Millennial Perspective on E-mail Marketing in 2020


Email marketing is very popular in this day and age because almost everyone has an email mailbox. It is a great way to reach the targeted audience with new offers or sales that you may be running and many companies have found success in it. The email marketing method has also been used amongst millennials and it has had some great success stories.

Businesses have tried different ways of reaching out through emails to try and engage their millennial audience - video content, infographics, and some personal touch humor in email marketing. Sometimes it has been a highly successful approach and sometimes not.

So, what's that that the marketers often miss out and their email marketing campaign didn't reach their target group. So how can you reach them when using an email marketing methodology?

Here is the millennial perspective on email marketing in 2020:

Personalizing Content

The millennial generation doesn't take kindly to being sent generic marketing content using emails. Probably you have also faced the situation of being sent a completely irrelevant email about offers you don't need.

Also, emails that don't show personal care might make millennials feel insignificant and there really is no excuse for sending generic content. Today, there is more access to data than ever before and not gathering the necessary information to personalize emails can be seen as disrespect.

The salutation can do wonders if you personalize it by adding each person's name. However, adding the name only isn't sufficient but also personalizing the entire content of the email will boost the chances of millennials converting. You can customize the content according to the demographic information which includes location, employment, age, and other related data.

Using email marketing targeting wealthy people won't be the same as for those on the lower-income bracket. Analyzing their internet activity and identifying what sort of products they interacted with will help you appropriately personalize the offers you make.
Millennials are very transparent because of how the internet is important to them and the data gathered from their browsing history will be very beneficial.

Getting the Time Correctly

The time you send emails to millennials also matters very much to them. They have busy mailboxes that can easily bury beneath marketing content emails. Millennials work from home and that requires a lot of communication and coordination, which may involve emails. That reason and others make it important to time the emails you send to the targeted audience.

If you don't get the timing right, the time spent drafting that email and sending it will all be a waste of time because they might not get a chance to read.

Adobe mentioned that the majority of millennials read their emails while they are still in bed. Because of that, businesses may rule out that it is more efficient to send emails early in the morning so that the audience reads them.

That might lead to more conversions and revenue being made. However, some digital marketers are not early risers, so how can you reach them through emails without sacrificing your sleep?

In that case, you can opt for the services of post scheduling software to launch it on the specified time that will increase its email open rate. The specified time should be in the morning when most millennials are checking their emails.

Responsive Emails

The majority of internet users are using mobile devices to browse and do other things online. It is only logical that they would use it to access their emails and it is pretty convenient if you are the move as well.

Therefore, when drafting email marketing content for millennials, consider making it mobile-friendly. When you intend them for desktop use only, those using mobile devices might suffer from viewing it.

The words might not fit into the screen, or the text might be too small. Millennials won't spend their time and energy trying to zoom in or out but instead. They will just close the email and continue reading others.

That won't affect the appearance of the email but the content you include in it because desktop emails can consist of more words. On the other hand, mobile-friendly emails may be concise.

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Also, choosing the most effective theme is very important to attract millennials and strategically link your website and social media channels. Using responsive themes is also a great way to make emails fit perfectly on any screen size, optimizing it to attract the entire audience.

Avoid Spamming

The idea that spamming is all about sending to many emails is incomplete because it involves more than that. Spamming also defines sending irrelevant emails to the targeted audience and millennials won't stay another second on your subscription list.

If you offer more than one product, this heightens your risk of being determined as a spammer. If you misalign the target audience or try a one size fits all email marketing plan, you might lose interested potential customers.

Because of that, businesses need to take their time and determine the content that each target audience needs to receive. Also, don't blur the lines between the product offer you have because if you make the mistake of marketing irrelevant products to millennials, they will convert to the competitions.

Use Visuals

Email marketing is not just about writing lengthy text that explains how your products would be effective. Although that approach may have been effective many years ago, millennials now prefer visual content. If an email is bland, they may not even give it the time of the day because it is not engaging enough.

There is a saying that "a picture speaks a thousand words," and that is true with email marketing. You can only add a few words with a brief message and then include graphics or images to engage the audience. Some of the visuals that can be used appropriately are images and infographics on emails because sometimes it may be hard to integrate video content.

Visuals can fit in more than just product descriptions but you can use images as a background to the email you are sending to them. Infographics can also be used to explain certain processes that may include company operations or market trends.
The conclusion here is that you shouldn't send black and white email without images or infographics used.

The Bottom Line

Marketing to millennials is a whole different story than trying to do it on other generations. You need to personalize the content you send to them and make them sure that you are communicating solely to them.

Also, don't spam them with irrelevant email content and don't forget including visuals by using images the background or embedding them in another manner. However, email marketing still works for millennials. It just depends on the approach you use.

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