Watch Gisele Bundchen Put Social Media Trolls In Their Place in This Under Armour Ad


In a new Under Armor ad, despite being told she should stick to modeling or she's too skinny or she's nothing special or she's fake, Gisele Bundchen, in boxer training gear, defies all odds and kicks the crap out of a punching bag while detractors' (and supporters') tweets are projected on the walls around her.

The ad, which follows a similar one created with Misty Copeland, breaks today and was created by Droga5.

Of the creative direction, Droga5 Creative Director John McKelvey said,"We wanted to show a new side of Gisele, the unguarded, raw, real and brave side that shows what its like living in the public eye. To the world, most people have only seen her in a context of beauty and polish. But when we came to Gisele with the idea, she embraced the truth of the concept and its potential to be a positive message. The campaign shows all the contradicting opinions she is constantly exposed to and the focus and determination it takes to tune out the noise and will what she wants."

The ad, which carries the campaign tagline "I Will What I Want," masterfully delivers the message that anyone can be anything they want and those who believe otherwise are disrespectful losers or, in this case, useless social media trolls.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 4-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity