Airline Hires Bikini-Clad Models For Photoshoot Then Denies It All Saying Photoshoot Was 'Unofficial'


Well now here's some of the usual marketing double talk that just goes to show we really haven't progressed very far past the days when we all lived in caves. VietJet Air, which hired a bunch of bikini-clad models from modeling agency Venus for a photoshoot, is now denying the photos are official.

A spokesperson said the "uncensored" photos were "leaked from a test shooting under a contract between VietJet Air and Venus and are not the official promotional photos of VietJet Air."

Which begs the question, why did VietAir hire the models for the photoshoot in the first place? Just for fun? Right. No. They've done it before. It's there thing. And now that everyone's upset, they're just denying the whole thing.

And come one, in this day and age when everyone has a phone and Instagram, there ain't no secrets anymore. Many of the models posted pictures from the shoot which occurred last week and now the airline is trying to clean up the mess. Good luck with that.

The airline went on to stick its foot further in its mouth saying,"We are sorry for the incident and are enacting necessary measures to prevent these ugly and unofficial photos from spreading."

Here are some photos from the shoot:



And author and flight attendant Heather Poole took to Twitter and Mashable to share her dismay:

And let's remember, this practice isn't only occurring in overseas countries that haven't yet progressed to the point where objectification of women is a thing of the past. It's happening right here in America courtesy of Ryanair and other airlines.

by Steve Hall    Sep-22-14   Click to Comment   
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