Remember Guerrilla Marketing? It's Still A Thing!


Starting a small business is no small feat and comes with significant challenges. But as a strong entrepreneur, you have kept your business afloat. But to ensure that your company keeps growing, you need to create a mind-blowing strategy to build your brand, and that will require creative thinking.

However, creativity sometimes is not that easy to come by, especially with all the things you need to do as a business owner.

While you struggle with conventional marketing and paying its high costs, a small business employing a secret weapon that helps them reap the benefits in plenty. If you master the art of Guerrilla marketing, success will be closer than you think.

If you are still searching for ways to make your mark in the business world, then this type of marketing is what you need.

What is guerrilla marketing?

One can define it as a fun and strategic, creative and out-of-the-box strategy to attract the attention of the customers in real life. Guerrilla marketing is a mind-blowing and surreal approach to advertising your brands to the masses that leaves their minds reeling, hearts racing, and a need to acquire your product or service.

Imagine this: you are taking the same road every day to go to work and nothing surprising happens. Then, one day, you see a fantastic oddly-shaped chair with a dreamlike edge to it awaiting you on the side of the road. All you want to do is take a seat.

You can't help but take a selfie-and all your friends are fawning at the post. Imagine the buzz that results from it? And what if, on the chair, there was your brand logo. Your logo would be all over those selfies that so many people are liking on Instagram. If you're lucky, one of them might go viral.

That is guerrilla marketing.

Using Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is available for any business ranging from small business to large or corporate business setups.

A guerrilla marketing campaign is creative and creates an ambush like effect, as the name suggests. It does not have to be anything scary (unless you're marketing a scary movie, I suppose,) but it should be something unexpected that will draw people's attention.

For this type of marketing to be effective, you have to use:

  • Surprise factor. Aim to surprise as that is what makes this approach so effective. Finding an immense ice cream cone with cream and a cherry on top in the middle of your pathway is entirely different from just seeing it on a billboard while passing by.
  • In-depth research. Your marketing design has to appear very random and quite spontaneous. However, to do so, one requires conducting in-depth analysis for a simple, secure, and highly effective execution of the campaign.
  • Involve the audience. Entertaining and drawing customer interests is the aim of your guerrilla marketing campaign. Therefore, make them part of your campaign and keep them interested to your marketing and products.
  • Don't push your luck. Don't force any activity to happen. Let things flow and allow people to be willing to participate in anything you offer. Lift any pressure spots and approach your potential clients respectfully.

What are the costs?

Guerrilla marketing is relatively cheap in comparison with other types of advertising. The most important part is not how much you spend, but the creativity that goes to create advertising posts or designs.

However, the implementation part might pose some challenges and often result in disagreements with necessary licenses, such as for street adverts.

However, finding the right content, context, and intellectual capability for your campaign plan is the important part. This makes guerrilla marketing the best approach for small business targeting to move the masses with their products at a go.

Whether you do it out there on the streets or indoor at an event, guerrilla marketing will deliver in a huge way.

It's time to have success!

Guerrilla marketing is not only useful in creating a different advertisement with adequate customer support but is also useful in keeping your business at the top.

Find the right guerrilla marketing tactic for your business and put it into practice. You may be in for a massive surprise at the end of the day!

by Steve Hall    Jan-14-20   Click to Comment   
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