We Got A Look Inside The 45 Second Process That Goes Into Creating A Single Social Media Douchebag Score


For its client Axe, Barton F. Graf is out with the Social Effort Scale, a social media analysis tool that takes a look at whether or not you are trying too hard. In essence, it determines your level of douchebaggery. In about 45 seconds. That's a lot faster than some of those other "processes" floating around this week.

Just head over to Social Effort Scale, log in with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and you will be presented with a score that lands you in one of three bell curve segments, Trying Too Hard, Effortless or Not Trying Hard Enough.

Sadly, our score placed us in the Trying Too Hard category confirming the apparent fact we've been a douchebag all along. But at least we don't write upworthy-style click-bait headlines that have ruined the internet as we know it. Oh wait.

by Steve Hall    May-29-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Social