers. There is a common misconception when discussing the impacts of Artificial Intelligence that people consider it to be a replacement for human jobs.

In reality, according to a report, AI produces just as many job roles as it replaces. AI doesn't replace graphic designers. If controlled accurately, it enhances a graphic designer's efficiency, speeds up the art process, resulting in high-quality work.

For example, the combined use of AI and machine learning during 3D modeling allows designers to perform and run thousands of design simulations within an hour. And this helps in reducing the time spent on R&D and allows designers to deliver better work in minimum time.

This proves that AI simply enhances the efficiency of designers.

Impact on the Demand For Designers?

Usually, AI is used to improve the overall design process. However, there are some recent incidents of AI replacing the job of designers completely.

There is a huge impact of AI on the design industry. Website themes are considered as the death of web designers' job roles. Similarly, the design templates are killing the job roles of graphic designers. The industry is developing differently.

But, designers will adapt to this change. A century ago, pen, paper, and colors used to be the identity of a designer. Now, we have designing tools like illustrator & photoshop. And in the future, we will have AI.

The tools and styles may change, the role of designers will remain inevitable.

Future of Graphic Design

The designing tools have evolved continuously over the years. So, certainly, it's not appropriate to compare the downfall of designers with emerging design tools.

Rather, we should compare it with the projects needed by the clients. A century ago, designers were requested to create simple hand-painted designs and typing based projects. Today, they require creatives for digital print, web designs, and designs for mobile devices.

So, the growing demands of clients and developing modes of information are shaping the tools and technologies we require; not to limit the job roles of a designer, but to improve it.

With virtual reality becoming very common, in the future, designers will require AI-powered tools, instead of being sacked by them.

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