Facebook Marketing Tactics To Launch Your Small Business

What is the primary goal of marketers on social media such as Facebook?
The right answer is:


With the increased usage of Facebook, marketers are getting unique opportunities to outgrow their business on this platform. They are implementing the latest trends and practices which could give their organization the right exposure.

In this scenario, why shouldn't a small business like yours utilize this opportunity for grabbing a larger market share?

Many small business owners have also acknowledged that Facebook marketing is a proven marketing strategy to outreach the audience, when appropriately implemented. The effective marketing tactics going round in the Facebook platform could help you to make the right mark and outsmart your competitors.

In recent years, there has also been an increased number of interactions by some of the top Facebook brands, such as:


Find one of the successful Facebook examples of Happy Socks, where instead of just promoting the product, they offered a small discount to make it attractive for the buyers:


It is definitely an eye-catching ad design.

Find some of the other Facebook marketing tactics, which could help you to launch your small business:

1. Joining Facebook groups:

Globalization has made the world small. We are now living in a world where everyone is connected to the other via social media platform. So, when as a small business, you step into the market, it is necessary to implement the right Facebook marketing tactic for reaching the relevant audience. This could be executed by the right Facebook marketing strategy. The influence of Facebook can be seen in the below image where there is a separate group also for obese people like the one shown below, "Morbid obesity weight loss and general support group."


Facebook has many groups of people with varied interests, and topics. So, whichever category of audience you want to reach, you can easily connect with them on this Facebook group. Make your mark by offering good advice to the members of that group. Becoming an active user of Facebook, and having a useful conversation with the audience could draw you closer to your potential customer.

2. Utilizing the videos in the Facebook content:

Studies have shown that by the year 2020, videos will have the potential to drive 85% of the total internet traffic.

This is an enormous percentage of traffic!!!!

You would surely not like to miss the same, as an increased percentage of traffic would help you to increase the sales as well.

Some, 83% of the businesses have even stated that video provides a good return on investment.

As, a small and growing business, you should immediately start implementing video content in your Facebook marketing strategy, to reap the maximum benefits in the coming year.

3. Using Facebook for promotions:

Facebook has been an incredible tool for marketing any business across the world. Many of the businesses are using this media to promote and get direct sales. So, while launching your business, you can also utilize this platform to promote your product or service and connect with potential customers. Promoting your product with the right message, helps you to reach out to a broader audience, and if you are an active member of the group, you can put an offer or a flashed message combining the message of your product and how it can make the consumer's life better. Check the below example where the cover image is updated and a reference to the ongoing promotions is included:


4. Emphasizing the visual content:

Marketing technology to the customers is not an easy process. You should not always be in the tech frame of mind, as the audience might find it boring. If you are a tech-based company, find the best way to bridge the gap between you and your consumer. Avoiding much of the tech talk to keep your customer engaged is necessary, as many of them have a short attention span.

It is easier to hit the right chord with the customer on Facebook, by showing how your product would make their task easier and help them to reach the business target. Check the below video to understand the right way of marketing on the Facebook platform:


5. Posting at the optimal timings:

This is very crucial, when there is a need to connect with the consumer instantly.

Why post any content when your audience cannot see it?

As a small business, it's better to gather all the information of the potential customers, so that at the time of launching, you can post the related news and content about your services and make them aware of your business.


As 80% of the population are in the eastern-time and central time zones you should post the content when majority of the population are available online in that time zone.

6. Using the Facebook insights for improving the engagement:

The Facebook insights can tell everything that you need to know about your consumers. So what does it tell usually?

It informs about the location, gender, age, engagement, when they are likely to be online, and organic reach.

It helps you to stay in touch with the content that works best for your brand. The key areas of the Facebook insights to review are benchmarks, reach, and engagement. You have to go to the reach area to have a look at the graph where there is a greater number of spikes. It indicates that they are the posts having a wider reach. It's better to make a note of these spikes so as to replicate or reshare.


The insights can help your small business to outgrow and generate the desired business results.

7. Being updated on the platform:

Many of the small businesses commit the mistake of creating their own Facebook page and then forgetting to execute the right promotion at regular intervals. When you are active on the Facebook page and have an engaging audience, it signals the site that people are interested in your business. So, while launching your business, make sure that you follow the right tactics, and keep in touch with the audience so that they get the news when your business steps into the market.

Starting your own business needs you to have a lot of patience as customers would not immediately run for your service, you have to build your brand on the Facebook platform- which is a stepping stone to reach your business target.

8. Approaching an influencer:


It has been found that consumers trust influencers more than brands. You should approach a well-known influencer on social media who could promote your product or service while launching your business. As, word-of-mouth is known to be highly effective in the current marketing scenario, hiring a good influencer could increase the credibility of your service or product.


With increasing number of Facebook users, it has become the need of the hour for a marketer to use it wisely for reaping good business results. As Facebook marketing is much cheaper than the Google AdWords, one could reap the high-quality leads from this platform. The majority of the population cannot live without using Facebook for one day, which is an excellent opportunity for any business.

Facebook could surely pull the high-quality traffic to your website. No wonder, brands like Nike, Taco Bell, Nature valley are actively using Facebook promotions to outreach the audience and generate good revenue.

This guest article was written by Robert Jordan, a marketing professional with ten plus years of experience who currently works as Media Relations Manager at InfoClutch Inc, a company which provides technology database & technographic data along with other services like data licensing, data appending etc. His passion is writing. Now he works at Studyclerk site as a content creator and marketing consultant.

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