8 Reasons Why TikTok Could Be The Next Big Thing For Brands


TikTok is a great tool that synchronizes with the younger audiences and has racked up millions of downloads globally. Big brands are effectively using TikTok for its brand awareness rather than generating traffic or leads and Marketers promote their brands on different channels to attract required and relevant customers. Brands need to be creative and innovative to truly gain attention from the audience.

TikTok helps brands to engage the younger audiences by showing the lighter sides of the brands through funny videos, challenges and other major strategies. Start branding and promotion through TikTok as an effective medium, get maximum reach at least investment.

The following are the best practices around TikTok marketing, and this is a great time to start getting inspired by brands.

Tactics Brands Can Employ On TikTok

1. Behind-The-Scenes:

TikTok is a hub for creativity and humor. Make your company more relatable and trustworthy by showing the different sides of your company. The more original and creative content is, the easier it is for others to share. This technique is an exponentially effective piece of content that can be created reasonably unique.

2. Experiment:

Unlike social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, TikTok doesn't have as many norms, rules or best practices about what works and what doesn't. TikTok is incredibly new, find something new, funny, interesting and just try doing it and find how many likes, comments, and shares it gets.

3. Engage With Audience:

The more you engage with the audience, the more fans base could grow. Start engaging your audience with videos, challenges, creative ideas and aim to interact with others. TikTok Challenges are the pillars of promoting brands and events as they show the relevance of the product. Businesses seek help form third party providers to reach new audiences by increasing TikTok Likes, Comments and Impressions which gains brand popularity.

Reasons Why Brands Consider Using Tiktok

1. Native Ads

TikTok's full-screen mode helps in advertising your brand's products and services and it is the best tool for businesses to get noticed and clicked.

TikTok In-feed advertisements provide the best options of adding website links, and order now buttons on the ads itself which direct users to the page without leaving the application. These ads are unskippable, can be designed in multiple ways to attract customers. The account holder can view the insights for each ad to keep track of click-through rates, total views, impressions, and engagements.

2. Hashtag Challenge

In Hashtag Challenge, TikTok users get to see a specific type of banner ad that would take users to the landing page of instructions and rules of the featuring challenge.

Depending upon the content and engagement, the ad would get traffic on the discover page. Each hashtag challenge ad traffic can be measured with insights that include ad views; user-generated content, ad clicks, number of banner views, and engagements.

3. User-Generated Content

User-generated content is an ultimate expression for user engagements that has dramatically increased the popularity for marketers over the past few years. It is potentially capable of working successfully for the social advertisement of brands and easier for nonprofits and businesses with less engagement.

User-generated content is similar to the hashtag challenge, which involves TikTok users to upload videos by doing whatever is asked in the challenge. The best way is to encourage the audience to promote your brand or businesses cause by creating and uploading suitable content.

4. Brand Takeover Ads

Brand takeover ads play an important role in TikTok advertising where images, short videos, and GIFs acts as the predecessor of the brands landing page or hashtag challenge. It is an effective advertising technique because; TikTok marketing tools are simple, user- friendly that has got great effects on marketing or branding a particular product or service.

Brand takeover ads are category exclusive, you have to be a significant brand to stage a TikTok brand takeover and hence only a single brand can take over a particular category per day. Brand takeover ads reach can be measured by impressions, click rates, and view rates insights.

5. User Demographics

TikTok is focused on younger audiences when compared to Facebook which targets everyone. They targeted millennials not only for their customer acquisition campaigns but also because TikTok built an application with a UX that is user-friendly. TikTok mainly focuses on the front camera, to create viral video content which has enabled many millennials to become TikTok Stars.

TikTok is growing despite being similar in style to various other popular platforms. TikTok is definitely a go-to platform for businesses and brands that want to reach an audience of younger generations.

6. Participation

User-generated content enables users to post ideas and content by themselves tagging the trending topic and concerned brands. This type of method promotes causes and brands with tools and features that make it easy for users.

User participation is considered the most accessible and engaging mode in the TikTok advertising strategy. For example, the restaurant owners run ads in such a way to attract customers to participate. They add the DIY (Do It Yourself) option along with the menu, where users can select it and video the way their food is made as per their choice of ingredients. The User participation engaged more users to film their experience with the TikTok app which encouraged more users to participate.

7. Influencer Marketing

There are many young stars on TikTok who are incredibly popular with their fans, which makes TikTok an ideal platform to engage in influencer marketing. TikTok with its fun and addictive format has seen a massive surge in users and has over 500 million active monthly users globally.

TikTok is an addictive and engaging short video sharing platform that is continuing to gain popularity. TikTok influencers at their best, dominate the channel by creating fun and entertaining content to engage the audience. Brands get collaborated with influencers as they can help in reaching a larger audience base.

Brands need to ensure that they strike a genuine relationship with their TikTok influencers so that they remain authentic to their audience.

8. Improve Followers Engagement

Brands need to improve followers' engagement to take TikTok marketing to the next level. Follower's engagement would ensure that you do not give any room for the audience to stop following you.

1. Pose a question- Ask concerned questions with your fans to make them feel engaged. Make sure you ask open-ended questions regularly.

2. Engage with other brands- Engaging with other brands is a beneficial aspect that allows you to make your brand popular in other ends. Share contents that are objectively useful. Traffic generated would lead to sales.

3. Feedback- Get feedback from customers and make your brand relevant to your audience.

4. Respond to everyone- Value your customers by responding to their comments. The more valuable the response you provide; the more loyalty you earn in return.

5. Hashtags- Boost your brand visibility with the proper use of hashtags. Generally, posts with hashtags get more engagements when compared to posts without hashtags.


TikTok marketing is most suitable for building engagement, enthusiasm, and reach rather than direct selling. Most brands increase brand awareness by marketing on TikTok which in turn increases popularity, credibility, and potential user engagements. TikTok is surprisingly loved; indeed it is one of the most downloaded applications in the world.
TikTok marketing strategies for businesses have now set new trends, popularity, and reach capabilities that are rising each month passing by and marketers must consider using TikTok as one of their marketing media if they haven't done yet.

This guest post was written by Sarah from Trollishly.

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