Oh Wait! You Mean Interns Aren't Little Playthings You Can Toss Around In Bed?


According to News Corp. Australia, the definition of an intern is a hot, young, plaything dressed in lingerie atop a bed with a look of sexual anticipation on her face.

Yes, in what has to be categorized as the dumbest marketing move of the century, News Corp. Australia publication Sunday Style posted an image of a woman clad in heels and lingerie atop a bed on Instagram with the copy, "We are on the hunt for fashion interns! Email your CV to sundayfashion@newslifemedia.om.au or tag friends who might be good candidates"


Predictably, and understandably, the internet went into outrage overdrive causing the news organization to pull the post and issue an apology which read, "We made an error in judgment today with an image used in a recent Instagram post calling for interns that has since been taken down. We take our intern program seriously and apologize for any offense caused."

An error in judgement? Damn. Even the perverts who run Adrants wouldn't run an ad like this looking for interns!

by Steve Hall    Jan-12-15   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy