This Creative Will Win $10,000 If You Watch Her Crazy Tequila Ad


So apparently, the creator of this Avion Tequila video will receive $10,000 if it wins a competition the brand is running. Now, we're all for your creative making their mark but we're also all about calling out the, shall we say, less than stellar content which attempts to pass for advertising.

Think most of those Doritos Crash the Super Bowl candidates that never see the light of day. Now you have the right frame of mind to view this video in which a guy dressed in a 1970's tuxedo who, after being given the eye roll from a couple of hotties, hops on the bar, strips down to some sort of silver glitter suit, downs half a bottle of Avion and proceeds to make a fool of himself.

But, because this is an ad, reality is twisted and everyone loves the dude's bar top antics.

Of course, no liquor company in their right mind would ever select an ad that shows a person downing an entire bottle of tequila and behaving the way this guy does. But all the same, the ad is kinda that this-is-so-clearly-an-ad-competition-entrant sort of way.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials