7 Fashion Brand Logos Design Ideas and Tips


The logo is essential. Designing them can be difficult, but they are vital to any business and the cornerstone of a good company or personal brand. You want the logo to explain what your brand or company do, why it does it and how it does it. Social publications, presentation materials, marketing materials, business cards, etc. need a logo to represent your brand or business. But creating small graphics can be a difficult task, right?

There is no good logo made in heaven. If so, and if it rains downs all the novice designers sitting there scratching their heads trying to figure out how to make a good logo, that would be great. But this is not a way to create a good logo. If you don't know the design and want to create a company, product or organization logo, this blog post presents what a good logo design looks like, how to make a logo and how to share it. It also helps you use logo design techniques to speed up the logo creation process.

What Is A Logo?

To know what a logo is, you must first understand the principal purpose of the logo. The design process should aim to facilitate the identification of the logo and create inspiration, trust, praise, loyalty and inherent benefits. Logos are part of a company's trademark or economic entity, and their shape, colors, fonts and images often differ significantly from other logos in the same market segment.

One of the World's Famous Designer States:

"The logo is a flag, an escutcheon, sign. It is not your direct (sales) product. It represents your business. The logo has a meaning in the quality it serves and is turned upside down. The logo is not like it. It is more important than appearance. The theme of the logo can be almost anything."

Types of Logos

Before creating a good logo, it is recommended to define what the logo is. A logo is basically a symbol that helps to recognize and promote your organization, company, product, etc.

There are three necessary forms of logo.

  • The Front-based Logo
  • The Abstract Symbol
  • The Illustrative Symbol (represents what the brand or company does)

Especially in the early days, before the logo can be recognized naturally, it is easier to remember the logo.

7 Tips and Ideas to Create a Fashion Logo Design

Currently, there are many logo design agencies that supports the creation of attractive and elegant logos design for reputable brands. However, keep the following tips in mind when creating your logo:

Keep It Simple

The fashion logo does not only represent your business as a symbol. Besides, it can also communicate with his target customers. However, you can receive messages easily and quickly only if the logo design is simple without unnecessary use of colors or other features.

Color Palette

Fashion and beauty logos are most effective when the audience uses a combination of colors. The bright tones of makeup brands (such as pink and neutral cream) can speak to the crowd, but it is recommended that cutting-edge products consider dramatic gold and black. On the other hand, it has no problem with the basic combination of blue or red and white. The logo can have up to two colors not more than it; otherwise, it will give an unappealing look.

Utilize Icons

The icons help to make your fashion logo beautiful and unique among your competitors. Animal icons, as well as abstract and symmetrical symbols, are trendy in the fashion industry. Hairdressers, on the other hand, are usually attracted, like scissors and hair-related icons, but makeup brands generally don't use icons as a whole.

Use Grid

If you are not an expert designer, it is difficult to maintain the symmetry and proportion of the model. Therefore, use a logo design grid that lets you integrate design features into a fixed grid system to ensure that the logo does not appear excessively large when minimized or reduced.

It Must Be Unique & Evoke Sensation

The logo looks like a unique design, but it is also based on its concept. Draw several sketches of the logo on paper to get a quick idea. Then, create new and attention-grabbing designs.

Your target customers will only receive your fashion logo information when they have an emotional connection to the fashion logo. Therefore, the color chosen for your logo must be able to evoke expected emotions, such as energy, joy, power, devotion and stylishness.

Layout and Typography

The most elegant fashion logos must look stylish on clothes and billboards. To get that flexibility, you need to choose the right layout for your brand. The smallest clean layout looks good on all sizes and devices. However, if you don't want to limit your layout options, you can always create versions for different media.

Typography can quickly convey a sense of style of your fashion brand. Find a typeface that reflects the outline and shape you are using. For numerous designer logos, the bold and chic Sans-Serif typeface serves its purpose and is easy to read in various sizes and applications. You should also think through competitors here to see if your customers can tell them apart from sources.

Don't Assume Immediate Success

Brands logos such as Nike, Puma, and Audi are all iconic logos, but, like the successful logos, it took some time to become famous. Even if you create the most beautiful mixture of vectors, your logo will soon become an iconic icon. This depends on the success of the product and the market in which it lives. "Your best ideas are perfect for local craft stores that are visible only to the locals. In addition to the services of multinational companies, the design won't be categorized as iconic.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, no special skills are needed to create attractive logos for your fashion brand. You just need a little imagination and resourcefulness. After creating your logo, the next step is to create a website and take your business to the next level. I hope the tips are useful.

This guest article was written by Mary Warner. Her research and communication capabilities exchange offerings that have value for the reader. Her passion for writing has been an ever-evolving affair. She loves to share her views related to latest trends in marketing, technology, ecommerce, and the like.

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