How to Find Long-Tail Keywords that Drive Massive Search Traffic


As a digital marketer or a business owner interested in making it big through online marketing, you surely should understand the dynamics of using your website to get more business. You also should know how SEO is essential to your digital marketing strategy as it attracts more traffic to your website.

The key to having a solid SEO strategy is optimizing your keywords to get the most traffic as you can. So, how can you find long-tail keywords for your SEO strategy?

If you aren't using long-tail keywords, you are missing out big time because long-tail keywords make up 70% of online searches. A long-tail keyword is a keyword that is long-phrase with 4-5 words, which is different from general short-tail keywords that usually use 1-2 keywords.

What makes this method effective than short-tail keywords is that it has less competition than short-tail keywords, so you can stand out better. People who usually search using long-tail keywords are usually in a better position to buy your products because they are specific with what they want.

So, how can you find long-tail keywords that will drive massive search traffic? Let's explore.


This is a no brainer. Most people use Google to search for what they are looking for, so using Google to find your keywords is a great idea. You can find keywords for any niche in any industry using this method.

When you type in your question or request on Google's search bar, various options will be suggested to you. Use those keywords that appear there to build strong content around it and use it for your digital marketing purposes.

Another feature you can use is the "People also ask" box. This tool shows what other searches people have performed that are relative to your niche and industry.

Another method of using Google is checking out the related keywords at the bottom of the search engine results page. These suggestions show you what is relevant in your niche and give you free insight on what is being searched. This free resource can help you drive more buying customers to your website and is a great SEO marketing tool.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a great resource where you can source question-based keywords which are generally long-tail keywords. It is easy to use because all you have to do is type in your broad keyword or topic and then you will get specific questions.

You can use those questions in your content to derive more traffic to your site by using them as long-tail keywords. Most of the time, people use search engines to search questions with the intention to get answers; this makes Answer the Public a very effective tool.
You can get your questions sorted alphabetically or even export/download it as a CSV file making it possible for you to choose carefully.

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Google Correlate

Google Correlate is an efficient tool to search for keywords that relate to the current keywords you have. In the list, you get you will see some important keywords that are relative to your niche and some of them are long-tail keywords.

`These keywords have a number attributed next to them and that number represents the rate of relativity to the keyword you used. The closer the number is to 1, the more relative it is to your content and will be more efficient when you use it` - says Dan Bolton, SEO expert from HR software.

All you have to do is type in the keyword you already have in the search bar and then all the related keywords will show underneath. You can also export the data to a CSV file and work with them offline and save them.

Online forums and boards

Alternatively, to using search engines, some consumers use online forums and boards to search for solutions. You can use this to your advantage by using these forums to get keywords and issues people want solutions for.

Use those keywords to build your SEO strategy because if someone is searching for something, most probably there are many others out there searching for the same thing. While you are on that forum, search for the exact phrases and titles of their questions they use to ask for solutions and take them to use them as keywords.

If you don't know where to start searching for these forums and online message boards, you can use this syntax to search for them. Search for your niche and then add the word forum or board at the end.

For example, if you are in the clothing and apparel industry, you can search for "clothing industry forums" or "clothing industry boards." The information you can find on these online resources can be amazingly effective and help you kick-start your SEO marketing strategy.


Soovle is an online keyword generator that collects keywords from other sources other than Google, like YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, etc. This can help your marketing campaign get keywords that aren't highly contested like those sourced from Google and other search engines.

The peculiarity of your keywords will make you stand out and more easily findable online. This tool can also download your keywords as a CSV file where you can reference your keywords for near-future purposes. This tool is quite different from its contemporaries and it will make your content unique.

Keywords are an important feature of SEO marketing and the keywords you use can be a major determining factor of whether you get more online traffic. As you have seen above, long-tail keywords are effective and you can find them from various sources

This guest article was written by Kurt Walker, a London based writer, proofreader and editor working for academic writing sites and providing essay help. His current assignment is with EssayNinja, Easy Essay, Edu Birdie and Best Dissertation.

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