How To Optimally Set Up A WordPress Website For SEO Rankings


You may have a vibrant, visually stimulating and feature-rich WordPress website, but if it is not optimized for search engines, it doesn't really have much value. In fact, search engines don't really care about the website design or the high definition, attractive images you have put up. All they care about are quality content, alt tags, keywords, good URL structure, and much more.

Fortunately, WordPress is a hassle-free CMS platform which makes it easy to configure almost all the aspects of your website.

A clear sitemap, relevant keywords and good quality content makes it more likely that Google crawlers will rank your website highly on search engines. Conversely, broken links, duplicate content and non-responsive web design can bring your rankings down.

A robust WordPress setup can make it easy for bots to crawl through your webpages and give your business a boost.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-21-19    
Topic: Tools

How to Grow an Instagram Profile with User-Generated Content


User-generated content has proved to be a very valuable resource for many brands. It has delivered incredible results when it comes to Instagram for its visual nature. UGC makes Instagram profiles more believable and accessible to new users. Using UGC for growing your Instagram profile can be a great idea for quick and effective results.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-14-19    
Topic: Social

3 Industries Where There Is Definitely Still A Place For Direct Marketing


In today's marketing world, most of the buzz is around ad placements using third-party proxies. It seems so much easier in various ways: you don't need to worry about getting your message right or finding the right people, because you can simply pick out some influencers, podcasts and/or channels with valuable audiences and let them act as your go-betweens.

But does that mean that the time of reaching out to people directly is coming to an end? You could forgive some for considering it, particularly given the perilous social media environment we must all contend with. Make one false move -- choose the wrong term or mis-time a post -- and you can be utterly crushed. Surely it's safer to stay in the background?

Well, not necessarily. Sticking to indirect promotion does protect you, but it also limits what you can achieve -- and there are certain industries in which the direct approach remains utterly invaluable. Let's take a look at just 3 of them:

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by Steve Hall    Nov-14-19    
Topic: Direct

How to Nail Humor in Email Marketing


Humor can be subjective, and it's even trickier to gain a positive reaction from it when it's displayed in writing. With so many things to bear in mind, and the need to remain aware of potentially offending your audience, here are some top tips on how to nail humor in your email marketing, as well as some great examples of brands doing it well!

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by Steve Hall    Nov-14-19    
Topic: Campaigns

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Top 8 Digital Branding & Marketing Trends for 2020


Technology is turning the entire world into an international city in terms of connecting individuals from different cultures and countries.

Nowadays, the Internet makes information sharing more accessible than ever before, thus giving all brands and businesses the chance to improve their brand's awareness, market their products and services, and scale their operations.

Digital marketing and branding aren't just trends. If you run a business, you're probably aware that the digital environment is simply the most profitable marketing channel that you can leverage to get your brand known and to improve your ROI.

The "problem" is that your competitors are not blind. They're also jumping on the same train, hoping to get their own piece of the pie.

So, what then?

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by Steve Hall    Nov-14-19    
Topic: Trends and Culture

How to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales with Marketing Automation


In the e-commerce business, one of the comments people often hear is how difficult it is to stay organized as the business grows. Of course, it is a great and beautiful thing to see your business prospering. But if you are not skilled enough to manage it properly, it could end up killing your company instead.

The fact is it can be a real handicap to handle the increasing demands of your customers, the sales processes that are becoming more complex, and all the other necessities to manage growth. It mostly happens when you cannot set your priorities and end up doing the most urgent tasks instead of what's important. Taking shortcuts is simply not the way you handle growth.

There are plenty of options on how to deal with growth. You can hire more people or move to a bigger location. But that would be expensive, especially if you are a new and small business. A more practical solution would be to employ tools and systems to help automate your processes. For instance, there is email marketing automation to ensure your hot prospects will not turn cold.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-14-19    
Topic: Tools